Pt3 CHAOS in South Africa Parliament SONA 2020 – EFF says Pravin Gordhan must be fired
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Pt3 CHAOS in South Africa Parliament SONA 2020 – EFF says Pravin Gordhan must be fired

February 16, 2020

Pt3 CHAOS in South Africa Parliament #SONA2020 – EFF says #PravinGordhan must be fired. Absolute carnage in Parliament. The #EFF have followed-through on their threat to disrupt #SONA 2020, and they’ve caused a Parliamentary suspension.


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And the award for “most predictable event of the night” goes to the EFF, who wasted little time in delivering on their promise to interrupt proceedings at SONA 2020. As well as taking aim at their favourite target, Pravin Gordhan, they also vented their rage towards ex-apartheid leader FW de Klerk. But their grand display of disruption ended up causing a total suspension of Parliament.

The Red Berets stood on a point of order before #CyrilRamaphosa even began his speech. Members of the party – including #JuliusMalema – turned their ire towards former president FW de Klerk, and Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan, who was indirectly engaged in a lengthy spat with the Parliamentary agitators.

It has been three years since the EFF last disrupted a State of the Nation Address in that manner. The third-most-popular political party in South Africa refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of Jacob Zuma’s presidency, and launched a fiery protest that saw a number of representatives physically taken away from the chambers.

The Msholozi era of chaos came back with a bang on Thursday night. Within the first minute, Julius Malema raised the issue of De Klerk’s attendance. The problematic figure – a former leader in the apartheid regime – sparked a wild debate before Ramaphosa could say a single word. They demanded that De Klerk must leave the house, but the former leader – and Thandi Modise – stood firm.

Even the IFP joined in, suggesting that the house votes on ejecting De Klerk. Again, Modise wouldn’t budge. After almost an hour of raising frivolous points of order, an EFF MP was ordered to leave the chamber – prompting further rage from Julius Malema and his colleagues.

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  1. does Malema not speak any African language ??

    He always uses English ??
    White Monopoly English !????????

    What is the african for
    "bank robber" ??????

  2. Idiots, this country is close to the tipping point THIS YEAR IS IT they gunne start with land expropriation this year EFF and BLF are going to be on the frontlines with spear in hand. Hasn't gotten any better for decades going in one direction only

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