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  1. *****She stood up i love her message and to all of the negative people & hate comments, this woman is stronger than you and your supremacy. Love more & let the hate go*****

  2. Blacks love to rally for hispanics, asians, middle easterns, and all those other illegals, yet those races hate them even more than whites do, and would never do the same for them. Lmaoo 😂

  3. I cant this is soo funny she seems so chill. Americans are so ridiculous sometimes … arrest, criminal, counterterrorism … she was just chillin … hahahah XD

  4. Leave it to them (dem) to blow something out of nothing. As long as there's a liberal angle to play, they'll play it.

  5. Doesn't have a backpack? Genius, you cannot remotely detonate anything in or around her lady liberty. She's made of Copper! Google Faraday's Cage.

  6. Jesus said bring me your tired and poor and I shall give them rest. This country has gone to hell, but not because of immigration. This countries major issues are internal, abuse of power and abuse of benefits/entitlement programs are rampant. This lands parasites are the ones who have been born here. There is a complete lack of humanity in the way things are being handled. Truth is, no one is illegal anywhere, God gave the entire Earth to all of humanity. Just because Man has chosen to make policies, and imaginary borders, it will never be worth more than God's Word. Immigrants come to "the land of the free" to escape life-threatening situations and complete political uncertainty. They seek the same things we all want, a safe place to grow, and to raise their children. If you stop diversity based on skin color, national origin, or anything else perceived through the human eye, or mind for that matter, you stop growth and development. Forget about the things of the flesh, focus on the spirit, regain humanity, and love and revere God

  7. Girl…you’re black. They’re not worried about us so why are you doing all that to fight for them? Let them fight their own battles

  8. What a waste of tax payer money. Evacuate the island? HAHA. Terrorists? OH PLEASE. Just station a single officer to wait for this person to climb down. Stupid NYPD.

  9. This is total BS for a person to ruin an experience for the people who paid money to see a national monument and shut down it down during our Independence Day who ever applauds this women is a coward

  10. And this is why people are starting to hate the extreme left. Wtf is the point of this? Get attention for being an idiot

  11. Her public address is the reason why the country’s societal standards are SHIT! Ruin a holiday for everybody involved to cry about children in “cages”. Immigration now is hell of a lot different than back in the day. If drugs, trafficking, and terrorists didn’t exist, then there wouldn’t be a problem. Countries need to fix their fucking problems and immigration would be much easier.

  12. This ugly ass bitch just trying to go down in history as the next Rosa Parks! She’s not even African-American. fuck her! she doesn’t even belong in this country! African-Americans can speak for themselves they don’t need this foreign bitch talking shit

  13. She needs to get deported back to Congo where she came from. Ungrateful crazy woman. She has a new video where she curses America. They should just throw her off the plane over Congo with America parachute and let her land back in her home land.

  14. 8:18 Be real. Look at that woman, she does not have a backpack with bombs, she doesn't look like a terrorist and I'm assuming she has no future plans to attack nyc in any way. Besides people wanting to be ''cautious''; why must everyone always assume nyc is gonna be attacked again?

  15. It's cool…shes just sight seeing. I was expecting a squad to rappel in on a military helicopter….raining down tear gas and human eating beanbags.

  16. And this stupid black bitch is married to a white man…….. see why you should stay within your own race, jack ass!!!!

  17. Mental illness is a hell of a drug this lady think Trump is racist and she is a man hater with feminism and also wants attention

  18. 4:23pm? I can bet any money she has no job and leeches every last bit she can suck out from the government, protesting something she doesn’t understand she can barely speak english, send this little money back where she came from!


  20. And did she fix all things she wanted to protest about? Nope. 😕 I personally believe she wants to fix the way we are, she seems like a great person but it absolutely isn’t okay to sit on something that signs Freedom. xoxo🙂💗

  21. Pathetic lack of self esteem leads to Black people like this trying to gain approval from larger society by over the top actions for a group of people who openly admit they would not do the same thing for them. This is not something to applaud. This is sad. She needs therapy!

  22. I think it’s pretty funny how almost all of CNNs videos like dislike ratios usually have more dislikes than likes or in this case almost the same amount

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