Raspberry Pi digital photo frame prototype power supply (Project Spoofy 2)
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Raspberry Pi digital photo frame prototype power supply (Project Spoofy 2)

August 24, 2019

fixed my problem here okay so what I have done is I picked up some components from frys a hasty trip out to anaheim hills last night anyway so what I have here i have a 12-volt DC coming in 12-volt 5-amp from the monitors power supply coming in into a stock barrel connector here that I’ve got two leads coming out of one goes over here to the monitor to another barrel jack male barrel going into the monitor providing 12 volt and then the other side coming over here to a 5 volt regulator a prototype regulator that I picked up at the fry’s and then of course it’s not hooked up right now look at the alligator clips and it’s sitting on these two leads that then go into my hacked up USB cable and power the pi thusly of course it’s all unplugged right now on as you see but then of course it comes into the DVI here from the hdmi over there and we get a signal from the pi so we have enough voltage going to the pi is only drawing you know 700 milliamps whatever less than 1 amp there this is this power supplies rated for about 5–5 and change amperes and this is a this is only a four-and-a-half amp monitor so I’ve got plenty left over to power the pi and just do very light work on there they will connect to the internet is able to power inside its little n wifi adapter and so really what I’ve got here is I’ve got a setup that works it needs to be cleaned up a little bit so the next step is to build a box for it a frame if you will and and start putting all the components together and make it start making it look pretty

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