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  1. How dare you! How dare you! Hahaha! More white people were lynched over the years than Black's. They love to rewrite history. Ask the Mormons if Joseph Smith was black.

  2. And still I rise Mr. Speaker to play the race card and to act victimized because I see its working for 25 year old women so I too want sympathy so you will believe my lies and give me special privileges because I have based my career on hatred of the white man…

  3. the term “lynching” has been used as hyperbole for years and was exactly how Trump meant it to be used. But everything it says is taken out of context by the next to mean racism/hate/nazi/literally Hitler or whatever spin they can use to slam Trump. This act is getting old. You’re pathetic and full of shit and you know it.

  4. First thing first stop calling him mr. Stop calling him president there's a more suitable word that you can refer to him as a name that's more deserving but definitely not mr. And most definitely not president

  5. I am so sick of you democrats, the party of slavery, Jim Crow, Lynchings, segregation,  blaming the republicans for what YOUR party has done to blacks.

  6. Fake outrage over use of "lynching" word. Dems are using any and all tools to bring down OUR President!
    Sending another contribution to his Re-election Fund–it's up to $300 million!!!

  7. AL GREEN COCKROACH! Someone tell this p.o.s. Jerrold Nadler as well as other Socialist called the impeachment of Clinton a "lynching", but memories run short with these Socialist cockroaches when the impeachment is on the other side, typical political hacks reaching for that "race card", each & every chance possible, hiding behind their color & quickly playing the victim, at least the racist Cummimgs won't be around to put his 2 cents in.

  8. This guy is a complete racist! I cant believe people actually voted al green to represent them! he has no idea how much he has divided this country

  9. Trump knows exactly what he's doing. It's all on purpose. He doesn't care what most American's think of him, though. Just that small minority who still cling to his teat.

  10. How pathetic the trolls and bots are on a content being made by someone who believes in peace. Luckily, most of the despicable comments are trolls but those who aren't… sad to see what's happening to this country due to the embrace of fascism.

  11. Hey look kids an idiot…dont get to close. He spits when he talks. Why is he so mad? Well because he's corrupt and he knows that due to the dems losing complete power his crimes will be discovered. And we all know what happens to those who commit treason. Poor bastard is terrified. The country will rejoice when god emperor Trump takes his greasy ass down. His dem comrades will follow.

  12. I am so fucking sick of the racist congressman bitching about something trump has said ! Hey the fuck over slavery my god it’s history! This fucking guy is an idiot

  13. Al Green please watch this whole video and apologize.
    You may not know the history of the word in the last decade, but you would like to call out all the black and white Dems that called the Clinton impeachment A LYNCHING. perhaps you are just a hypocrite like most politicians in all parties. I'd like to give you a chance. Please respond.

  14. Al? You do realize that the Democrats referred to the #impeachment of Bill Clinton as a #lynching? So of COURSE you flip your lid when the shoe is on the other foot when Donald Trump does it!

  15. Unbelievable the amount of Democrats that have referred to something as a lynching and not given a minute in the press but when a Republican says it, then the politicians and media are all over it. This is hypocrisy at its finest.

  16. So what's the big deal Al? Did someone violate your exclusive rights to the word lynching. Well grow up and get over yourself.
    Fake outrage. TDS is strong with this one. Congress is a snowflake nursery. My grandkids don't behave this despicable, they better not. Get over your self victimization. Take away your victim hood and you have no identity. You live in America how bad can it be?

  17. Wait, so President Trump compared impeachment to lynching…. I do not see how that correlates with the historical lynching and mob violence against black people wtf.

    Either I am wrong here or people seem to not know the definition of lynching…. or people are just making up some more crap to find more exaggerated reasons to dislike President Trump.

  18. You are an embarrassment and a hypocrite. Your fake outrage is disgusting while our very system is being undermined by back door dealings and secret sessions to try and complete a political coup. You are either oblivious, or stupid, or both. Your ancestors hide their face in shame for eternity have inflicted such a malicious and incompetent old idiot on the good people of your district and the country. Let me hear you condemn Biden and every other demoRAT that has uses that term, or STFU with your fake outrage, hypocritical moral posturing. Shame on you, you are a disgrace.

  19. Maybe Representative Al Green can talk about with some passion,all these racist cops gunning down all these black people.All this talk about Jim (John)Crow and Segregation.Did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tell Congressman Al Green Love and Happiness to talk about Jim Crow and Segregation for ever ? ! who is really running the black caucus ? Nancy Pelosi.

  20. Most of the lynching was done by Democrats. The same democrats that fought for slavery. The same democrats that fought giving blacks the right to vote. The same democrats who fought for segregation (including your front runner Joe Bidden). How dare a democrat use that word.

  21. Do you not know Mr. Green that more whites have been lynched/hung than blacks? You are historically incorrect with your assertion so rethink your argument because lynching does not only refer to blacks & POTUS Trump is correct in using the term to describe this nonsensical impeachment process you Demonrats are trying to do to him in secret!

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