Public Law and Private Law
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Public Law and Private Law

February 29, 2020

SPEAKER 1: So what is public
law, and what is private law? Well, this is primarily just
a categorization or definition for grouping laws
in the legal system. But generally, public law is
regulation of the legal system itself, rather than the
regulation of individuals. So it can be the
constitutional interpretation by the Court of whether a
law is constitutional or not. The criminal law,
where the government brings criminal action against
citizens or individuals. Again, this is public law. Or the administrative
procedures rules and regulations passed by
administrative agencies. Also, this is public
law, because these are procedural laws for how
the government itself runs. Now, private law on
the other hand, this concerns the laws
as they are applied to individuals or citizens
of the United States, or individuals within
the jurisdiction. Now they can affect or
control or provide guidance for the relationship
between individuals. For example, think
of property law– the idea that an individual
can own property and they can enforce their
rights in that property. Tort law, the ability to bring
an action against someone if they harm you or
your rights in some way. Or contract law, your
ability to formalize a relationship between
parties, and then enforce those rights through the
rules surrounding the formation and execution of contracts. So this is this is private law. So while the entire
body of law exists, there are certain
categorizations that you can fit it into. And public versus
private law are generally just definitions to understand.

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