Putin says Russia will develop missiles if US leaves nuclear arms treaty
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Putin says Russia will develop missiles if US leaves nuclear arms treaty

December 3, 2019

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  1. Tells you All you need to know..Whatever pisses off Putin is good for America…Arms Race?…Are you Fu&king kidding…Russia is nearly Bankrupt…

  2. Bush Sr & Jr r better presidents than trump, the Bush’s have good personalities & vast knowledge in politics & experience in politics coming into the job & trump doesn’t have any of those. That’s the difference. Trump is a rookie in politics, that’s y many government things trump doesn’t know what 2 do.

  3. Just to make it clear for the foolish people thinking the US can destroy the inf treaty and things will be better, wake up, the American people gains nothing seeking a war with 3 super powers, it will just be the end of our civilization, North America will be inhabitable for centuries, not even a bunker will help you. the biggest concentration of missile defense systems is in Europe and Asia. So I urge you to ask your gouvernement to provide real proof before acusing Russia, this is not a bias comment, it's not coming from a European or Asian, I'm judging this situation from Africa. Hopefully Africa will keep being forgotten from all this chaos….like trump said Africa is a sh**hole continent (actually I think he said country… Figures🤦‍♂️) nobody cares about it, so hopefully, I pray that this doesn't happen, if nukes start flying keep them to urselves.

  4. When did they stop making missiles??? Hmm, you make em, we make em, they make em… We all make em… Who gives two fucks, start using them because the world is over populated, need to take out at least 2/3s to make the world right…

  5. Russia is developing them anyway, regardless of any treaties they've signed. So what does USA have to lose by pulling out?

  6. Russia is richest and biggest country in world with no limit resources of gas, oil and much more. USA is bankrupt with 21 trillion dollars death.😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Im from scotland an i dont want any kind of war.we all breathe th same air an its th kids that suffer.is this th only thing our race is capable of.maybe an alien race will stop us.its not th 1st time nukes have been shut down by a different race not from here.dont believe me.raf bentwaters is proof

  8. geez.. okay i explain it the other way to you. In USA u like to blabla about pointles points. The deal banned the short range missiles based on land. Soviet union disbanded ca 2000 missiles, USA ca 1000 in Europe. But there was nothing said about missiles stationed on sea and air. USA had tomahawk so Soviet union and USA was in disadvantage. Now in this decade russia developed a missile called calibr and kinzhal. Calibr can be installed on smaller vessels (technically somewhere in a river or lake) while USA has to carry a massive fleet. Also the fleet can not reach Russia anymore. Crimea is gone and the base bases in Syria pushed the fleet back to Sicily. Also there are like 10 countries who are developing and have the short range missiles.

    At the moment the resignation of USA is a done deal, even money is given to pentagon by congress so the only thing is that USA has to explain the EU allies why are they putting their allies under nuclear risk.

    But be careful with that. Resignation from treaty can seriously backfire. Imagine Russian missiles in Lybia, Haiti or Cuba

  9. America could not give 2 faqs . We would rather lay to waste everything including Russia than to have our lives threatened by Russia . Pull the trigga nuga !

  10. As if they haven’t already been doing this. They just recently began testing for the Sarmat missile they developed earlier this year, the US should most definitely be developing stronger and more powerful weaponry to make sure Russia thinks twice before doing anything stupid.

  11. This is what he planned the whole time for Trump , so prideful will not be showed up … let the COLD WAR 2 commence .

  12. I've been saying it all along welcome2 Donald Trump Republican Party red America communist party doing Russia's work in America. ? Don't tell me you still don't get it ?

  13. We humans fight each other but if ther was some space alien threat like aliens i have hope we would all band together help each other out for earth.

  14. funny how the US is always starting shit and trying to make it seems is the others side fault EVERY TIME, lets be real, we are getting our noses in something we should not AGAIN and this time we arent poking a grain of sand , but a bear and a dragon, We cant let Trump start ww3 so he can go hide in a bunker with his elite hommies while we get nuked.

  15. Do you Americans not get fedup with all this fake news bullshit.
    Your all oblivious to your own country's military adventures.
    Syria for instance…your illegally occupying Syria and supporting terrorist to over throw the internationally recognised govt.
    Ukraine…your country sponsored a coup and installed neonazis and now your backing them against Russia.
    Do me a favour and fuckoff.
    From a disgusted Canadian

  16. Putin' s people are killing each other in his street's with oozies and hand guns The street system sucks, and he's tring to run his country, The road rage is worse there than any other country, more pedestrians ran over each day than it is in the us a year, they drive 100 miles an hour in the dam snow, Talking about needing a prison system wow! The kgb is live and well on the streets

  17. The elite in this country know everyone is either getting fired or getting ready to go to prison so there showing there mite by creating lazer fires in California and killing people with chemicals in the sky like bugs in a field by a crop duster, we will be down to there 500.000 really soon since there chemicals have made most men sperm less if not impatient as well

    (you see what i did there, is i took his name and made a joke, "put in charge", . . . yeah. . . ok . . . . . )

  19. russian puts much more less amount into military then USA per year………look on tha map, whrere fucking usa troopers are…fuck usa, im from CR…

  20. Rightfully so. Russia already has missiles that are beyond our defensive capabilities. Google the nuke called Sarmat missile AKA the "Satan" missile… currently we have nothing to stop it.

  21. Interesting….Russia will [continue to] develop [even more] missiles if US leaves the nuclear arms treaty, which Russia's development of missiles was what provoked the US to threaten leaving the treaty in the first place. This is classic Russian style: A) First make the move, B) Blame the opponent for provoking the move, C) When the opponent attempts to counter our move, use the counter move as evidence for further action against the opponent. Rinse, Recycle, Repeat. Pure fact: It does not matter how the US responds – Russian will continue doing what it wants and has unlimited state-crafted resources to create readily available "evidence", "proof", endless narratives and a bucket of propaganda to blur the reality at every turn.

  22. Russia will sell weapon to Indonesia to combat against back skinned man. What a handsome white skinned president.

  23. As for my American Tribes People when I say grease some fucked up wankers like Putin or Merkel or Ratzinger or Trump off(kill) I mean grease the fucked up wankers off. Any of them fuckheads genuinely get anywhere near anything of mine, whether that's Tanks or my new Space-vessel 'USCSS Admiral Nostromo' then I'm going to let some of my more capable American Tribes People grease you fucked up Cuckoo's off in their stead. There will be no cooperation with any fucked up frauds out there not that my American Tribes people need any Cooperation from Russia either. Not for my Plasma Engines…….I can manage without the shitheads. As for Americas fucked up creeps giving it the bullshit regarding Christians or Islamist's or any other shite tough luck wankers now we all know why. They are all a set of fucked up idiot's without a Brain cell I would ever value or find a use of. Genuinely 'Cohoche' Ha!
    As for Launch-sites for my new Space-vessel 'USCSS Admiral Nostromo' maybe 6 can be built within my South Americas heavily armed defended serious Weaponisation. Perhaps near to Major River Estuary's to help Transportation of 'Components' for 'Modular Construction'. 'Launch-site – Launch-platforms' could be used for 'Hoinking' Modules ready for Launch once ready. Plasma Engines could be sort of Integrated into the Designs but might be preferable to re-adjust into a better position once stabilised within Outer-orbit so that the Main Components of them could be used more generally for Thrust Potential. Perhaps Plasma Engines set Angular for Launch maybe with Helper Pads set to the Lauch-pad retaining Towers or Arms. These providing 'Boost Launch' potential on 'Count-'0' Plasma Engine Boost Launch Countdown' maybe they could be drawn away once 'Accelerated Launch At Controlled Speed' has been obtained. I suppose Initially placed High to the extents(sort of corners?) of the Modules if this would help stabilise them initially while being 'Projected' into Space. I should point out maybe Interconnecting Modules could be produced that could fit sandwiched between each larger Module to impart additional strength once in Space maybe Launched separately. Sort of like Bracing-rings regardless of their shaping, complicated but there we go reasonably 'Cohoche' Ha!

  24. Stay calm, calm and alert. Do not let negative thoughts or psychological pressures affect your thinking and decisions in the present

  25. Nevertheless, always be optimistic. Do not let negative thoughts or psychological pressure, praise pressure or "pressure from anxiety" affect your thinking and decisions in the present.

  26. Good! Now the corrupt, warmongering West might start actually thinking… Instead of lying and bombing and overthrowing foreign governments 24/7!

    The world stands behind on you, Vlad! 😎🎉👍🇷🇺

  27. America will not abide by the treaty while Putin keep making nukes; no more wimpy leadership from D.C. #KeepingAmericaSafe

  28. USA has corrupt police and justice! Even Russian cops aren't as corrupt as US cops… Russia should go a head an nuke the USA, and I'm a US citizen! I've witnessed how corrupt people are in the USA. The nation doesn't deserve to survive!

  29. Putin does and has done better than any other country in the last 10 years so why dont usa and russia work together and run this shit. Im die hard american but america thinks they run the world and they dont

  30. Tsar Vlade's real secret weapon: his asset in the White House, the clown with the rub on tanning cream orange face, Comrade Trumpinov.

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