Protesters & Socialists Demand for New Constitution in Chile
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Protesters & Socialists Demand for New Constitution in Chile

November 15, 2019

this is Cristian Gomez with The New
American magazine and today we’re continuing our coverage on the turmoil
and chaos and protests currently ravaging the country of Chile earlier
this week on Monday President boniato announced that the cunt that that he
would be giving in to the protesters demand for a new constitution via a
constituent Congress today on the program we have with us Dr. Carlos
Casanova a professor from the University down in Santiago Chile to give us his
perspective of what’s going on down in Chile
dr. Casanova thank you for joining us again on the program thank you for the
invitation again yeah very good to be able to tell the truth about what’s
happening here so we saw that on Monday president piñera and his government
announced that they would be agreeing to draft a new constitution is this a good
thing for Chile or has the president shown his hand so to speak to the
protesters and the various Marxist groups demanding a new constitution yeah
it’s a very bad thing he’s showing weakness that’s the point he he wants
apparently or some people in the government want to us like to appease
the masses let’s say that there are really peaceful demonstrators some
peaceful demonstrators they are not as many as the media show and to those
people they want to to give this concession but they really are giving
reasons to to a hard opposition to the communist and Marxist the frente Amplio
and the Communist Party and the Socialists they are giving them the idea
they are close to achieve their goal so they already say we don’t accept a
constituent Congress there is no way we accept anything else except a
Constituent Assembly they just say that so the difference is that the
Constituent Assembly would be like a people’s constitutional convention where
they have these delegates that supposedly
present the people but would would more than likely be the radical Marxists and
communist and socialist but the president has agreed to have the the
National Congress of Chile instead make the new constitution correct exactly
this assembly would be like a body of people elected a new I would say outside
of the touring institutions of Chile the Communists even one eat not to be not to
have a six members the party members they want the members to be elected from
what they call social organizations which is really communist organizations
you know what I mean they just want complete control of this body and I know
our difference is that the Constituent Congress would have to add in accordance
with the Constitution and the laws of Chile while the Constituent Assembly is
conceived as a body that is above any rule as I was saying last week is above
any law above any tradition above even moral laws according to their theorists
who is Hernando Adria so can you remind us again who Fernando after the ayahs
and how important he is to these protests and essentially revolution
happening in Chile yes well Fernando idea he’s the man who has given the
theory to the movement and he is the man who who like let’s say inspires many of
these tools especially a students of the Universiade chillin
he also has influencing other universities and but he’s the one who
who has the idea that would be embodied in the Constituent Assembly you ve no
ideological brain behind the the movement for a new constitution in Chile
exactly and what are his paintings well he’s the communist he says he is he’s
he’s a member of the Socialist Party he says that he’s Christian but he’s really
a Khamenei you could you Joseph to read his books ha
yeah yeah the books are clear he ones he says explain
Sylla we have to keep see he says explicitly that they have to exterminate
the elite ruling in Chile because they are foreign enemies then he says though
I don’t mean physical extermination boy what does that mean if they are foreign
enemies well should you do with foreign aim and his dominating your country and
and he’s the one who holds that the Constituent Assembly has to act without
any previous rule that’s Fernando Adria yeah what kind of reforms would Austria
and a lot of these protesters that stand with Aria including also the the
Socialist Party frente Amplio and the Communist Party what kind of things
would they like to be seen in a new constitution if they were drafted what
would it look like I think that’s irrelevant what they want
a full power so the Constituent Assembly would dissolve all the current
institutions of challenge and in that way the power will fall completely in
their hands that’s that’s what they really want then they can give to a
constitution many like norms that we would look nice with but they will have
of course tricks in it but really once they have power the the rules won’t be
any more illegal it would be just a rule of of where is the leader of the
movement so he was in Venezuela I wasn’t so do you think that they would make a
new constitution that might look like the Constitution that exists in
Venezuela where the powers are given more to the executive branch essentially
creating a dictatorship yes a tyranny and with the appearance of being popular
but they would really dissolve any institutional or intermediate board they
don’t control that’s that’s their goal now with now you said earlier that the
Communists and the Socialists have rejected president Panera’s decision to
have this new constitution drafted by the Congress
because they don’t want the politicians in the currently in the National
Congress of Chile to be the ones drafting it so what do you perceive is
going to happen after the National Congress does create a new constitution
or drafts one at least and the protesters reject it what do you think
might happen at that point I don’t think I don’t think the Congress will get to
write anything because the protests have gone very far I want to tell a little
bit about that and they are not going to stop they they say we won’t stop unless
you agree to have a constituent assembly so the the protest will continue and
what do they what have they done in the protest well they have done all sorts of
things and interesting aspects of the protest is that they have they use a lot
of satanic symbols literally satanic symbols like they went to the cathedral
and do a satanic pentagram on the ground and then they had some women there they
went in front of the Catherine University one night and and those sins
of young people had sexual intercourse there in on the street from the Catholic
Church University okay they enter the university and a statue of the Virgin
Mary they they they they placed a hood on me as if she was a protester oh and
then and then they hung a sign saying I was raped
so they desecrated the Virgin Mary essentially yes yes
and that sign I understand what song on the video for four days nobody took it
out and these are not students from that University these are protesters from off
campus that went on to the town to the university grounds and did this well
very proudly there were some students of the university I know that the pictures
the pictures which circulated were made by a student of biology of the Catholic
University I know that but I think the perpetrators we’re from Crowley from
cela or all universities most of them so this shows that this resolution has a
very atheist anti-christian anti-catholic anti religion aspect to it
which is which goes hand-in-hand with the scientific atheism of Marxism
Leninism and communism exactly then they have already assaulted two churches one
in Santiago one in Toluca and in those two churches they have taken all the
furniture on the pews and all the images and they have burned them down and then
they with Peaks they destroy the the tiles too at the entrance and afterward
they celebrated and they had a free meal for whoever wanted to eat there and also
at the Catholic University destroyed all the statues that were in most of the
statues that were in front of the university one was saved and they wrote
signs one one site for example and coup de Muerta wanna be worked on so a dead
priest is fertilizer from my garden what aspects yeah so I so so so so the the
graffiti said a dead priest is fertilizer from my Gardens that’s how
they view religion I’m one final question for this interview
considering this sentiment this anti religious anti-christian anti-catholic
sentiment coming from these protesters how is that being received by the
Christian and Catholic communities in Chile that see this this is this not
turned them off away from the protest to be opposed to it and be counter
protesters or to support the government I guess the government now supports the
idea of a new constitution but how is this being received by some of the
Catholic community down in Chile yes right now like some groups have been
formed to defend the charges but they will defend the churches without weapons
we will defend the churches without weapons
I think the communist one also fire back because they have rifles they haven’t
used them they plenty of rifles because of the
terrorist groups in there all Kunia in the south of Chile so they are just
waiting for somebody to use the weapon so that they will reply with weapons
instigator response from conservatives Christians Catholics and religious
people so then they can justify once they get a response from them they can
then justify the next step yeah let me tell you one more story for
we finish this interview on Sunday a city by the coast of some of Chile
pregnant is called close to venial man was destroyed utterly destroyed by the
by the protesters well by the communists really also to him to two images of the
church where all and then amidst this this madness a US citizen was going with
his car through the through the protesters and they began to throw rocks
at him stones at him he got nervous he succeeded in going through then he went
out of his car and insured shot so a couple of shots apparently one person
got wounded that was very bad but the next day all the newspapers all of them
no exception told the story that the protein the protests were peaceful and
got violent because of these US citizen which is a complete lie they have
already destroyed half renaca but but they then the media is in on it there
they’re playing to the protesters there placating to them in Fanning the flames
of further revolution there are they are actively subverting Chile’s actively
subverting chillin it’s amazing well thank you so much for joining us today
on the program Carlos we hope to have you back on again you stay safe down
there take care and God bless you

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  1. Different country, same tactics used by the mentally-disordered, anti-Christianity (Catholicism), anti-traditional culture psychopaths! It's all they know; start out using covert methods to infiltrate the institutions and government, and when the time is suitable (enough power/influence), they create chaos/disorder and destroy,  destroy… and attempt to take over!

  2. George Soros and civil society groups. U.N. and socialist parties in U.S. state department. Deep state socialist across the world.

  3. It is a standard tactic of the globalist elites to control the media so they can spew their propaganda to the public … They have done this for 100 years … The globalist fund the communists and the terrorists.

  4. I'm so not agree with Carlos Casanova, almost all what he says is false. a have anything else to say, just bad propaganda

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