Revealed: The Strongest Case For Impeaching Trump Is Bribery | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Revealed: The Strongest Case For Impeaching Trump Is Bribery | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

October 26, 2019

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  1. Ari, your attempt to describe accepting a bribe by using the example of a briefcase full of money was noble,. It was also way too cerebral for the typical tRump supporting, tRump Kool-Aid drinking, MAGA lemming. Next time dumb it down to the level that a genetically inbreed, arsenic drinking, snake handling, evangelical Christian could comprehend.

  2. Really? Bribery!?
    Three years of throwing rocks at Trump. Now, trying bribery.
    What is the next fantasy? Parking tickets?

  3. So is trump running out of liars and traitors to America? Now they want to start an investigation against the investigators? How stupid is this? How desperate is this fool that LOST the election in 2016? He's now trying to use other countries to interfere with our upcoming election? AGAIN? It's against the law to do so! Bribery, Extortion? These ARE against the law trumptrash!

  4. And we haven't gotten into Trump laundering money for Russian oligarchs and mafia yet. That should be juicy. Trump may go down as the first president
    to be convicted for treason. Treason carries a possible death sentence.

  5. bribery he bribed the court house to lie saying nothing happened he lied every time having a stupid look on his face he bribed probably all republicans who worked with him to lie

  6. Who is watching MSNBC. Nbc cant tell the truth about much. Lauer and Wienstein get coverage. They ignore Bidens corruption and on and on!

  7. Parnas & Fruman cases are the gold mine. Dig it baby, Dig it! 🔨🔎📖📚📕🔬💲💵🏦📂💲🏧💰💲💰🔬✈📬💻📂📒💽📲💬📞🎥📩☁📑🔬💰💲🔨🔎

  8. Enough fruitless blabber. Just impeach Trump Right Now and get it over with. He’s not getting better, Trump is getting worse every single day. Look, our Kurdish allies are all ready getting massacred. What is wrong with the Republicans that they don’t care about that? What is the matter with that large minority of crazy DB’s?

  9. The next time the small town people have another bright idea like this mess, just ignore them. Walk very quickly away.

  10. They have a full list of A team lawyers.

    I don't think the problem is how to phrase their impeachment argument.

    They're trying to make under the table deals. Sigh…….

  11. How much money did Ukraine give Trump, outside of Ari's imagination? Oh! And Ari wants to fabricate a campaign contribution too. And all for wanting to investigate Democrat corruption in Ukraine. And the likes of Biden, Hillary, Podesta, Pelosi and John Kerry! … Lots of birds in that pie, for sure

  12. Obstruction, abuse of power, failure to honor his oath of office, and extortion, and that doesn't include half a dozen charges the SDNY can bring once The Chosen One, with great and unmatched wisdom is removed from office.

  13. Looking for corruption is what trump said…hey Trump look in a mirror because the mirror you look in is full of corruption

  14. USA is extremely criminal and corrupt Country, and Donald Trump, he is a perfect President! Trump, he is a DNA of US-Congress!!!

  15. Treason, embezzling, extortion, witness tampering, lying under oath, tax fraud, subversive anti-American activities, inciting violence, the list goes on.

  16. None of these allegations have any evidence to support them. Democrats are liars. The people are behind Trump. Take note I didn't say sheeple.


  18. America lost in syria America sell kurdish people America lost power in world no one beliv you any more astala vista America

  19. So Trump should be impeached for investigating corruption. While Biden who is on tape admitting to the corruption is just fine running for and becoming president. Fake news by fake journalists.

  20. Impeach Donald Trump!

    Donald Trump is a Narcissist and he is insane.

    Donald Trump has gone against the Constitution and has done perjury. 😕👎

    These are the facts and the truth.

  21. "there doesn't need to be a crime to impeach.
    its about restoring the integrity of the institution"

    pushing the impeachment of clinton

  22. Trump didn't exactly bribe Ukraine (or accept a bribe from them): he blackmailed them. He didn't say "I'll give you this if you give me that"; he said (in effect) "If you don't give me that, I won't give you this."

    It's still a quid pro quo, but technically bribery and blackmail (extortion) are two distinct crimes.

  23. Please stop using rap lyrics to justify your position. You sound like an out of touch dad trying to convince your kids to do chores

  24. Trump 2020 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Apparently the Republicans on these committees haven’t found anything yet that can defend Trump… so they want to make a spectacle reality show for Donald before he's EXIT!

  26. Demo c rats are desperate. Now this is impeachmable No no this is impeachable. Well… maybe this will be impeachable…bonk! None of it is impeachable. Lies lies and more lies. Losers!!!

  27. What's up with the rap quotes idea lol rick ross come on man, hip-hop is different and rick rock is correction officer, his record cleaner than trump's record lol trump had sold more dope than ross. that's a fact by the way trump needs to be impeached and removed. he is luck it is Not the 13th century, they would of stoned his fatass 😆im dead lmfaooooooo

  28. The Constitution says – "A president SHALL be removed from office for treason, bribery," ect. So those two alone should have him REMOVED! But corrupt GOP Senators won't follow the Constitution.

  29. The Republican party is compromised and can no longer be trusted to make decisions in the best interest of the USA. Volunteer with your local Democratic groups and generate votes to fire all GOP. No apologies.

  30. How about treason. Why do we keep leaving treason out. Isn’t that an impeachable offense?. Just impeach him on treason treason should be enough don’t you think. We look like children dancing around the subject he’s a traitor he’s working for the Russians he’s working for Putin that’s treason don’t you think? Is this how this empire falls,,,a plan hatched by a former KGB agent?

  31. This is beyond hard to believe, about how one wobbly filthy discusting perverted so call Man could sit in the highest Office in this good ole USA.

  32. Is anyone else watching less and less video coverage of President Trump big President Trump I find myself watching lesson left until something really big happens I'm sick of it I'm done

  33. Any Judges ruling will open the door to a fast appeal to the Supreme Court, and then the Judiciary is going to determine the Constitutional meaning of the "House" having sole power to impeach a president. If Nancy the House or is Adam the House or is only the full Membership by a Floor Vote the power to impeach , including any inquiry being initiated only by the whole House. So this matter is going to the Supreme Court and it will occur that Nancy will be rejected as any sort of substitute for the House , because House is a collective and possessive noun. So committee can substitute for the House , no matter if the committee is some sectional matter of the HOuse, it is not the House in theory.

  34. Freedom of Discovery is required for Justice to exist in the world . If you use a Shield Law making a candidate for office immune to any discovery of his past crimes, you are not defending Justice, by refusing Discovery, you are promoting shielded crime syndicates.

  35. Put this pig on trial! Let the Senate whitewash this cesspool of filth in front of the citizens of the USA on live tv. That way the Russ-Publi-KKKants don't get to hide behind their propaganda machine Faux News. Lap-dog Lindsey and Moscow Mitch need to have their feathers plucked in the open air of an impeachment hearing. Let's watch them dance around that cesspool of filth and lies.

    These are the same people that tried to end all investigations into Epstein. Remember that sick SOB? He did hold a party for Cadet Bone-Spurs… with 28 UNDERAGED GIRLS? Just Tiny Hands and the human trafficker? But, hey! Clinton had an affair! Impeach? Really shows us who the real monsters are.

  36. The Democrats in Congress to make their case for Presidential Impeachment Inquiry as "airtight as possible" does not mean that they will openly show their political hand to the Republicans or the President! Which is why they are shooting for as wide a possible gambit as they can and when all the evidence is collected and all the depositions are finally done, the Democrats will vote to pursue an "impeachment proceeding" against President Bullshitticus Trump and nail him down with the absolute tightly focused evidence and testimony to fully Impeach Donald J. Trump for bribery as the first count on their indictment that will include other counts of criminality! Until such time as the Democrats are ready, they will continue to pursue every option open to them in listing the plurality of crimes committed by this Presidency and its cabinet members!

  37. A great example of a perfect crook. The gop has the best. There is no illusion of 'no collusion'. The truth is that this president is not a president. It's a kitsch c*nt.

  38. Trump is unfit, 4 more years of this is absolutely not anything I want to witness . We can do much better . He's unfit to be a politician seriously . Always the smartest man in the room to hear him tell it . An embarrassment for our country .

  39. They need to impeach before Thanksgiving, so the trial can be done by Christmas, and removed from office by New Year's Day.

  40. Trumps Art of the Deal is really extortion and bribery. He won the presidency because " The art of the deal" would give workers more jobs. I think this should be used for articles of impeachment. I bet bribery is even listed in his book.

  41. It is so strange that noone has yet mentioned another two sentences in that phone call transcript, that are a moment of a LITERAL mention of a transaction by Trump and a demand for an exchange of goods – at one point during the call, the then desperate Zelensky tries to flatter Donald into giving him those javelin missiles, and says that "Trump has done so much for Ukraine", at which point Trump literally answers with: "I have, but you have not RECIPROCATED", or "it has not been reciprocated". To "reciprocate" means that when one side gives something of value, the other side gives something of equal or similar value in return. Moments later, Trump starts naming Burisma and the Bidens, and how he wants them investigated. That is a much clearer linguistical proof of quidproquo then the word "though", and it clearly shows that Trump wants something in return for the help he is withholding, and if Zelensky wants it released, he must RECIPROCATE with opening the Biden investigation. Trump then proceeds to name what it is exactly that he wants in return – symbolically, Biden's head in the election. You literally cannot get it any clearer, especially because I strongly presume that the only reason Trump didn't actually use the word "quidproquo" during that call is because he's never heard of it yet.

  42. Bribery is the ticket. He promised what was allocated for Ukraine, and sweetened the amount by
    a large amount, which also made it a felony theft of tax dollars, which he should never have tried
    to use in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Please remove this frightening, horrifying, remorseless,
    and terrifyingly amoral THING before 2020. It is the only chance for the U.S.A. to survive.

  43. Time for the FBI TO RAID MSNBC AND COLLECT EMAILS, Texts and files…and comb through them to they find something….

  44. If the administration decides to not resign and fight the articles of impeachment from the house it can turn for the worst for the president and morf into a criminal case for which he could face criminal charges later

  45. A thing for thing literally is: enim res est. You probably meant (something for something) quid pro quo. IE: a bribe.

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