Real Lawyer Reacts to Daredevil (The Trial of Frank Castle) // LegalEagle
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Real Lawyer Reacts to Daredevil (The Trial of Frank Castle) // LegalEagle

October 20, 2019

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  2. The Only Problem is that Frank didnt care at all if he got off , He wanted to stay in Jail and continue his mission getting to Fisk . So it was Theatrically relevant to have him on the stand so he could tank his own trial to make sure he was convicted

  3. As far as i remember, in the comics: Frank refuses legal counsel, he just pleads guilty. He doesn't give one f**k. Going to jail specifically to get someone who escaped justice.

  4. Really enjoying your videos! One I'd be interested in seeing you react to is the movie Adam's Rib from 1949. It's interesting, how much time they devote to the pre-trial process–better than some movies, anyway. Keep up the good work!

  5. Objection: they could argue for Acquired Brain Injury as a result of injuries sustained in military service, enough blows to the head will cause neurological degeneration resulting behavioural changes and impaired cognitive function.

  6. Haha. Frank going into general public prison being dangerous for him. They got that backwards. They aren't locking Frank up with a bunch of crimenals, they are locking the crimenals up with Frank.

  7. Can you do one on 50 shades of grey? Would love to see the legality behind BDSM etc.

    Love the videos man, keeps me motivated to study for the LSAT😃

  8. I'm rather interested since the M'Naughten rules actually come from English law and were established after American independence so how did it get into American law?

  9. It would be super cool if you could analyze real famous trials/cases, Eg: Steven Avery, The Staircase, Adnan Syed, etc. and provide your perspective on if all parties involved did their job properly.

  10. Did you and mat look over each others videos before putting them together because he shows him as being one of the best then you turn around and say no way

  11. This man does not even look at the entire episode sometimes and he just talks off of the info he see's I'm one clip , he isn't qualified to review any episode on legal grounds for that very reason.

  12. Objection: in the TV show Frank castle truly doesn't believe his actions to be wrong. I think he would pass prong two of the NY insanity plea you described.

  13. I object to the observation that “This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t put a witness on the stand unless you absolutely have to.” [I’m a retired Air Force JAG officer who spent the vast majority of my career as a prosecutor and defense counsel.] I mean…you’re right — very little good (and usually only bad) can come from having one’s criminal defendant client testify. It’s a terrible idea. However, the decision to testify is solely the client’s, not the attorney’s. What Granted, you did say “…unless you absolutely have to”, so I suppose that would qualify. I only ever had one client insist on testifying, and I warned him it was a very bad idea. I explained that he’d open himself up to cross, and I even ran through a mock direct and cross-examination with him being as brutal as I could be on cross. I videoed the session to be able to play it back so he could see it from a juror’s perspective. He, of course, did horribly, perjured himself, and came off very aggressively. He was also the type of witness who thought he was far more clever than the examining attorney. I warned him and warned him, but he still insisted on testifying. So I tried to coach him and warned him repeatedly against perjury. He seemed to listen and swore he would not lie (which I was skeptical about for obvious reasons), but even after my final attempt to convince him not to testify, he still insisted. At trial, I kept my questions very broad and basically just asked him what happened. It was a replay of the practice session, including the perjury. And on cross, he again came off as aggressive, disrespectful, and tried to out-clever the prosecutor. I obviously couldn’t and didn’t refer to anything in my client’s testimony during closing. I was convinced that we were sunk. Weirdly, he was acquitted in spite of his horrible performance. I didn’t feel good about it.

  14. I also object to Matt Murdock’s weird pseudo-closing argument that he broke into in the middle of his examination, not just because it was absurd that he did it to begin with and that the prosecutor didn’t object immediately (or at all) and the judge didn’t stop it, but also because he was making a blatant jury nullification argument…which was crazy considering they were trying to present the insanity defense. So essentially what he was arguing was “Yes, my client is an insane, murderous vigilante, but our city NEEDS people like him.” What the hell, Murdock? What kind of bizarre case theory switcheroo were you trying to pull? Just…wow. I thought he is supposed to be an excellent trial attorney. I hope he doesn’t quit his night job.

  15. The point of a lot of the trial sequence in this season of DareDevil was to point out that Electra and the Hand was stripping away the Matt Murdock (lawyer, humanity, relationships) and forcing him down a road of the Chaste that Stick was wanting him to go.

  16. Doesn't the defense's argument boil down to jury nullification? Sure they start out with a defense that is, essentially, that Frank's brain injury renders him incapable of controlling himself and telling the difference between right and wrong. Then at teh end Matt gives his "This city needs people like Frank" speech to try and get the jury to overlook the fact that Frank killed a lot of people. Isn't that illegal?

  17. I assume you're not under an exclusive contract by your firm that stops you from performing any kind of law action outside of your firm, meaning you wouldn't be able to do this channel

  18. While this was a high stakes case in the series, this wasn't a great case to review, from a legal standpoint. Matt was sleep deprived and distracted by a literal legion of ninjas attacking the city, the D.A. who gave the first opening statement was using the trial as a baseboard for an upcoming election and was intentionally trying to emotionally stir up the jury.

  19. And this is a perfect example of how the actual legal system is broke . That pre-dated rules that have not adapted to language and current life in the modern world.

  20. frank castle wouldn't hurt someone that wasn't a mob boss or someone doing wrong on a high crime level he should be let go

  21. Yeah, it's pretty much
    Wake up at 4am
    4:3]Sit downstairs waiting for everyone else to gather up
    7am: Wait for the vans
    8am: Wait for everyone to get in the vans
    830am: Drive to the courthouse
    10am: Wait for your turn
    12pm: Go in front of the judge
    2pm: Wait to go back to the jail
    4pm: Back to your pod
    It's a nightmare.

  22. Objection…. You sed he would not be wearing prison scrubs…. Unless he was rich, or had a lawyer much more interested than portrayed here… He would be wearing prison peals….

  23. Also… remember that in this world there was an actual alien invasion in new york in the last year or so…. So people could be swayed by "hero" arguments…

  24. Can I just say, also, that She-Hulk and Daredevil's law firm made specifically to deal with superhero lawyering, trials, summons, etc etc.. They should totally recruit you to run it while they keep doing their dual superher-lawyer lives things.
    I'd definitely feel better with you as my lawyer, even if we didn't win.

  25. Um… so I had jury duty back in 2014 and the judge didn't seem to have any problem with lawyers coming into the well without asking permission. Now, they did have to ask to approach the jury to show us evidence more closely.

  26. I'm not even a layer or in any way knowledgeable about that sort of thing, but when Matt started just making a speech in the courtroom i was like, 'okay, there's no way this is allowed, right?' It clearly doesn't make sense. XD

  27. In the context of the show, there was very good reason that they hadn't been able to speak to their client yet. Namely, Castle being a dick.

  28. Objection! In reference to the grade of the examination; motion to move the grade up. Grounds: that scene with the superior officer vouching for Castle was dope af.

  29. Never being much of a dare devil fan or punisher for that mater. But one of my favorite moments from Matt in the comics was when he argued with Steve Rogers aka captain America over weather or not Laura Kinney aka x23 should see trial and more than likely be taken by shield. While this Dosent happen in court it's a very interesting conversation and if love to See your thoughts on it. The event I disciped were in target x but can be found also in the frist x23 complete collection

  30. I think you should tackle the trial featured in S1 of Daredevil. Not only is it Matt at his best when lawyering, but the season overall is better than the one shown here


    When I was taken to court I was forced to still be in jumpsuit and chained.

    It's standard here if you are taken to court from jail.

  32. This is my new favorite channel, I've been waiting for a professional series that reacts to entertaining movies and TV shows.

  33. My objection is the part where you said they would let him change from the orange jumpsuit to a suit. When I was younger I got into a lot of trouble and I never saw them let anyone change from a jumpsuit to a suit. If you came from jail then you stayed in the jumpsuit. To be fair though I’ve been on trial in NC,SC,and FL but not NY so they may do it differently up there

  34. Objection 1. My experience is that most public defenders RARELY go out of their way to bother meeting the client any rime before the day they go into court.

  35. Objection 2. My experiance is also public defender doesn't give a rat's ass what you want for defense. You either agree to what THEY want or they do a shit job representing you. MICHIGAN, where judges are ELECTED by idiot voters who don't know shit abkut the law or who would be a good judge.

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