Rep. Johnson Has Friendly Chit Chat With Diamond & Silk in Judiciary
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Rep. Johnson Has Friendly Chit Chat With Diamond & Silk in Judiciary

November 17, 2019

Rep. Johnson: Thank You Mr. Chairman. We could be
here for a lot of reasons this morning. We could be looking into the
manipulation of Facebook by the Russians to help Donald Trump get elected. We
could be looking into the Russian interference with the presidential
election. We could be looking at Russian hacking into state election processes. We
could be talking about in this committee legislation to protect the Muller
investigation none of those areas has this committee
been involved with during the last 15 months that we’ve been in session. We
could be talking about gun control. We could be talking about the DREAM Act in
this committee–no hearings whatsoever but what we are dealing with today we’re
giving a platform to Diamond and Silk and you ladies are very impressive to me–
you have taken something and you have moved forward with it–
exercising your First Amendment rights and you’ve made a ton of money off of
Facebook isn’t that correct? Ms. Hardaway: Absolutely not, because Facebook’s censored us for six months–
Rep. Hank Johnson: Now Donald Trump introduced you all at a rally last year and he introduced y’all saying
that you were very popular and you had made a ton of money based on your
affiliation with him, isn’t that correct? Ms. Hardaway: Let me tell you what he was doing–he was calling those
things that was not as though they were is what he was doing then. Rep. Johnson: But he has given you– Ms: Hardaway: But Facebook censored us for six months Rep: Johnson: Hold on one second ma’am. The point I’m trying to make is you all have been bashing
Facebook and you’ve been making a ton of money isn’t that correct? Ms. Hardaway: No. Ms. Richardson: Excuse me. Ms Hardaway: No, wait a minute. Hold up. Ms. Hardaway & Richardson: They deemed us unsafe to the community. Rep. JohnsonYou’ve not been making a ton of money based on your bashing of Facebook? Ms; Hardaway: No, no we didn’t bash Facebook What we did is we bought it to the light on how Facebook has been
censoring conservative voices like ourselves–for six months, 29 days 5 hours 43 minutes
and 40 seconds that’s what they did. Rep. Johnson: Have
you been making money–have you been monetizing or– Ms. Hardaway: They won’t let us monetize on
Facebook. They Stopped it. For six months, 29 days Rep. Johnson: So they’ve been messing with
your money then. Ms. Richardson: Exactly and you too did also by Demonetizing 95% of our videos for no
reason at all–deeming it as hate speech. However, allow me to say– Rep. Johnson: You’re still selling merchandise on– Ms. Hardaway: Even if we sell merchandise that don’t have anything to do with Facebook–
Facebook censored our free speech and shame on the ones that don’t even see
that we have been censored–yet when the black lives matter people complain about
it, oh everybody is up in arms, so let me just say this here–if the shoe was on
the other foot and Mark Zuckerberg was a conservative and we were liberals all
fists and all chains would have broke loose you know it and I know it. But what I find appalling is that these Democrats, they don’t want to take up for
our voice because we support the president. Ms. Richardson: Democrats would be in the street right now marching, and calling him all type of racists Rep. Hank Johnson: I’d like to give you a little bit more time I’d like to give you a little bit more
time but I’ve got to move on only got a minute left. But I appreciate you all for
your entrepreneurial spirit and we’re giving you a tremendous– Ms. Hardaway: And we want to attain it too Rep. Johnson: And we’re giving you a
tremendous platform with this hearing to make a ton of money when it’s over– Ms. Richardson: That’s right and I hope everybody on Facebook can follow us– Ms. Hardaway: And like yes that’s right, that’s right because that’s what it’s supposed to be about–it’s
supposed to be about the obtaining the American dream we are African American
women. If illegal aliens can come over here and build businesses why can’t we? We were born on this soil oh you don’t have a right to silence my voice. Rep. Johnson: I’ve always heard though that diamonds are girl’s best friend– Ms. Hardaway: They are and they hard too. And if I got to be hard and get firm with you
I will–you’re not gonna brush us off and dismiss us like we don’t have
merit here. These people censored us no reason they put limitations on our page
for no reason and that was wrong. Rep. Johnson: But rather than diamonds you’re seeking
money with Facebook isn’t that correct? Ms. Hardaway: Well you know what a Facebook is a platform
for you to make money, then so be it everybody else do it. Ms. Richardson: And don’t stop us from making any. Ms. Hardaway: And don’t make us feel guilty because we and other people that’s built
their brand page want to make money we’ve spent plenty of money. Rep. Johnson: Okay, I’m with you
on that–I’m just astounded that this committee would stoop to this level to
to be positioning you all to make more money. Ms. Richardson: We really thank the committee for allowing us–for little voices like us. It’s little voices like us. Ms. Hardaway: Because it wasn’t you, you didn’t do it Chairman: The time of the gentleman has expired I thank the exchange that the gentleman
asked the questions, the ladies answered his questions. And the chair now
recognize– Rep. Johnson: I thank the Chairman. Chairman: The chair now recognizes the gentleman from Iowa Mr.
King for five minutes. Rep. King: Thank You Mr. Chairman

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  1. two cock sucking lying hoes making money, they dont give a fuck about trump, just two fat bitches talking shit for the man.

  2. "WE THE PEOPLE" Are just doing OUR jobs and holding you accountable – you work for US, not the democrat fat cats! Swamp creature, resign, you have no integrity.

  3. You should be ashamed, now you beg for MORE MONEY using them after degrading that they work. Shame!!!

  4. Mr. Johnson, resign and make the country a better place. You're dumb as a box of fucking rocks, and there's no way your dumb ass earned your way to your position. I wouldn't let you represent a fucking toaster. You think islands float? Seriously? Get the fuck out.

  5. Johnson must have a third grade education and a Harvard degree. Affirmative action at its worse.

  6. There isn't a bigger Babbling Fool in Congress, pull up "Best of Hank Johnson"… Talk about an Ignorant Fool.
    He DEFINITELY made use of Affirmative Action. Johnson wouldn't know how to make a BUCK if his life depended on it. He's NEVER had a REAL Job.

  7. The actual issue was censoring freedom of speech by Facebook, Johnson wanted to twisted into being about money, so typical of these Dems and their manipulative methods.

  8. 2:20 – I love the two girls in the background. Are those their daughters? Or one of their daughters?

    3:55 – that's right!! I hope everybody gon' follow us on facebook.. THAT'S RIGHT! THAT'S RIGHT!

    Sounds like a gospel church! I love it. Good old Hankie should have known.. Never mess with a black woman!

  9. did he say the "manipulation of facebook to help donald trump get elected"? Facebook is demonitizing conservatives and trump influencers with their calculated algorithyms so exactly how hanky panky is the anti trump facebook administrators helping POTUS you fool? Jesus H Christ i got to stop watching these scumbags they piss me off so much

  10. Come on ladies, shut this motherfucker up. He is not hearing any truth. He is only listening to liars. Everything Johnson said are assumptions and fucked up brains because of the damn Dems.

  11. It is time for these old goats to take a seat at Shady Pines. In the words of Judge Judy, GOODBYE!!! Honestly, I’m considering running for GA House of Representative. It is time for a change!

  12. I loath how they mix legitimate legislation with alleged accusations that is a very old trick of slight of hand.

  13. Hank Johnson is a straight up clown. He thinks he's slick, but he makes a fool out of himself EVERY TIME he speaks. The Democrats have become the enemy of justice, and therefore, the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. They can play their little games, pretending they wanna save us from Russia, or the end of the world "in 12 years"…but all they do is lie, and instigate racial division. I hate HATE !! the Democrats…and I'm not even a Republican. FUCKYOU HANK

  14. We could be looking into Hillary paying for the dossia or whatever to start the witch hunt against Trump but that was not important because we wanted to waste lots of time and money to get rid of Trump before he was even taking over but we excused Hillary and will not put her in jail.  Is that what you mean Honorable Representative Johnson?

  15. Is this representative talking first YouTube Anythink putting United States armed forces on Guam the island capsize the sink? Or was that someone else? I do not know answers maybe someone watching this video knows the answer

  16. This Johnson is a far left socialist ‘Pinhead ‘. This guy is a smart ass DemocrookDemorat and needs to be slapped down by patriotic Americans such as Diamond & Silk . Vote Republican across the board in all states. Let’s continue to drain the elitist/globalist/socialist swamp in D.C. Vote Trump/Pence 20/20 !!! KAG !!!

  17. If Johnson got 2 cents every time Americans laughed at him, he would be a millionaire many times over. He has a youtube channel with only 1,160 subscribers?

  18. BREAKING NEWS 2019 Guam has tipped over and fell into the sea, after further investigation it appears a 1000 midgets oh excuse me little people were on vacation blowing up balloons with helium and the island was so SMALL it tipped over. Also a investigation is under way to see if Putin or Hitler along with the Trump administration coordinated or collided with this incident. Further reports due today at 6pm est

  19. Ever notice that democrats talk over everyone and cannot answer a yes or no question. Love you Diamond and Silk. Keep spreading the truth. He was so rude to you. But what else would you expect?

  20. These ladies are saying what they are saying and reacting in the way they do because it profitable for them. Its all about the money….
    One way or another these ladies are making plenty of cash….

  21. BullSit what the hell wrong with congress look at your self first before you throw the first stone 😈😈😈😫 💩💩 👹👺

  22. I cannot understand how a person like you was even elected in the Congress. You were the chairman the other day on They impeachment hearings and you refused Congressman extra minutes. You can't even remember your speeches and you asked for more minutes and they give it to you on the floor you are really not too intelligent I hope they vote you out good grief we laughed at you.

    You got some intellectual problems or something and I'm not saying this out of meanness I'm being serious.

    Do you really think Guam is going to tip over? And have you ever figured out where ruby Ridge is located?

    You better learn the true story of Randy Weaver and ruby ridge it wasn't white supremacy it was harassment from the government killing a little boy and his wife.

    You're a disgrace to this country at a disgrace to this government impeach you along with Nancy Pelosi.

  23. Haha, those girls chewed and spit you out so fast you didn't have a clue what just hit you🤣🤣🤣 quit being so condescending to educated women so you don't embarass yourself dude 😁

  24. I don't understand how Hank Johnson ever got into congress. This guy is dumber than a sack of horse shoes. The people who elected him need to be committed.

  25. Haha . Did you notice this uncle tom asks 8 times about Diamond and Silk making a ton of money. He must be jealous…haha

  26. Has it escaped notice how much Johnson sounds like a trustee on a plantation talking to a couple of ignorant black girls? The man is disgusting.

  27. What is wrong with his brain? Is he mentally challenged? He is so confused, he can’t figure out if he supposed to bash them or support them. Dope.

  28. Yes, Democrats DID start the Ku Klux Klan (and it's still the party of racism)

  29. God Bless Diamond And Silk you Democrats are sick you Democrats are racist they have a American right to enjoy the American Dream stop patronizing these woman you make your money senators make money off our tax dollars

  30. I don't think these two understand that they're under oath. They also don't understand that they're in Congress not a trump rally. The one's ramble shouting while the other just agrees or parrots back what the other one said. What a waste of taxpayer money. If they were demonitzed solely for their conservative views, that is wrong. I've seen their immigrant bashing rants mirroring what trump says, and it's disturbing. Although if these platforms don't censor trump then these two shouldn't be either. A ridiculous double standard.

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