Rep. Dean: We heard incredible testimony of bribery from a president
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Rep. Dean: We heard incredible testimony of bribery from a president

November 28, 2019

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  1. You ignorant Trump supporting republican robots have no defense..😆 The president is a disgraceful disgusting human being. He is a fake president.. Wake up America.. Wake up

  2. careerlong democrats this has to be played everywhere to everybody. they are all democrats who were there as witnesses. she meant to say something else i believe….

  3. Wow, since when is hearsay a credible source of information? It shows you how low the standards of the Democrats have fallen. It’s obvious she has opted for the blue pill.

  4. Another lying dems…! What evidences??? The dems were lying and we all saw it ….Cut the lying …the dems had lied all the time!

  5. President trump, please just declassify all this stuff yourself and stop wasting time, just a burn this whole rotten place down

  6. Put her back in her shoe box and back in the corner of the closet and close the door and hope it stays closed until moving day.. These are thrift-store politicians – undeserving of display, priced for quick sale, as phony as the gold trim on a 50-cent necklace.

  7. The evidence is damning, its so evident, the testimony was explosive. If the evidence is so damning why is it we NEVER get explicit examples, literally EVER.

  8. Can anyone else SEE the swamp is showing itself!?!? The "lifelong career politicians" aka "swamp creatures" are on full display.

    These guys are mad as hell because they can't have business as usual. The easy flow of $$$ are tightening. Nepotism being questioned. The arrogance of some that are finally being questioned about their work and they don't like it! Criminal Insubordination!

  9. Did I hear her say .. hearsay is credible evidence?
    Sounds like another lawyer/politician knowing where the fine line of slander and lies can be pushed before a personal lawsuit.

  10. great interview from the democratic congresswoman speaking strictly about facts and not taking any of fox news's bait.


  12. She's crazy none of them testified damning evidence I've been listening they said there was no way Holmes could have heard Trump on the phone they said there was no bribery

  13. She believes if she does not do what is told she gets cut off from financial support. Hearsay evidence is credible? if we allow this to stand our judicial system in no longer reliable and the country cannot survive a corrupt legal system.

  14. Wait…did you hear what she said starting at 1:18…she actually lets the cat out of the bag by saying that they had testimony from career long democrats who don't have a political dog in this fight…..say what???? I thought, according to mass media pundits that the witness's were apolitical….Truth…the truth always comes out…..

  15. Hear-say is credible evidence? Not when it's one person repeating hear-say, that's not true and would not, should not, be acceptable as evidence in any courtroom.. Also, The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right … to be confronted with the witnesses against him".

  16. It is very sad that an adult can't take two seconds to really think about what she is saying before she spews it. I mean no logical person would think any part of this charade is truthful or fair. I only hope the senate runs a trial the same way shifty did and watch the hypocritical complaints from the dems. I'm sure they would claim obstruction of justice if they are not allowed to call witnesses

  17. A career librarian with no dog in the fight .. I will miss her when she's obsoleted by a spec of code – NOT.

  18. None of the testimony was direct evidence, most of the testimony was opinion not direct fact. No court would admit this evidence.

  19. What damning evidence??? Weve all been paying attention👀👀👀👀
    After the Ukranian hoax is exhausted they'll say Trump conspired with Turkey….and thats why we pulled out of Syria!!😔

  20. She consider David Holmes's testimony as credible, yeah, my dog is more credible than Holmes when it barks, because it's actually telling me something is present.

  21. I get the feeling that when the indictments start rolling out, manyy aren't going to come peacefully. These people care nothing for the Law or the Constitution. They have a Soros funded army. They've defrauded trillions from the American taxpayer over the decades and I'm sure they started digging in when DJT was elected.

  22. 3:10 see how she for the second time did not say what she heard was an impeachable offense.. the journalist should have pushed her harder here.. this woman pretend to be unbiased and doing the greater good but she is the same as any other democrat, mindless zombies that just follow a narrative..

  23. Was she watching the same inquiry we were? because not one piece of factual evidence was presented! Trump did not need witnesses because it was not a trial. These dems are pathetic!

  24. When you are failing, come on Fox News, and try and convince the smart people, that don't listen to the fake news. Democrats are getting desperate to sell this impeachment to the American people. Bottom line Democrats are failing, this impeachment is failing and President Trump will continue to win.

  25. A fooking democrat, she lies I can tell her lips are Moveing.
    Bull shite bimbo you are done.
    We American citizens want you folk tried for conspiring to commit treason.

  26. Even if there was a video showing Trump is being accused of, the fox spin will start and the folks here will bury their head in the sand and move the goal post. " yes he did it but whats the big deal". Its sad what our democracy has turned into.

  27. Their whole debacle is unconstitutional….so much for her taking it serious. None of the witnesses witnessed anything. The only thing witnesses said was their opinion, how they felt, the gossip they heard. and what they assumed. And worse, the only thing we heard was the limited questions schitt allowed. I didn't hear anything the president did wrong, much less a crime. The next dumbest thing pelosi can do is take a vote. sending it to congress is going to open a giant can of worms and prove schitt and pelosi committed a fraud on congress and on the american people.

  28. Turned off after just a few moments of ths BS. And believe it or not the President was right not to let people go because it was a show and nothing else or why else not let the republican reps ask the questions that they wanted to ask instead of being blocked? Believe me you moron Dems we the people see right through you 100%!

  29. Democrats can just sit there and lie without any proof or evidence. No conscience or soul, just an evil spirit in operation in this lady.

  30. This lady is delusional… This case would not hold up in a legitimate court… Pennsylvanians are not getting their money's worth…

  31. Impeach This —> ( x ) …I'm so sick of these sore Demo losers…Just give it up already, because the whole world is turning against all you pathetic Democrats, or should I say "Dem-Amucks" . Sorry if my comment is out of line, but this is so ridiculous. TRUMP♥2020

  32. This is not the American I know. So said and scary. Hear say evidence. Is not evidence. A when in this country you have to prove your Innocence. We have never seen this kind of back woods mob Mentality Justice in this country. Very sad.

  33. Now they are doing nothing but lying ! What has happened to a once proud and American Democratic Party. Dean is unbelievable deceptive and dishonest. How sad and how pathetic. They are taking all of us for fools.

  34. BS. Not for a secure boarder democrats can't pretend now that they care about national security. No credibility at all. And claims hearsay evidence is credible? BS hearsay isn't allowed in any court.

  35. She's a liar and a traitor. She don't have and answer because they have nothing. She won't give an answer as to how she will vote because hearsay is worthless and she knows it. Delay stall till the election, she is trying to keep the impeachment lie on life support until the election. We the People sounded the alarm with who we elected in 2016 and we blew the whistle on the democrat party then and she doesn't like it.

  36. I like where the congress women said the democrats had no dog in this fight and they had damning evidence of impeachment. She’s delusional democrats have nothing.

  37. Just another halfwit lefty with that stupid look in her eye I wonder what it's like to be so stupid that you think you're up smarting and everybody else did you notice how she showed her angry tone when she got pressed a little…….. narcissistic lefties are so annoying this woman has the same look as the public school system teachers do in California that I grew up with I had to educate myself and wash away all the brainwashing lefty crap as an adult- Watch out for Fox News they're starting to lean left big time specially that crappy Chrissy Wallace

  38. Hold the dam vote already Impeach him. So the Senate can tell all these whiney bitches to FUCKOFF when they fail to remove him.

  39. Thoughtfully craft articles of impeachment? They should be obvious and no crafting should have to be done. They have to make it up. I wouldn't be able to spend 10 minutes with this person.

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