Pupil Parliament: Derek Thomas MP reacts to Nancledra Primary School, Penzance
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Pupil Parliament: Derek Thomas MP reacts to Nancledra Primary School, Penzance

November 16, 2019

Hello. I’m Derek Thomas, MP for St Ives, West Cornwall
and the Isle of Scilly, and Nancledra School. I’m really excited to be watching a
Pupil Parliament video – the winning video – from Nancledra, all about plastic and
the damage it does to our environment. (Pupils) Hello. I’m David…and I am Attenborough, and welcome back to…Plastic Planet. These children are brilliant.
I’ve been in to the school a couple of times and they’re so fantastic, so engaged. Dangerous business, capturing plastic
bags! (Laughs) (Pupil) The plastic bag is certainly not indigenous to our oceans. The beaches in Cornwall look like
that after a storm, it’s quite shocking. (Pupil)…and 36.4 billion plastic drinking straws. It is shocking. (Pupil) We are now hearing live debate
from the House of Commons on how to solve this problem. I’ve got competition! (Laughs) (Pupil) We can make straws out of paper, or
even we could just use our mouths! Mmm, novel idea… (Pupil) Thanks for watching.
This has been Nancledra News. Good night, and sweet dreams. Great career ahead for her! Well Nancledra, fantastic. It’s brilliant.
I’m really glad that you’re doing this, that other schools can follow suit.
Your example will help children right across West Cornwall and elsewhere to find
really good ways of getting this message out to our mums and dads, to our
grandparents, to all of us. Well done for the video. The quality was fantastic. The way you spoke was really clear. I love the bit about trying to catch a plastic
bag and how that, if we don’t capture our plastic bags and do
something sensible with them, as well as stopping using them, it causes such
harm in our oceans. One thing I find absolutely amazing about
my job is the amount of schools that make the effort to come all the way from West Cornwall up to Westminster – a good old 300 miles – quite a logistical challenge,
but it’s really important to do that because children are not just our future – they can actually change attitudes and behaviours of today, and they really are doing that.
Schools like Nancledra and all the schools around West Cornwall are really
winning the argument in West Cornwall about the damage of single-use plastics. So, hats
off to all our young children who are really engaged and actually teaching adults.
It’s really important you get involved in politics at such a young age. So, well
done, fantastic work, thank you to all the staff of the school who led this in such
an amazing way and look forward to visiting the school soon! (Music plays)

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