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  1. On the mental health topic, is what will the a psychiatric considers a mental issue. A bad fart??? This is a big issue.

  2. My sunny Miami: best little city's skyscrapers built by cocaine, murder, and financial corruption .
    Always lawfully armed.👍🇱🇷😎

  3. Professional psychological or psychiatric opinions should be required of all parties before all red flag actions, and anonymous reports not be allowed.
    Anyone who is competent to vote, whether registered or not , should be considered competent to possess, own, and use firearms. As should anyone with a hunting license, except felons.(crossbow, etc.)

  4. I'd like to see the Church's property rights restoration passed. Current law is if a church has a school or day care attached, you can't carry a weapon. Even if you never enter the area of the school or daycare.

  5. The thing that really concerns me about having to have a mental health evaluation is why would any therapist clear someone. What happens if a therapist clears someone and then that person goes and kills someone. Will that therapist be held liable? Can they be sued? Will their name be public? There is far more incentive for a therapist to not clear someone.

  6. So Do you Believe this Law will pass 2020 constitutional carry for State of Florida? I live in Tampa and would like to know your opinion!

  7. OMG YOU SCARE ME!!!! You would give a 14 year old a gun to defend themself while being home alone. THAT IS INSANE! You think a 14 year old has the ability to handle that level of responsibility is shocking. You obviously do not understand how the underdeveloped brain of a child works. What you see as responsible 99% of the time does not apply to a spit second decision under massive stress. I didn't want these laws either until I hear people like you. Leaving a 14 year old with a loaded gun home alone is absolutely insane and why we have these problems… not matter what a gem your little honor roll student is!

  8. I don’t understand the gun safe law, I guess I struggle with the government in my home. If you have firearms you should be teaching serious safety precautions and how seriously deadly and dangerous firearms can be. Responsible parenting isn’t that difficult. We have taken our sons to the range and they are terrified to get near a firearm until an adult proves the firearm is completely cleared of any ammo including making sure they see that there is not a round in chamber. I have a thing with being extremely paranoid of anything happening to my babies, so I have to give scary examples to express my fears so they worry about safety as much as I do. Idk…

  9. Our state constitution said FL can’t keep a list of legal gun owners purchasing and owning any firearm, that could have changed I researched this a few years back.

  10. Terminology is important “assault weapons” that’s all firearms or any type of weapons that can be used in an assault

  11. PTSD is a difficult struggle it is brain damage but it doesn’t make most people dangerous I cry a lot and relive the trauma. It is something that can be managed with a psychologist. I sold the only firearm I had back to the shop I purchased it from, when I knew it was not something I needed around while I struggled through the worst of it. I wasn’t irresponsible but yet I am having my rights taken away for other people who have serious evil mental health issues. Sucks…

  12. Bump stocks I didn’t know about them so wasn’t that big of deal, besides being a law abiding citizen and if you want to own it, it’s our constitutional right

  13. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  14. It is ur duty to have arms and to keep them well regulated. Well regulated at that time ment to keep in good working order. "Being necessary to the security of a free state". "The right of the ppl to keep and bear arms Shall not be infringed"

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