Pups of Liberty: The Boston Tea-Bone Party – Full Video
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Pups of Liberty: The Boston Tea-Bone Party – Full Video

December 20, 2019

Hi, I’m Anne Kennel, and the episode of Pups of Liberty you are about to see is based on the true story of the Boston Tea Party. However, in this version all of the real people of history will be portrayed by cats and dogs. For example, you will see Spaniel Adams, a dog like me, representing Samuel Adams, who was a real living person like you. Then we have Paul Ruffere, who is based on Paul Revere. See how that works? Well, they do say people look like their dogs. In 1773, Boston was a trade center, where thousands of people did every kind of work you could imagine. Even though the Colonies had been here for more than one hundred years, they were still controlled by, and considered themselves as part of England. But they did not have the right to vote, or elect their own representatives. When the King and Parliament in England started adding new taxes, a group of Colonists banded together and called themselves the Sons of Liberty. That’s Pups of Liberty for us dogs. They begin a movement which led to the American Revolution, with the rallying cry: of “No Taxation without Representation”. Or in our case: No Laws without Paws. Well, that’s the end of our lesson. I hope you enjoy the Pups of Liberty: The Boston Tea-Bone Party. NARRATOR: Long ago, in the dog year, 1773, the United Packs of America was a colony of Catland, across the sea. This meant that the Royal Tomcat ruled everyone and everything. It also meant that even if dogs were born and bred in the Colonies, they were not allowed to vote or help make any laws. ANNE: C’mon Papa, we’ll be late. JOHN KENNEL: Late? Us? Never. Remember that Mrs. Dalmatia Spot would like a paper today. Uh, and Pug Wilson is out of town. ANNE: Yes, Papa. LENDALL PITTBULL: Thanks, Anne. CHIEF: Squawk. MRS. DALMATIA SPOT: Thank you, Anne. ANNE: You’re welcome. See you tomorrow. Look Papa, I’m nearly sold out today. JOHN: Well then, how would you like a tea-bone for breakfast? ANNE: Tea-bones? My favorite! JACK: Anne! Anne! The catships are coming in, and they’re loaded with tea-bones! Come see them with me. ANNE: Sorry, Jack. MAJOR MEW: By order of the Royal Tomcat, and the Felines of Parliament, a new tax has been put on the following items, tea-bones and newspapers. This means that when you buy these things, you must also pay the Royal Tomcat. FARMDOG: Ah, I never had a say in this. I don’t have enough money to pay taxes as, as big as these. MAJOR MEW: Stop your barking. This tax is to pay for the defense and support of you dogs here in the Territories. The Royal Tomcat decrees it is for your own good. God save the Cat! FARMDOG: The Royal Tomcat, that old flea bag. He’s an ocean away. How would he know what’s good for us dogs? LENDALL: Sorry, Anne, no paper today, tax. MRS. SPOT: Sorry, Anne, it’s the tax. CHIEF: Squawk ANNE: (Sighs) These new taxes are awful! We didn’t sell a thing. Isn’t there anything we can do, Papa? JOHN: To change the tax, we would need to vote, and we can’t vote. We’re dogs. The cats won’t listen to just two dogs. ANNE: Well, I wish there was something we could do. What if we did do something to help change things? Papa, if we got all the dogs together; it wouldn’t just be the two of us. It would be all of us, the whole pack! JOHN: Alright, let’s do it! MAJOR MEW: You should be more careful, pup! JOHN: My thanks to you all for coming tonight, especially to Mr. Paul Ruffere and Mr. Spaniel Adams. I know what it means for you to be here. Friends, it is time to bring the packs together. ADAMS: We cannot let the cats meow for us any longer. MRS. SPOT: We must make them hear us! CHIEF: Squawk. JOHN: Tonight, we are the Pups of Liberty. Together we will be heard! ANNE: No laws without paws! JOHN: No laws without paws! ALL: No laws without paws! (Howl) NARRATOR: The Pups of Liberty organized three steps towards equality. First, they made a formal request to the Governor. GOVERNOR: (Laughs) Foolish dog! NARRATOR: Second, a boycott on the cats’ tea-bones. ANNE: Boycott the cats’ tea-bones. Eat liberty bones instead. SAILOR CAT 1: Boycott? What’s that? SAILOR CAT 2: Means they won’t buy our tea-bones. SAILOR CAT 1: So we’ll be sitting here forever, ay? NARRATOR: Thirdly, the Pups called the entire pack to the Governor’s Square, to make sure the cats heard them. DOGS: No laws without paws! No laws without paws! No laws without paws! No laws without paws! No laws without paws! No laws without paws! No laws without paws! ANNE: Papa, we have to go back! JOHN: No, Anne, that’s it. At least we’re safe. I hope the others are too. ANNE: But Papa, what about, no laws without paws? What about the fight for liberty? JOHN: Anne! Anne, I can’t. Some things, C’mon now, let’s get cleaned up. GOVERNOR: Oh, this isn’t very helpful. One cannot tell who printed it, rather ratty piece of string, too. MAJOR MEW: I’ve seen this before. This string, it’s from that whelp that delivers the papers of John Kennel. GOVERNOR: Oh, you don’t say? Arrest him! MAJOR MEW: John Kennel, you are under arrest for leading the dogs to riot. JOHN KENNEL: Leading? I am not their leader. ANNE: They are led by liberty! Papa! JOHN: Liberty! Liberty! Liberty! (Howling) ANNE: I’ll climb up to his window and, and I’ll saw off the bars and, and . . . (Cries) SPANIEL ADAMS: Miss Kennel, the Pups of Liberty are looking for you. ANNE: Oh, Mr. Adams, I, I can’t. I’m all alone. They have Papa. I can’t fight without him. ADAMS: (Whistle) JACK: No laws without paws! ANNE: Mr. Adams, what’s this? ADAMS: One more try, Anne, one more chance to be heard. (Howls) JOHN: Anne, remember who thought of all of this in the first place. ANNE: Now you’re in trouble for it. JOHN: I’ll be fine. I’ll get out of this somehow. Anne, lead the pack. Do not give up. ANNE: Yes, Papa. The cats will listen this time. ANNE: These ships are filled with tea-bones that are taxed by the cats. In protest we will throw all of them into the harbor. We will not pay unfair taxes. No laws without paws! This is the night the cats will hear us. They cannot ignore us any longer. NARRATOR: Within hours the other territories heard what the Pups of Liberty had done, thanks to the speed of Paul Ruffere. The cats, however, did not think the event so wonderful. GOVERNOR: Oh, these dogs grow tiresome. They will suffer for this! The new disobedience laws are being announced this afternoon. (Laughs) (Purrs) MAJOR MEW: Shall we release the printer, sir? He’s just a newspaper dog. He didn’t lead last night. GOVERNOR: Oh, I suppose. Besides, I want the true leader of all of this. ANNE: C’mon, Papa, we’ll be late. JOHN: Late? Us? Never! NARRATOR: The cats’ cruelty convinced the dogs that there was only one way to be free. They must unite all of the dog colonies as one pack, and mark a new territory led by dogs. This was the beginning of the Americanine Revolution.

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  1. I was wondering why they were throwing bones into the water instead of tea.
    Then I thought "what if they're tea bones?". Tea bones T bones
    OH god, why?

  2. This was so great to see. In a time where everything has CG in some way, it's so refreshing to see something done by hand.

  3. God Save the Queen would actually mean "God Save the female cat", which would mean, to an extent…

    God save the Queen

  4. slow clap that gains momentum and turns into a massive, roaring standing ovation
    Seriously, as an animation student i love, LOVE this episode.
    And the animation… my god, it's so clean and smooth and completely hand drawn. And your fb page is so full of helpful videos even for the grown ups that want to join this beautiful art form.

  5. god that was so unbelievably amazing. one simply has to bring up the excellent animation work giving everything a warm, comfortable look more familiar with something along the lines of Winnie the Pooh (I understand most of the animation featured here was done by them).

    While I'm at it Anne was also too damn adorable for her own good. Ungh my heart.

  6. This is really, REALLY good.

    And it just proves that using anthropomorphism can be used as a tool for getting out any kind of message or even a point of view.

    At first I thought this would be a ripoff of Liberty's Kids, but although it tells the same story, it does it in a different way entirely. It's a bit of a lighter tone than Liberty's Kids, but that is not a bad thing in this show's case.

    It's not an easy task to do a "What If" change on something in real life history. Due to the fact that these events already happened, it's a challenge to implement new ideas for rewriting it with another species.

    It's clever how the printing press works with pawprints, how the tea is replaced by tea bones, and even how the dogs' ears are tied back to look like a colonial hairstyle.

    The animation is also very fluid albeit simple enough to not get anyone lost because of too much detail thrown in. And it works, because the aim here is to educate.

    Finally, the style of art is very clever. I enjoy how the cartoon is a bit more dimly lit to give the idea that the story is old, as if it were a vintage photograph. The way the characters are drawn also makes it look like an old-fashioned caricature, which again compliments the time period.

    This is absolutely phenomenal 🙂

  7. When your a cat watching this video ಠ ∩ ಠ
    I like the puns in this video tho
    By the way im not a furry okay

    i said bye!!

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