Raspberry Pi digital photo frame guts in progress (Project Spoofy 1)
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Raspberry Pi digital photo frame guts in progress (Project Spoofy 1)

September 25, 2019

so just a quick update on project
spoofy as you can see i’ve got a kind of the workspace is sort of it’s in progress
anyway so here we have the Raspberry Pi as you see it’s been stripped out of its
case and just a straight-up board it’s got the little wifi n adapter to it there’s my sd card it’s a raspberry pi what do you expect and here is this monitor I picked it up at the thrift
shop for $7.99 it works it’s got a power supply
with it so that now the biggest problem I’ve had so far is identifying where
things are going because they can’t really find a schematic for this by the
way this is so that’s true that that’s where the actual sounds takes the front panel and then of course
I had to punt and right there and that runs actually to a pair of integrated
speakers so what I am trying to do at this point is find 5 volts power that is
dependent on the power running to the monitor DC in right here at 12 volt I need five
volts and 1 amp coming off of this board somewhere here hoping hoping
hoping hoping that this power for the speaker will actually kicked out 5
volts and 1 amp I can just run that direct into the GPIO on the pi and use that
to not only power the pi but to also control the power on the pi so that is
just a quick little update on projects spoofy

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