Republicans Pretend They Haven’t Seen Trump’s Racist Tweets: A Closer Look
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Republicans Pretend They Haven’t Seen Trump’s Racist Tweets: A Closer Look

August 24, 2019

-The president and GOP leaders
are insisting that Trump’s latest
racist comments are not, in fact, racist,
despite the fact that they are definitely
super racist. [ Light laughter ] For more on this, it’s time for
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] Trump has spent the week reeling
off a series of unhinged tweets and tirades
defending his racist attack on four Democratic
congresswomen of color, in which he told them to go back
and help fix the “totally broken
and crime-infested places” from which they came. Of course,
they’re Americans. Three of them
were born here, and the fourth is a refugee
and naturalized citizen. So, if their country
is broken and crime-infested, that’s on you. Trump accidentally… [ Cheers and applause ] Trump accidentally
burned himself. It’s like if someone said,
“Man, your parents must have really
screwed you up,” and that someone
was your mom. [ Laughter ] So, given the fact that
they’re American citizens, reporters this afternoon
followed up on Trump’s comments, and he once again
defended them. -If people want to leave
our country, they can. If they don’t want to
love our country, if they don’t want to
fight for our country, they can. I’ll never change on that. They are not espousing
the views of our country, the four congresswomen. I think that
they’ve said horrible things that the press
doesn’t cover. I think you should try
covering it. When you look at some of
the things they said, they’re unthinkable. If somebody else, or —
me, or anybody else — said things like that,
it would be historic. So, you ought to look at some of
their horrible statements, ’cause there’s never been
statements like that. -Trump’s brain disease
won’t let him backtrack, no matter how far over the line
he goes. If he said,
“I’m gonna eat this apple,” and you said,
“Dude, that’s an onion,” he would stand there
and eat the whole thing with tears
streaming down his face. [ As Trump ]
“This is a really– this is a
really good apple. [ Laughter ] “Is this a
golden delicious?” [Cheers and applause ] [ Normal voice ]
Also, those congresswomen
do love our country, as evidenced by the fact
that they’ve chosen to spend their time and energy
serving in Congress despite having to deal with
your bull[bleep] every day. I mean, if I… [ Cheers and applause ] If I had to do their jobs
for one day, I’d be like, “[Bleep] it.
I’m moving to Maine.” [ Laughter ] “I’m gonna open up one of
those trendy furniture stores that sells tree stump
coffee tables.” I mean, all I do
is make fun of you, and I’m exhausted. This is what I looked like when the Trump
administration started. [ Laughter ] I mean, who needs — Who needs FaceApp when you have
Trump for a president? [ Laughter ] Also, you’re accusing them
of saying horrible things about our country? You spent the eight years
of the Obama administration and the 2016 campaign
constantly lying and trash-talking
the country. -The U.S. has become
a dumping ground for everybody
else’s problems. We’re like a dumping ground
for the world. We’re a dumping ground. The United States
is becoming a dumping ground. We used to be at the top. Now, we’re like
a third-world country. We’re like
a third-world country. We’re becoming
a third-world country because of our
infrastructure — our airports, our roads,
everything. The whole world is looking at
us, and laughing at us. The world is
laughing at us. They’re laughing at the
stupidity of our president. [ Laughter ] Well… Well, I’m glad that’s over. [ Cheers and applause ] So, Trump called America
a “dumping ground,” a “third-world country,”
and a “laughingstock.” I’d tell him to go back to
where he came from, but I’m pretty sure
he just appeared after a bunch of teens
played with a ouija board they found in the woods. Of course,
since it summoned Trump, the word “ouija”
was probably misspelled. [ Laughter ] So, Trump mounted
a racist attack on four Democratic
congresswomen of color, and then defended that attack
with lies about the congresswomen
he was attacking — which, of course,
gave Republicans a chance to courageously stand up
to the president by pulling
their favorite move — pretending they haven’t
heard about it, and desperately waiting for
the elevator doors to close. Here’s one senator trying out an especially
unconvincing response. -You saw the president’s tweets
this weekend. -Actually,
I was out of town. -Oh! Well, actually — Actually, twitter has
a new feature where you can even read
the tweets out of town. [Laughter] The way it works is
the [bleep] same. [ Light laughter ] Anyway, go on. -Well, he said that
these progressive congresswomen should go back
to their countries. I’m wondering what your reaction
is to that. -I’m working hard as I can
on reducing healthcare costs. I’m not giving
a daily commentary of the president’s tweets. -But these are, you know,
racist tweets. Do you have any concerns
about it? -The president said that
these minority congresswomen should go back to
their countries. Do you have a response? -I haven’t read that,
but I’ll go check it out. -Okay. -Man, what would Republicans
in Congress do if the Capitol
didn’t have elevators? [ Laughter ] They’d have to
carry around houseplants just so they could
hide behind them. “What do you think of
the president’s tweets?” “I’m sorry,
I haven’t seen them. Now, if you’ll
excuse me, I…” [ Laughter, cheers,
and applause ] “Is he gone?” [ Laughter ] Also, I’m sorry,
but can we please retire this “I haven’t seen
the tweet” excuse? No one believes you. In fact, this excuse
is getting so absurd that Trump’s acting director
of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services,
Ken Cuccinelli, tried it on CNN
literally right after an anchor read the tweet on air. -The president sent this out
yesterday at 8:00 a.m. “So interesting to see
progressive Democratic congresswomen who originally
came from countries whose governments are a complete
and total catastrophe — the worst, most corrupt, and
inept anywhere in the world — if they even have a functioning
government at all — now loudly and viciously telling
the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful
nation on Earth, how our government
is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help
fix the totally broken and crime-infested places
from which they came?” What did you think
of that tweet? -Well, I didn’t see
that tweet, actually. I can hear what
you’re reading. -Yeah, you ca–
You just heard it. She just read it to you. Republicans are like
your friends who haven’t seen a TV show
trying to avoid spoilers while they’re watching
the show. “No, no, no.
Don’t give it away!” Seriously, the only way you can
support Trump without lying, at this point, is if you have
the part of your brain that’s responsible
for memory replaced with the brain
of a goldfish. “I hadn’t seen the tweet.” “I just showed you
the tweet.” “What tweet?”
“The president’s tweet.” “Sorry, one sec.
I got eat these food flakes.” [ Laughter and applause ] By the way,
just to give you an idea of how fully and completely Republicans have debased
themselves in service of Trump, that same guy,
Ken Cuccinelli, staged a floor fight at the 2016
Republican National Convention to change the convention rules,
and even made a big show of dramatically throwing
his credentials on the floor. And after that happened,
Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., slammed Cuccinelli,
and called him an “idiot.” -I have the same group of
four people running around. They wait for a camera
to show up, and then, they take
their credentials, and tried to dramatically
throw them on the floor. They look like idiots. -You’re talking about
Ken Cuccinelli. Are you calling him
an idiot? I’m saying these people
look like idiots when they’re doing that.
-Imagine — Imagine how pathetic
you have to be to take a job in
the Trump administration after Donald Trump Jr.
called you an idiot. Donald Trump Jr. This is a guy who doesn’t even
know how to stand like a normal
human being. I mean, look at him. He always looks like
he’s waiting for someone to pin a medal
on his chest. “My father said I was getting
an award for most oily.” [ Laughter ] What all this is exposing,
once again, is the rot of intellectual
bad faith within the GOP. For years,
they claimed that, when they criticized
President Obama, they were just
upholding the Constitution, and they complained they were being unfairly
maligned as racists. And to prove that
they would be consistent, they said they would also stand
up to a Republican president. For example, according to
a new book out this week, then-Republican Congressman
Mick Mulvaney, who is now Trump’s
acting chief of staff, said back in 2016,
“We’re not going to let Trump dismantle the
Bill of Rights. For five and a half years,
every time we got to the floor, and tried to push back against
an over-reaching president, we get accused of being partisan
at best, and racist at worst. When we do it against
a Republican president, maybe people will see
it was a principled objection in the first place.” Well, they didn’t,
because it wasn’t. Republicans are literally
hiding in elevators to avoid
criticizing Trump. If you get in an elevator
with a Republican Senator, be careful, because they might
hit every button. [ Laughter ] “Sorry, just need
a couple minutes. Hey, can you show me
how to open Twitter? No, no,
not the regular one. Travel Twitter. Oh. Oh, God, man,
it has been a day. It has been —
Oh, it has been…” [ Cheers and applause ] The last few days have exposed
once again that the eight years Republicans spent
criticizing Obama weren’t actually about
principled objections. The same guys who said
they’d stand up to Trump are now working for him,
or hiding in elevators to avoid criticizing
the racism and corruption and… -Stupidity of our president. -This has been
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

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