Ratko Mladic greets Dayton peace treaty in tears.avi
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Ratko Mladic greets Dayton peace treaty in tears.avi

January 18, 2020

Though Gen. Mladic had been ardently
against proposed peace plans, he greeted the end of
war in Bosnia in tears. “We have survived,
we have remained in our homeland, even though unfortunately almost half
of the international community came upon our small nation. People, army, only we
can be responsible for our fate. As long as we exist, we will
defend graves of our ancestors and our homes. Town of VLASENICA,
2nd of December 1995. It is correct that the peace
treaty has been signed in Dayton, but there are those who
did various calculations, thinking how the treaty
could be implemented. And, after signing that peace of paper
that legalizes occupation of our land, it is difficult to understand
that those who recently threw bombs and cruise missiles
weighing thousands of pounds upon us can expect Serbian grieving mothers
to think about them differently from what they deserve.” (quotes Western newsreport article)
Commander of the 2nd battle zone (implying Mladic) armed the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS)…
– “They’re lying.”- … trained SDS extremists… …”No, but commanded the Army
of the Republic of Srpska, chief! And defended my people!
I’m not a criminal, but a protector of my people! That’s what you should report! Criminals are those who write
like this about me, and it was them who
started this war.” Journalists are the best and
the most borring kind of them all. Ladies & getlemen journalists,
I have no statements, I have to ruch to work. Have a nice day…

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  1. Greatest general of the modern era. He was not only fighting muslim extremist volunteers that came to Bosnia from all over the world, but the might of NATO. The Serbian people were lucky to have had such brave military leaders. In the face of such overwhelming fire power such as NATO the advantage he had was that he was fighting for his own people, in his own country and as he said in his speach "for the graves of our forefathers". The Serbian people are small by size, but big by heart. Hero!

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