Recreating the Icons// Queen Victoria (CC)
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Recreating the Icons// Queen Victoria (CC)

September 9, 2019

*Peppy Retro Music* Hello and welcome to Little Antique Me.
Today I am recreating a look by Queen Victoria. I have recently started
watching the show Victoria on Amazon and I was so inspired by her looks that I
started doing some of some of my own research on her and some of her pictures.
I was inspired by these pictures. That I loved her hair and I thought well i should try and do that myself. So here is my version of Queen Victoria. (Voice over) For my
makeup I applied my tinted moisturizer and now I’m going back in with my
Maybelline brow pencil to fill in / over draw my brows just a little bit to the
side to elongate them much like hers were in the picture. Next I’m going to apply my blush by Besame, it’s a nice dusty pink color. I’m just going to apply a light color to my
cheeks. I’ve also already applied my Senegence eyes shadow and I’m finishing off
with my Senegence gloss. For my hair, I’m going to part it
straight down the middle and then I’m going to part from ear to ear. So from
the top of one ear to the other ear to create almost a “T” across the top of my
head. Using my smoothing brush I’m going to
smooth the hair until it’s nice and soft. And then I’m going to braid it into a
three strand braid, which is a very basic braid, and then I’m going to braid it all
the way to the ends and use a bobby pin to hold the ends. After we’ve braided these, I’m going to
set them aside and we will get to those later. Next for the back, I’m going to
take all of the hair in the back. I’m going to smooth it up as best I can so
it’s nice and smooth there’s no flyaways. And then I’m going to twist this into a
tight bun and bobby pin it to my head as close as I can. *Quiet Piano Music* I’m going to apply my switch of hair.
I have already braided this before the video and I’m going to bobby pin it in
around the bun that I’ve already done. While I’m doing that, I’m going to pull
it out to make it a little more puffy, a little more full, so that it creates a
very full look on the very top. So as I’m going, I’m going to go ahead and try
and get the ends tucked under in the back and then also make sure the top of
the left doesn’t show as well. So just kind of going around in a circle, I’m
going to just bobby pin it in place. I added a couple of bobby pins on the
very top, as well, to just kind of hide my bun so that you can’t really see that as
well. Next we’re gonna move on to the smaller braids. We’re going to take those
and pin them so that they go under your ear, and then back up the back, and
same with the other one. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good shot of the back of
this, but basically I just pinned it on the back the best I could. For a
finishing touch, I added a faux pearl necklace to add just a little bit of
elegance. Thank you so very much for watching! I do hope you enjoyed this video. I truly enjoyed making it myself! I hope you have
a great week, may God bless you and keep you this week, and I’ll see you in my
next video! Bye!

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  1. queen victoria was a fascinating person. everyone saw her as a really strict, reserved, prudish woman when she was anything but lol

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