R15 V3 Frame Sliders Installation | Best Frame Sliders for R15 V3 | Finally I got it | -Infoinsta
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R15 V3 Frame Sliders Installation | Best Frame Sliders for R15 V3 | Finally I got it | -Infoinsta

October 10, 2019

Hello Guys this is Vinay from INFOINSTA Today we are going to talk about
Frame slider and Brake Fluid Cap Lets us Unbox this you can see we get a box inside this parcel which has branding of Savage Every side has name of Savage the packaging is very good. i would like to rate 5 Star for Packaging you must have seen LED indicators from Savage in my previous video i have installed them in my previous video if you want to watch it
you will get link in top right corner now here comes Brake Fluid Cap which is in this kind of packaging this packaging is also impressive Let me show you Frame Sliders now this is also packed very nicely the quality of these Frame Sliders is top-notch these are far far better than my previous frame sliders if you want to watch it click on top-right corner or check description of this video this is longer than the previous ones and of better quality Let us take a closer look Let us watch installation Brake fluid cap is direct fit.. you need to unscrew Stock Cap and you can fix it it looks much better than stock cap therefore i got this you can see frame sliders are installed i would like to tell you when i got this it was having different Mount then i customised it according to R15 v3 then i have provided measurement to
Savage Official store so that they can develop it for R15 v3 so now it is specially developed for R15 v3 this is the product which you will get now
it will be direct fit you don’t need to customise anything Let me show you where these are fixed you can see these are mounted on frame itself these will definitely save your bike during crash where as yamaha’s frame sliders
gets fit on small peice of metal they are not realiable they cannot save your bike during crash they cannot handle weight of bike i will soon conduct a test of these frame sliders so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel you can see where it has been mounted these are mounted very rigidly they can easily handle crashes they are so rigid that you can stand on them if you want to buy these Frame sliders,
Led indicators or brake fluid cap Check links provided in description Please let me know how was this video Please comment down and let me know This is vinay from INFOINSTA
Signing out Take care Bubye

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  1. These frame sliders are not safe as they tend to stuck whenever u will fall and if there's a pot hole 🕳 the slider will stuck due to being a straight pipe type design and ur bike will go in flying ✈ mode which will do more damage then protecting it. That's why yamaha original sliders are of curved design to overcome stucking!!!
    Nevermind it's ur bike do whatever u love!!

  2. @INFOINSTA  being on a platform gives u responsibility to make other know cons and pros just adding a pole, doesn't make someone life safe, and having a insurance doesn't ensure ur safety its for after injury, u should guide them in getting safe products not cheap chinese hacks!!!.

    As ur making videos which is being watched by all ages u should consider for safe products not everybody knows everything… Correct me if I'm wrong.

  3. FYI guys frame sliders are suppose to BEND in case of crash. Having a super strong metal as frame slider is gonna damage the bike's frame in case of a crash.

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