Resin Cast Shelf EP-2, Preparing the Main Shelf Frame for the Mold

October 10, 2019

Hi everybody, Sawadeecrap In this episode of my Creative Thoughts series we are going to prepare the shelf main frame for resin cast and build its mold Before jump into it allow me please to remind you to subscribe to my channel and ring the bell for future videos notification and now, without any further ado Let’s to build some, Let’s to have fun with! I’m going to remove clamps from our shelf main frame that we built in the last video, here the link After 24 hours the glue is set and cured, the concept is very simple we are going to cast resin into spaces between bloks I’m going to sand the piece with my belt sander with a 60 grid paper I turn the piece to its lower side trying to remove all glue leftover With a 80 grid paper I switch to my orbital sander to finish the piece One last sanding to all shelf sides with my multifunction tool and here we are, the piece is ready to the final very important step Seeling the edges This is the most important step of all the process I’m stiring my epoxy for 2 minutes about and I begin to apply a generous coat to all the edges Thake your time, do it properly! Because again, this is a very, very important step to avoid disaster later on and when I say disaster later on I mean this! I didnt have any resin left I was waiting for a new online order to arrive to speed up the process I decided to do not seel the edges and here how I ended up after casting air pokets inside the wood fibers kept realize air No matter I tried to blow with my torch bubbles kept forming the piece was totally ruined, I totally scruw up! however I learned an important lesson ALWAYS SEEL YOUR PIECE EDGED before cast A couple of resin layers are better than one after that you can be sure that air bubbles wont be a problem anymore Keep your time, seel all the edges properly with at list one epoxy layer If you dont know the wood quality that you are working with its hardness, porosity, etc. Apply one resin layer to all edges for a second layer you dont have to wait 24 hours resin fully cured, apply the first layer wait 4, 5 hours when the epoxy is still tacky apply the second layer to all the edges like that you wont end up scruwing up your work as I did air bubbles keep forming no matter what wont be a problem anymore I’m applying a second epoxy layer to all the edges just in case and now the shelf main frame is finally done let it cure for 24 hours at list and, in the next video, we are going to build the mold

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