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Republicans (Mostly) Stick By President Donald Trump | All In | MSNBC

October 11, 2019

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  1. BTW, the president has every right to investigate wrongdoing. Biden boasted about getting a Ukraine official fired. An official who was investigating his son.

  2. Love his last comment, "I think I won". Every KGOP pol who carries water for tRump is now, and forever more, a loser.

  3. I'll be casting my vote to get Ernst out of office in 2020 and her good friend Grassly in 2022.. I'm ashamed my state went for Trump last election, and have talked at least 4 family members into rethinking their political views in light of this administrations blatant cruelty and narcissistic actions.

  4. One of the democrat reps/senators should also read the whistleblower report and the transcript of the call within both chambers of Congress so that it is of public record.

    While it might not have any affect, although it should….it would be giving back some trolling medicine to Trump and his enablers.

    All the best.


  5. Constituents need to ask their congressperson 's this question: "Do you want this orange albatross rotting around your neck for the rest of your life? We the voters will remember you, remember the photographs of french women who slept with the Nazi soldiers in Vichy France after Paris was liberated. Their heads were shaved, and they were stripped and paraded in shame through the streets. History will not look kindly on those who colluded with the desecration of our constitution by Trump and Putin."

  6. You are going to find ZERO Republican politicians (who have their job) who are going to defy Twitler on anything, regardless of what it is, up to and including treason. Those seats are worth millions to them and one tweet from Agolf and they will be primaried by a cultist ready to tow the line. The battle is for the independent vote and to mobilize the key state democrats who stayed home in 16. Reality is that in a presidential election 80% of the votes don't count, it's all decided in a handful of states nobody wants to live in.

  7. At this pace by the time it reach the Senate Trump's presidency term will have Been expired. No one seem to be in a hurry to impeach this stuffed Turkey that is full of lies. Someone needs to get this Train moving much faster full speed ahead.

  8. This is not a crime, there's a new sheriff in town. And he needs to know the "lay of the land "…over here in a Russian country, What's the problem?…let him lead!

  9. Question here is are you okay with Hillary's pay to play form of government and the Sham of an investigation into it. And are you okay that Joe Biden has done the same thing. And no one wants to investigate it. Is this not the swamp that Trump promised 2 drain

  10. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". Edmund Burke was describing the U.S. Senate.

  11. moron investigating corruption is laughable considering all 3 of his kids are making millions. Ivanka's 35 chinese patents!

  12. Curbelo: Americans expect their leaders to be truthful.
    Come on, No one expects Trump to be truthful ever. We all know he lies nearly always. You either accept it or you resist it.

  13. Iff the Republican Party in America decides to stick by the president then there’s no hope whatsoever and that makes them just has bad has Trump himself

  14. Iowa Republicans need to Go To Everlasting Sleep. Their as DUMB as Nails. How can ONE STATE have so Many Criminals, So Many Corrupt Politicians , so much Racism and so much world Ignorance? Start with Some CRITICAL THINKING.

  15. Other countries are not stupid. There will be recordings of Pence, Barr, Giuliani and Trump when possible for every contact. The task now is extracting these encounters. 'Accidental Leaks' however, could be coming soon, unless of course, there is a sudden boost of aid..

  16. Notice how these corrupt media biased folks can ONLY talk about impeachment ? Why are they not concerned about quid pro Joe's extortion, "fire him in 6 hours or you don't get the money…call Obama if you don't believe me.."

  17. Glen Beck: Email Audio Proof DNC colluded with Ukraine to take down Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DNC and Liberal Media are TOAST. 😃

  18. The repugnant Republican senate control will launch an impeachment of the congress into Biden's corruption in Ukraine. Just gotta laugh at this stupid idea. HA HA HA HA

  19. We the Republican Party members & We The People (abiding ,conservatives) stand by President Trump. Unafraid charismatic, courageous best president in the USA history ever.
    Impeachment…Ain't gonna happen.
    Trump/Pence 2020 -2024!
    Four more years,… Would be great 16 more years !

  20. 'The great drought of 2019 when spines, testicles and morals evaporated from the Republican Party'

    – Actual quote from history book in 20 years

  21. MSNBC: Senior Border Patrol Agent Faces Charges of Sexually Assaulting Colleague? Say what? Has that ever happened in the White House? Just axing 😲 Support your hard working ICE AGENTS

  22. Corruption in many ways… ofcourse protecting him… The Godfather… Political Drama… it is dangerous… The Whistle blower is Hero… We thank you…

  23. Republicans who refuse to support impeachment will be un-electable in 2020 and 2022. The electorate has a long memory.

  24. Can we investigate if Trump Has Any at all remote Ties to America has he done anything good for people of America this isn't party issue rather a Moral ask yourself what Trump has done to America

  25. Carbelo you're a little late your former colleagues need to speak up right now about Donald Trump asking for help from foeign leader's help to get dirt on his political rival!

  26. Are you talking about the President Pinocchio , Mnuchin and the entire GOP that cleaned out the SS fund and the US Treasury, converted the cash to bitcoin currency and is hiding it offshore?? Sure makes sense with all the stonewalling everyone is doing. What do you think?

  27. The country is at peace, the economy is booming, people are working, and consumer confidence is at an all-time high.. so what do the Democrats do create one crisis after another after another.. Democrats gave up on the middle class and everything this country stands for.. Democrats are only interested in one thing "power"

  28. Vote Trump for 2020 to make america safe again. The Democrats are coming
    for your freedom, gun, religious rights, and your jobs. Vote Trump for
    more jobs, guns, safety, clean coals, cheaper oil, health coverage and economic prosperity or
    there will be civil war in 2020.

  29. The Republicans who support Donald Trump or in essence what the Deep state is, and what that is, is white supremacy. Neo-nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and the Republican Party are all members of the deep state. The reason they are at Deep state is that day support oppression of other races. But you don't need me to tell you that, you can see they're racist and racism is the Deep state. REALTALK

  30. It's pretty obvious if he cant be trusted on the driveway he can't be trusted in the oval room, get him out before he does unspeakable damage to the world.

  31. Here's a question… if both Donald Trump and Mike Pence get removed from office thereby making Nanci Pelosi the president, what happens in the 2020 election? Who do the Dems run against? It's not gonna be Pelosi v Warren/Sanders/Biden/etc….. is it?

  32. Every mealy mouthed so-called Republican should be asked "Okay, so that means I can call up China and ask them to investigate you, right?"

  33. Anyone who still supports Trump at this point is a treasonous coward, plain and simple, and in a year or less they’ll be claiming, as they did before Trump won the Republican nod, that they never really supported Trump.

  34. The problem with the Democrats, They want an President that keeps his mouth shut And do no work and get women to do blow jobs under an office desk, And Clinton wasn't impeached??????? And that's not corrupt? Are Erupt Ed??? Haaaa



  37. Does the GOP think all footage of their words will forever be in history? It’s not like it’s all going to go away once Trump isn’t in office. Imagine the stain you’d have trying to get a job in the future. After being a Trump lackey who shows they’re willing to straight up lie to help protect a fraud..

  38. Humm so essentially "it's difficult to speak up because Trump demands absolute loyalty and will retaliate to anyone speaking their mind"
    Isn't there something fundamentally wrong with that in a democracy??
    The GOP are mostly sellout sheep with little concern for anything but their own little temporary political success at this point. They're sacrificing a whole country's values and democratic institutions because one petty man would shout at them on Twitter. Pathetic.

  39. The same fear that has American Republicans clinging like sheep to Drumpf and all of his fear and greed led bigotries will also have them all abandoning ship together when they reach their tipping point.

  40. Classic: Stockholm syndrome. The Democrats are unlocking the cell door. But, the Republicans remain huddled at the back of the cell, too frightened to venture forward, out of the dark, and into the light of freedom. History will not remember these cowards and criminals fondly.

  41. Trump: Low Life Dems want to impeach me with no evidence! Ding-Ding Bung Bung
    Dems: We are asking for evidence now, please.
    Trump: You have to impeach me first…Ding-Ding Bung Bung

  42. so many sleazy people have infested america's political scene in modern times that there are people alive right now who have already lived through 2 impeachments and may soon witness their 3rd in their lifetime when the only other time this has happened was when dinosaurs roamed the earth and cars werent even invented

  43. GOP whatever their cover up to their conman Trump. There's nothing they can do now. It's very clear Trump admitted lots of proof and evidence. Cover up is also crime :whatever spin the GOP it doesn't work. …my predictions is GOP majority of you will go down 2020. GOP No need to serve to the American people. It's very clear you're serving your own interest. You are all liar traitor manipulators. You're president is the one impeach himself because of his dirty mouth and actions.

  44. Kind of brilliant of the Speaker to set the political Impeachment fire and let her Republican colleagues roast for two weeks on the campaign trail. There is a real down ballot fight among many in the Republican party.

  45. The question?
    WHO is above the laws of the USA?
    What representatives are following the LAWS of the constitution?

    WHO does the constitution PROTECT? LOL
    WHO does the LAWS protect? LOL

    Nevertheless, the tax payer money is funding terrorists in the USA.

  46. Senator Ernst was sitting there wiggling in her chair trying to avoid what the lady was asking her about Donald Trump

  47. The COMPLETE OBLITERATION of the GOP is the only remedy for an inept complicit self serving TREASONOUS "organization".
    Make no mistake, the GOP is NOT a political party, simply a CORRUPT "organization" bent on maintaining power at any cost. INCLUDING DEMOCRACY AND THE CONSTITUTION.

  48. Obama pumped $ Billions into Ukraine in 2014-16 and had them push the Russian collusion narrative. Of course, when you get that much money, you will do whatever your sugar daddy wants. This is the truth you won't get from the puppet MSNBC network.

  49. A Trump supporter told me that nothing is going to happen. He won't be impeached & he will easily win in 2020. Trump is a perfect saint & can do no wrong. All men are imperfect except for this one.

  50. Still no movement toward impeachment, it's just a Democrat circus performant, like Blasey Ford, Cesar Sayoc et al.

  51. The important thing to focus on here is that when Republicans do voice their discontent about the pResident's crimes, it's not in terms of ethics, morals, or even the law. It's usually concern for the fact that he's dragging them down in the polls and possibly ruining their chances of being re-elected.

    They are every bit as venal and amoral as he is.

  52. Next step of Trump is to ask from Russian and Chinese citizens to vote for American Presidential election !!!! Cause this is his only chance to reelected !!!!;

  53. Lol. Trump support has never been greater.
    Many Hillary voters are waking up.
    The rest of the TDS minded people need to get some .
    Trump will win the black vote by a landslide.

  54. The rich pedophiles covering each others backs,rough riding over the law and moralistic values, whilst the the American sheep spend money they don't have in the malls and lose heir homes to the bankers… welcome to the american "dream". God bless the rest of the world.
    btw…thanks for giving us freedom and democracy… people of Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan,Honduras,Guatemala, etc etc etc

  55. Clinton should not have been put in any trouble whatsoever because he allowed a nice female to blow his flute. It's all because of jealousy of those in the WH. They would have loved having their flutes blown. The houe is filled with no good FEUKERS, that is all…

  56. Jodie Ernst of Iowa was completely full of crap! It is her duty to stand against this ridiculous excuse for a President. So very lame.

  57. Every republican that is “sticking” with trump, should stick with him in moving their residence to the same jail that trump is moved to! Citizens that do not cooperate with evidence, and in fact block evidence, are just as guilty as trump is….they are protecting themselves from trump’s WRATH instead of protecting our free nation
    from being bamboozled AGAIN with interference from interference from other nations. WHERE IS THEIR LOYALTY TO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

  58. Nope, I think that corruption absolutely needs to be investigated and consequences merited out. Time for those who actually run things through backroom deals are exposed. If nothing happened, then nothing will be exposed. Hopefully it will be a lot cheaper than the investigation brought about by a fake dossier paid for by a political opponent that was used by a few running things in the fed gov. They never poll us – and only reason these news orgs think people are watching and believing what they say anymore as they cut videos and pretend people say things they don’t, is because people either like the local news people and leave the tv on that channel or it’s all the digital antennae picks up.

  59. Citizens only need to be loyal to this country, not a President who doesn't who doesn't have the best interests of the country at heart.

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