Republicans Think White People Face As Much Racism As Black People
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Republicans Think White People Face As Much Racism As Black People

December 30, 2019

Recently new research published in the journal
nature human behavior found out that Republicans here in the United States believe that white
people suffer from racism just as much as black people in this country. Here’s what the study found. White people and Republicans were found to
underestimate the amount of discrimination black people experienced. Republicans also tended to think that black
and white people face prejudice in more equal amounts than evidence suggests. That’s pretty obvious, right? We have had white Republicans in this country
for years now screaming reverse racism. Affirmative action is racist again against
white people. White people are going to become the new minority. And we hear that, and it’s not true. And this research proves that. Yeah, that’s not a thing that’s happening,
white Republicans. But there is something for the Democrats that’s
also not all that great, it said black people in Democrats tend to overestimate the racial
bias that blacks face. But at a level more in line with what data
suggests is the truth. So by a slim margin, Democrats and black people,
uh, think they’re more oppressed or prejudiced than they actually are. But that’s a very slim margin, right? They’re still overly prejudiced against here
in this country. They experienced racism, the likes of which
white people have never experienced in this country, and it’s ridiculous for these white
Republicans to go out there and say these silly talking points that, Oh yeah, white
people are just as oppressed and here’s the reason. The study looked into it a little bit deeper. They found that there is this theme typically
from the outright that whites are being replaced, the great replacement, is what they call it,
Tucker Carlson’s out there pushing it, saying that, Oh yeah, immigrants come in, they make
us dirty, or the whole country gets dirtier. They take your jobs, they take your benefits,
they take all of these things that you were supposed to have white people and now it belongs
to somebody who’s not white. Your being oppressed, you’re being discriminated
against, and as this study points out, it’s absolutely not true. Now, sure, there are instances of white people
being discriminated against in this country. Absolutely it exists, but nowhere near the
level that any other race in this country experiences. But among those on the right, the white Republicans
that this study talks about, they have this victim complex. They think that they experience it just as
bad as everyone else. Doesn’t matter that the data doesn’t back
it up. Doesn’t matter that they can’t actually provide
examples of it happening. They still think that it’s something that’s
real. This is a massively important study because
it lets us look into the mind, a little bit of Republican voters and understand why they
think the way they do. We know that racism drove a lot of people
to vote for Donald Trump. Some of it was overt racism. Some of it was just inherent racism that people
didn’t even realize they had. Just like in this study, not everybody who
says whites are prejudice just as much as blacks are is a racist. They just have a skewed vision. Yes, that is a racist trope that they’re holding
onto, but that doesn’t mean that they hate the other side. It just means that they are misinformed. It’s up to us to inform them. It’s up to us to explain to them that that’s
not how it happens. Show them the data, let them understand what’s
really happening in this country. And some of them, not all, probably not even
most, but some of them may come to their senses and understand that white people in America
have always had it pretty good.

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  1. The only racism white people get may be a rare or occasional run in with a racist citizen. Depending. Yet, I don't see as many racist attacks from non white hate groups like the maaaaaaany that I have seen with White Supremacists of any group. Plus there's the thing where Police officers will do anything to bring in an armed white person alive even if that armed person is shooting at them, but seem to be trigger happy, depending on state and town/city, towards unarmed black people or someone like Philando Castile, who was a legal gun owner in an open carry state who was mercilessly shot to death because he thought it was his civic duty to tell the officers that he was a legal gun owner. Then there's the voters rights being taken away from non whites by Republican politicians just so those politicians can have a better chance at winning even though winning shouldn't be the point of the position especially if you plan to do nothing for your constituents, looking at you, Mitch and Lindsay.

  2. Many people fear the migrants and many white people fear black people. They fear they take their jobs, they fear the crimes which follow the migration and they fear they cannot protect themself if some kind of gun control is introduced. And fear makes people do bad things and Trump exploits it. If Bernie ignores that fear and just downplay it and cannot come up with a trustworthy policy to handle the endless migration. I fear he will lose.

  3. Well I'm a white man and we sure didn't have these Conversations when Obama was president and furthermore it just tells me what we have now running this country.

  4. Now that I've stopped laughing I can say that after reflection I believe this idea comes from a lack of education. Also the racism people of color feel cannot be quantified in a study because the experience comes from attitudes & demeanor. I have also witnessed & experienced whites FEELING intimidated when it didn't seem appropriate. But I think the more we communicate the better things will get. Sometimes America seems like a bad marriage…. in which one partner is satisfied & the other is suffering.

  5. Yeah, right. The poor mistreated white people.
    They can't go shopping, eat out, walk on the street, engage in social activities, be working, or stopping at a traffic light. Without being harassed by blacks demanding where they are going. Being told to identify themselves. Or having the law officers call on them.
    Give me a break.
    Yeah, America.
    Land of the Free.

  6. I don't know about'more', but saying stupid shit like "black lives matter" when more white people are killed by cops every year than black people, you are putting racism where it doesn't exist, and ignoring the real problem. Out of control cops with no repercussions…

  7. I am White, Female, Physically Disabled, Strong Minded & I can say with certainty, I continue to be discriminated against, retaliated against, hated, abused, oppressed, denied financial stability (as no one hires you with absentee propensities), etc., due to my combined person, BY other Whites due to what they accept as disabilities, yes I said Whites, my Special Ed child is experiencing the same in DG School Dist. 58 as they do not follow IEP. Even SSA will not make accommodations in their policies under Special Circumstances & would rather see someone homeless in order to receive Full SSI instead of assisting prior to that point. I can say I DO know what Rosa Parks was up against & I love what she stood for & stood up for!!!
    But we know how bad the Republicans are & how dishonest they are!!!

  8. If racism isn´t an issue and minorities are just whining about nothing then how come white americans are terrified of becoming a minority?

  9. Republicans have always been delusional. Being racist is the code for them. They no nothing about people of color. Instead they judge people of color through stereotypes and their policies are based upon those stereotypes. . They're scared to death about becoming a minority in the future because of the things they know that they did and still do will come right back on them.

  10. I had a Mexican coworker that told me many times that he hates Mexicans, and, even now, I wonder where he was going with it. I think he figured that I was racist. On the other side, there is a white guy that lives close to me, that I just let me know that he was racist towards Mexicans. I guess he also figured that I was racist and assumed that I agreed with him 🤨

  11. It's quite the scam the GOP have set up, ain't it? They tell their voters, "You're being repressed!" Then said voters vote against their own interests for the GOP when those same GOP then reveal their real platform: Endlessly handing over more wealth, power, and control to the corporations and elite.

  12. Just like how even though there's a Christian Church every mile or so in this country, Christian's are oppressed because the government buildings don't have the ten commandments or nativity scenes in public parks.

  13. Republicans are all hypocrites, narcissists and idiots now… Trump helped them legitimize their victim mentalities…White people have never been oppressed… Historically we’ve been the ones oppressing other ethnicities…

  14. I despise racism however, these days I have to admit, I have had a lot of racist remarks made to me for being white and I hardly ever hear other white people make negative comments about people of colour, mainly cause I mix with good people. I think racism exists from both sides. The priveledged republicans however, amplify this negativity to keep all of us working class people attacking each other. It is something we all need to work on and those Republican Senators are the ones we should be taking on and removing. We all need to stand in unity.

  15. Boy does it suck to be an oppressed white person. I'm so very glad to be a very mixed minority. We are the new kings and queens of America…. no really….. nothing?…….just a pipe dream?…..

  16. With the exception of republican legislators and racists a person that is usually qualified to do the job gets the job not just because they are white and share thier ideology

  17. If you want to talk about racism, specifically of the system variety, white people face more by far in America. Name me a system that objectively says "Black people will have X disadvantage." Show me a business, educational institution, Grant or scholarship, or anything of the sort that is white only and completely socially acceptable. It chafes the progressive mindset I know, but black Americans are a protected class at this point.

  18. LOL😆😁😂🤣😃😄😅 this is about as true as a unicorn exist 🦄 I've actually stepped in and stop somebody from being racist! People in this country are really fucked up! A person is a human being it doesn't matter what color, religion, sex orientation, or anything else, we are people! My dad always taught me to treat people like you want to be treated! You Republicans want to be treated like shit? You're treating people like shit, so be it! I dubbed thee Republicans piles of shit! And Trump is a biggest pile!

  19. These alternative reality white folks and racist are literally losing their already strange minds now that the same folks they hate are growing PER GODS PLAN. Karma is real and Demographics is happening for a reason.

  20. As .a white female I can say this is bs!!! I have never been afraid of black people coming with crosses and burning down my house in the middle of the night or lynched hanging from a tree. Just to mention a couple of racist hateful shit. We ALL know who the racist are.

  21. Everyone wants equality yet fyi it doesn't matter what race sex creed color or sexuality it boils down to 40 pounds of gold doesn't equal 20 pounds of silver and 20 pounds of affirmative action or 20 pounds of special anything. Anyone who wants equality prove it without your special help

  22. Everyone one hear screaming about Republicans as racists are leaving out an entire political party.

    They're are racists on both sides.
    Most republicans are just open about it.
    Don't be fooled… It's there and not just in the south. That is also a ridiculous thought.

  23. Only people who can go to heaven are real people to conservatives. White Christian conservatives consider their religion White. White Christian conservatives don't expect to be seeing any blacks or Jews in heaven. It's one of the things they can't say out loud because they know they have to lie.

  24. Some times when an entire society wants to become equal with equal opportunity in America, the people on top need to step down in order for true equality. I guess it could feel like oppression, to bad most did not earn their place.

  25. In urban areas whites most certainly do which is why they move away to the suburbs and rural areas to get away from the discrimination and crime.

  26. Republicans really are the worst breed of human beings. They lie, deceive and hate purposely just like the devil himself with no shame whatsoever.. Funny you dont hear the kkk all that much anymore and that's because they changed the name to republicans, smh.. They aren't fooling nobody but themselves with that bs.

  27. The problem with saying that Black people OVER estimate racism, is that how do you actually measure that? Racism is endemic and infectious. And also has about as much to do with hate and rape has to do with sex. So how do you prove that a person who is perpetuation racism if to them it doesn’t exist because they themselves don’t hate black people? That’s the problem

  28. White people have no idea, they have never been subjected to racism, but just wait until the script is flipped, they will get their turn.

  29. Democrats may have their issues when it comes to race, and they do at time overuse the claim of racism, put that's the party not the people. But it is in no way even remotely comparable to what republicans do as a matter of policy and intent. They see equality as a form of white oppression.

  30. Republicans all need to be neutered so their racism, stupidity, bigotry, and ignorance stop corrupting the human genome.

  31. they do you stupid ass have you heard of the anti white movement recently in the past couple years? fucking democrats always ignorant as fuck.

  32. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ anblivbol !!! every time you think the Republican can't do anything that will surprise us they finding something new , I don't know how to make sense of this stupidity we living in different world for them serially

  33. to b fair… when i worked at the bar, anytime they had a comedy night & some1 got up on stage that was black, their WHOLE skit would b nothin but them doggin on white ppl. & it really wasn't even that funny… if a white person tried that, there'd b all kindsa hell to pay. 😳

  34. for real tho… white ppl are the ONLY race that can have racism freely thrown at them & there's nothing they can do, OR say about it… 🤷‍♀️ why is that? 🤔 – like when i was the only white girl working at White Castle… they all called me "Cinderella" & they'd always b like "go get your friend & sweep the floor." (friend, meaning "the broom"🙄) i was only 17 at the time & it actually kinda DID kinda hurt my feelings. 🥺 … kinda…

  35. Politicians and the media NEVER mention 1 thing! "Caucasian unemployment rate", they always mention black unemployment and Hispanic unemployment. I'm sure the numbers are staggering,

  36. It’s funny how they only focus on the blacks and whites and totally forget about Asians, Hispanics and everyone else. Who’d have thought that this country is made up of many nationalities, not just black and white. Come on folks, don’t you think it’s time you acknowledge the rest of us?

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!

  38. Shall we look into the data of interracial crime? Do you think those statistics support your narrative, wokebro?

    It's videos like this that have helped me transform from a "colorblind" liberal/progressive into a white identitarian.

  39. Christians feel they are oppressed by other religions and people who are different from them. Most nutjob Christians happen to be republicans. Funny that.

  40. I find when I am in a black neighborhood people are very suspicious of me. With what I have heard, seen and experienced in the last 50 years of my life I don't blame them. It doesn't matter what I do to go against obvious and hidden racism doesn't make a dent. I pray it helps the person/people against the idiots of hatred: KKK, White Supremacists that I do this for, and I'm sorry I don't know if what other names they go by. I know the rampant hatred isn't only the blacks, it's the different groups of Asians, all Native Americans (which in truth the Latinos are. The Spaniards had sex with the Aztecs. They choose to call themselves Mexicans, Latinos.) All sorts of different from white people are abused by racism. My grandchildren the oldest is confused with Mexican down south and American Indian up north and the other 3 as American Indian, yet youngest grandson from my daughter can be white, even, tanning. My daughter, her husband, and oldest granddaughter are racist. I didn't raise her this was and have been disappointed for a long time. I adopted a granddaughter from across the street, not legal, but in our hearts. She has 5 kids of her own and fostering her nephew. I love that the Federal government the law that Native children are to be kept with family or someone within the tribe. Whites had stolen Native children since the mid-1800's to 1970's. We have to keep their bloodlines strong.

  41. The racism they’re talking about is when people fight against white supremist racism. If you object, you’re racist! GOP = Confederacy.

  42. Are whites allowed to say they have white pride? Are whites allowed to have advocacy comities? If whites being replaced by non-whites is a conspiracy theory why do all the Jewish media outlets brag about it? If non-whites are treated so bad by whites, why do they flock to all white countries risking life and limb?

  43. So who is being racist against white conservative republicans? That own, control and operate the country.
    Also how is anyone non-Black going to really, really know and understand the full throttle of racism that Black Americans have and do live with and live through? They Can't.

  44. Some white people don't want to understand anything about us. You can't force it on someone, who doesn't care or want to listen.


  46. Weirdest thing, too.. my republican friends keep complaining that everything is called racist these days. I've never once been called racist. Wonder what the deal is.

  47. Black people often pretend they face as much racism as back when there was slavery.
    I am not saying racism doesnt exist but overblowing it does nothing. There is also racism toward white people by black people and the excuse is oh well we went through slavery 100 years ago.
    That is not okay either.

  48. White people face more racism it's true. I'm black female and I was adopted by white people and my friends are white and my boyfriend's have all been white THIS IS TRUE!!!. White people get blamed for everything and no one talks about it I've seen black people talk bad about white people and no one calls them out

  49. Most Americans know that the Republikkklan party represents the white supremacists, neo nazi's, skinheads, kkk, Russians, biker trash, Gunpublikkklans, Republirussians, Hatepublikkklans, nascar, chewing tobacco, Confederate flag waving traitors and fake Christians.

  50. There’s a whole load of info here that proves racism against black people is massive. A useful tool to share with racism deniers…

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