Replace Jeep Liberty Window Bracket
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Replace Jeep Liberty Window Bracket

December 31, 2019

hey how you doing okay we’re taking out the
screw that’s in the armrest there’s a screw behind the pull handle which
we’ll find in a second these are fairly easy to change and if you
need them you can find them at my website please
feel free you have a phillips screw there panel just pulls
out the clips go in put a flathead screwdriver between the
panel and you should be ok pull it apart and pull it out front doors, back doors are pretty much
the same the front door you have to be a little more careful taking the regulator
out it’s a little more challenging the back doors
are a little bit easier it’s important not to break the tubes
on the regular that would require you replacing the
regulator now here’s a quick picture in a second of the rod that connects to the handle here is that clip I was
talking about just turn it one way un clip it and
then turn it the other way to put back in remember to put it back in when you
finish that project next up three Phillips screws hold the
speaker on take that off unplug it you’re going to remove
the white moisture barrier that keeps condensation from
coming toward your door panel if it’s missing its not necessary thing
but it can can be convenient to have it the old-style of these brackets would screw-on to the metal cable, problem was the brackets strip out, now they’ve started
making these in metal in Taiwan and China not nearly as easy to install and not as good quality by any means Mopar
redesigned the brackets where they don’t screw on to the cable they are manufactured as part of the cable
I strongly recommend you go with the new american-made Mopar style we have those on our website couple clips hold those pins in to in
the front one on the back windows there are two in
the front, just push that back a little bit you can raise the window up, use your handy dandy suction cup keeps in place there is a wiring harness where my hand is right there you have to push
the clip in pull it off and you’ll see that
better in a minute but it’s not that Hard you should be able to find it. I would
remove all 7 ten millimeter bolts. you may be thinking to yourself
hey I don’t have to remove them I can leave them in and just slide the whole
thing out doesn’t work that way take them out. Remove all 7 the back windows have a little more space to
remove the regulator the front one’s a little bit tighter be careful you don’t want to crack those plastic tunes that you see if you
do that’s a problem then you’ll probably need an entire regulator as long as the tubes are okay everything
else is fine there’s a clip there you’re going to pull out a little bit
and watch how I do this, gently
gently slide the whole thing around
like that again you have more room to work on the
back if that first tube that you see is cracked that’s okay you could still use new
cable it will make some noise when it gets to the end
and you can still use it if the tube to to the left of the motor is
cracked the one you are seeing now you cannot use the regulators nothing
you can do only to replace the regular and the motor and cable and everything else gentle gentle it’s hot in the car
and its become brittle over the years so if you put any
pressure on it all you’ll probably crack those tubes now I’m doing this on my workbench for
the brand new one makes it much easier um there’s a kind a catch to it if you
do it with your used one but we’ll show you that in a minute
but it’s very easy just pull down that metal lip thusly take out the black stop that’s on the bottom of that, now I’m gonna go
ahead and use a wiring harness if you don’t have that you can use two wires and the battery pack froma cordless
screwdriver you can apply current directly to it and help power the bracket out and
you can put the new one in don’t use anything over 12 volt if you
can avoid it you could crack the bracket less is more 7.2 9.6 12 volts is ok okay you get down enough pull all the
way out the replacements come with replacement grease that you’ll put inside the two channels there that one there
and one to the right since is a brand new one I did not bother to use the grease it already
all greased up put in as far as you can turn that so
that it lines up OK and then you go apply
current by the way if you don’t have a battery pack going to this way you can go ahead just plug that in the
to the wiring harness in your door can use your you key on use
you switch to go ahead and power back and forth but the just as easy that way but the
stop back in use your linesman’s pliers to bend that up a little bit and I’ll
probably take a hammer if I had a hammer (singing) that’s my Ted’s hammer from Chicago Illinois I’ve had it for twenty years great hammer
they’re out of business but a great hammer and you’re good, you’re ready to go now that was easy one now I’ll show you
what happens when you take yours out because it might not be quite so easy if the metal cable doesn’t want to give way you going to need to somehow pull it out either you spray some lube into the cable some silicon you may need to
remove the three screws that hold the motor to the
regulator you might need a pair of pliers to pull it out, once in
a blue moon we went into a situation we could not get it out in which you have to replace
regulator now and next up I’m gonna show you how
to get the see that’s a little bit of sili con right there
now watch this take a pair of Pliers and see if you can
pull that cable out you can twist a
back-and-forth you can pull it out theres a lot of ways to do this sometimes it comes
right out lifetimes it doesn’t sometimes you can as they did on the workbench you can use
the power from the car or a couple wires to pull it out but this was really a
difficult one to you know I did finally get out I’m not sure if you will see that here and but you gotta believe me. the motors
don’t usually go the motors are reliable usually not the problem on these still won’t come out what next maybe put the motor back on and try to
use the power from the motor you get it back on

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  1. Hi how are you?  Your comprehensive video assisted me greatly today as I just replaced my Lift plate assembly and cable into my Jeeps rear left side passenger window regulator.  All is now well.  Thanks again.  Paul Smith, Western Australia

  2. $5 off at checkout by using the code TUBE at  Thanks, Scott

  3. I looked for a replacement cable or regulator assembly on your website but can't find one for an 07 liberty. do you carry one?

  4. I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty and when I roll down my window a cable is coming up in between the window and the panel is this the fix for that?

  5. Hi Scott,

    Those are
    some pretty nifty solutions you have there well done…

    I had a
    slightly different problem myself recently, it was the window regulator , but
    the inconvenience is still the same. I have since developed my own

    See link

    let me know what you think and if you like it please share with your friends .
    I can use all the help I can get right now…!



  6. In my 04 Jeep Liberty the wire came out inside the door. Can I just shove it back in. Or do I have to buy a new one?

  7. was looking for direction to replace side view mirror on a 2012 jeep liberty, mo luck. It says 2012 till the video comes on and its anything but. could someone please show a video for this on a 2012 jeep liberty. Thank you for you time.

  8. My daughter's 2003 liberty's passenger front door. The window is detached i cam move it up and down by hand with no resistance. Is the cable broken or other problems… the driver window and rear pass window make a thumping nose once they have been put up all the way too, it's like the window stops and motors keep trying to push it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks Dave

  9. Hello own a 2007 liberty. None of my windows will go down. What could cause this. I live in Houston it gets hot🔥🔥. Please help

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