Putin warns U.S. withdrawal from INF treaty could reignite arms race

December 7, 2019

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is warning that
the U.S. decision to pull out of a decades-old nuclear weapons treaty could reignite a global
nuclear arms race. However, he stressed that he is ready to resume
talks with Washington anytime. Kim Da-mi reports. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned
that the U.S. withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty could spark an unrestrained
arms race. Putin said on Monday that Moscow would be
forced to start developing intermediate-and short-range missiles if it’s confident that
Washington has begun the production of its own weapons. Russia also pointed out that the U.S. withdrawal
from the INF treaty would be a serious blow to international security. “Far-reaching consequences for the international
security and strategic stability systems are inevitable. The American side is to be solely blamed for
that.” And in case of any U.S. attack before the
development of new weapons, he said his country will cope with any threats with its existing
weapons. But the Russian leader also made sure to note
that there will be no case where his country will launch any intermediate-and-short-range-missiles
first. And he also reached out to the U.S., saying
Russia is ready to resume fully-fledged negotiations on strategic stability and security anytime. He argued that serious talks are much need
in order to avoid any confusion where there is no set of rules or laws. Over the past weekend, the U.S. expressed
its hope for possible deployment of intermediate-range missiles in Asia. “But let’s be clear, I’m talking about conventional
weapons, INF range… I would prefer months. I just don’t have, I don’t have the latest
state of play on timelines for either a cruise missile or long range missile as the Army
was preparing it, but these things tend to take longer than you expect.” The U.S. formally left the accord last Friday
after determining Moscow was violating the treaty. KIM Da-mi, Arirang News.

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