Raspberry Pi Digital Photo Frame boot & demo (Project Spoofy 3)
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Raspberry Pi Digital Photo Frame boot & demo (Project Spoofy 3)

October 15, 2019

and here we are the completed project
spoofy see the buttons on the side installed the ventilation cut in top and
here we go we’re just going to plug in an auto on
system so as long as the power is connected the system will be on it’s going to go through its bootcycle standard raspberry pi boot up screen yeah yeah dog barking there we have it we have a photo there of my granny and my sister that’s pretty much it will change photos
once a minute and over here we have the controls for
the monitor we can just turn the screen off and back
on like normal here on screen display for adjustments that’s pretty much it links in the
doobly-doo you can see how I put it together let me
know what you think

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  1. So this not a link to how and parts list of the project. At least I could not find it on the website.
    "For the complete process check out http://airbornesurfer.com/tag/project..."
    Where did you get the picture frame? Do you have a public image to share?

  2. could you please update or create another tutorial on how to do this on a 4k TV/monitor? the rpi cannot handle 4k. only the Odroid C2 can but your tutorial doesnt work for the C2. thanks!‚Äč

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