Revealed: What Robert Mueller Will Say In Blockbuster Hearing | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Revealed: What Robert Mueller Will Say In Blockbuster Hearing | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

August 26, 2019

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  1. Just one question Mr Mueller. Weren't you trying to prove that President Trump was not presumed innocent, by searching for something he was guilty of?

  2. How can you “assume” to know what Mr. Mueller will say? To “ assume” makes an
    “ a.. “ out of “ u & me”. Let Mr. Mueller speak for himself. He has always been an honorable man. God bless him for his many years of service to our country.

  3. i would love to see mueller go in there sit down, swear in, and then just say " im retired now, not bound by DOJ policy or any other nonsense, im going to for once in my life give my full opinion" then he just lets loose every fact in his report on trump crimes. that would just make my day next week.

  4. Mueller has got to bring his 'A' Game on the 17th ie: Explanations & Answers in a language that everyone can understand…No Lawyer talk 🗣

  5. I don't know what ppl think this guy is going to say. He has proven no hack of the DNC by the Russian Govt or a link between Wikileaks and the Russian gov. He didn't even want to speak with Assange, He has shown no link from the troll farm to the Russian govt either, other than the guy who owns it knows Putin. In fact the whole spend from this troll farm before the election was a grand total of $47 000 certainly a lot less than the political parties who spent tens of millions and considering many weren't even political.

  6. Tell me Mr. Mueller, when did you first become aware that the Russia investigation was a hoax, you know, like "there's no there, there," when did you first know that?

  7. Will he tell absolute facts or obfuscate his testimony? From the clips you show it seems he is more intent on intentionally being unclear or unintelligible. If he is such a straight and honest person he should be clear and precise. That I did not see in the clips you show in this video. Instead he was being unclear and clearly circumvented every answer. I don't think much will be learned from his testimony. I don't see him as a honest, clear and precise person. I wouldn't hire him in my business.

  8. Mueller is about to be exposed as a democratic corruption FIXER.
    Trust me, he didn't resign because he's tired of working.
    He resigned due to embarrassment.

  9. The Trump Administration has so much hate surrounding it. Enabling much more hate amongst Americans, Extremists, and the enemies they create.
    You know what else doesnt change? BERNIE SANDERS! He has been consistent while fighting for the struggling American since 1963. The same consistency MSNBC is applauding right here while criticizing Bernie for it.
    * BERNIE SANDERS 2020 *
    Bernie & Civil Rights in Chicago – Arrested in 1963 –
    I Know Where I Came From –
    Lordstown Tough –

  10. This is where the congress has to be tough. I believe Mueller to be honorable, but if he testifies in this way, congress needs to make it clear that what he thinks is appropriate does not matter.

  11. Here is a question that must be asked – "If not for DOJ guidlines preventing a President from being indicted would you, knowing what you do, indict President Trump today if you had the authority?"

  12. Happy days are here again!

    Obviously a little sarcastic, but I have had it with this outrageous failure of Trump and his Administration. Out with the trash and in with a president America can be proud of! 🇺🇸

  13. sigh, a blast from the past..a smiling, happy Mueller, proud of his times have changed.

  14. Following the damp squib denouement of the Mueller report, I finally discovered Jimmy Dore. I'd recommend watching his video "Mueller repeatedly contradicts himself and undermines Russiagate" as an aperitif to Mueller's upcoming testimony.

  15. Ari, y'know what else is criminal? You not ending your segment with 'Just the facts, ma'am' and then finishing off with the Dragnet theme, because I really do get a 'Joe Friday' vibe from Mueller.

  16. It's incredible how the quality was so bad 10 or 15 years ago. Didn't we already have HD back then ? On the broadcaster back end at least.

  17. Just the facts … except when he's lying to congress about WMD to get into an illegal war in Iraq. Oh yeah, straight-up stand up guy.

  18. Democratic Senator: "Mr. Mueller, do you like apples?"
    Mueller: "I can't speculate as to what I may or may not think when presented with such produce as the circumstances of my salivary, gastro-intestinal, and hippo-campus may not at that point be synchronized with the type of cravings you have heretofore indicated."
    Republican Senator: "Is it true that Hillary Clinton has an unnatural predilection towards wet, red objects and should therefore be investigated and go to jail?"

  19. (for the record, I highly respect Mueller. I'm ONLY disappointed that he downplays the significance of the Mueller report through the way he approaches questioning and in his one public statement on that. I certainly don't want him to LIE nor be hypothetical when it's not germane, however we need Mueller to present the facts in a way that is clear to somebody who hasn't read the report and/or has been beaten over the heat with lies via Fox, Trump and most Republican Senators… quietly mumbling "due to the OLC opinion… bla bla… I can not exonerate" doesn't remotely resemble saying "Trump would likely go to jail if I could charge him with THESE CRIMES that he committed!")

  20. I am a 54 year old Black Democrat, who has voted since I was 18, I can honestly say I am confident that someone who has kept such a tight grip on those that helped him in this investigation and he is a Republican, which I have lived through, can be trusted, He truly seems to be BOUT IT BOUT. He shouldn't have too show the evidence that is in your face, but I see must choose not to see, "Spoiler Alert" Oh Boy (Trump) and his family are stealing America's Money, peep game.

  21. I don't think it is going to come out much different than the Hope Hicks questioning to be honest, the same crooked Trump lawyers will be there instructing the witness not to answer any questions, If Nancy Pelosi can't do her job I hope the house will Impeach her.

  22. Mueller, PLEASE answer questions openly. We the people deserve the true facts as YOU have stated them in your report. We are depending on you to bring the people to the understanding of the truth and facts of your report, not that of others interpretations of what they assumed you meant.
    We are counting on you to be the man we hold in the highest respect with the integrity you have shown.
    Bring this to where it needs to be so justice can be served!

  23. In watching Mueller….its obvious he doesn't know what the H–l he's doing…Weismann did that investigation and Mueller took all of the glory….

  24. Unfortunately, I don't think anything more is going to come out of a Mueller testimony. He's said it himself, everything he wants to say has been said in the report and there is nothing new to be shared. We can't charge Trump with any of these crimes at the moment due to the fine print in the Constitution of being unable to charge a sitting president. The only way forward is in the hands of Congress and the Judicial Committee to begin impeachment proceedings. Mueller said all he and his team needed to say in their report and I think it's redundant to have him testify before Congress.

  25. There is no Trump presidency, what we have is an illegitimate abomination, a cheesy, sleazy masquerade frauded upon America by Russia and Republicans!

  26. Megan Rapinoe and US WNST demonstrate America's very best, win or lose! Biggest Loser Trump demonstration of our very worst!

  27. Not Pelosi needs convincing; it's Mighty McCover-up, but he's too busy getting it on with Cash Cow Chou to impeach!

  28. No, it's case closed, remember? Case clooooosed….on McConnell's credibility, character, and reputation. Never truly possessed much of those, anyway. Just an illusion maintained for a delusion willingly obtained.

  29. Would this be the first time Muller testifies without being the Director of the FBI? Does that matter?

  30. Obama needs to answer as to why he allowed so many Republicans to remain in their positions. Comey – a Republican ruined the election & screwed Hillary. Obama left Mueller in place giving him the air of legitimacy YET both have actively worked against democracy. This is ALL Obama's fault. Because name 1 POTUS of any party that kept opposing operatives in place? Obama screwed the country as is Ruth Bader about to do worse,

  31. YO!! Loving that he brought out the Lecrae rap lyrics. He's an incredible and inspiring Christian hip hop artist and speaks the TRUTH of God's Word no matter what.

    SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE TRUTH SPEAKERS OUT THERE!! Speak with love. Blessings!

  32. Why would anyone trust Mueller,he misled the public to get us into the Iraq war.He has NO credibility !!!

  33. That's what it use to be. Decent people used to be in the White House . Not a laundry list of who's fault it is and people that hate him.

  34. If everyone is as truthful dignified as Mueller … America will not be in this greatest swamp of all !!!

  35. Easy: he will refer to the report…and nothing but the report. Which means, nothing will come of it because the Republican party has totally bought into Barr's anything but extensive summary of it.

  36. trump and barr are terrified of having mueller explain his report in camera in full view of the american people. barr is a disgrace o the LAW and to the DOJ . Barrs father was fired by his school for hiring epstein the pedophile as a teacher of high school kids, we know that barr is the propaganda wing of the GOP and more specifically for trump

  37. This is NOT "breaking news," nor is it "in-depth coverage." It might be entertainment, and it is well-produced, but you people should stop pretending to be journalists if you are going to insist on using current events and national partisan strife to create dramatic reality shows.

  38. Hopefully, the people of Congress will do their research and prepare with intelligent, focused questions so they don't waste their time and ours.

  39. Here's a question for Mueller: "When Republicans say 'The report totally exonerates Trump, is that a correct characterization of your findings?'"

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  41. More lies from msnbc . Advisors charged for process crimes, or crimes they committed during/ employed by previous administrations. Mueller is not the Anti Comey. He’s Comeys mentor, but he’s better than Comey at skirting the truth, specific facts, legal procedures and investigative agency’s / DOJ s ethics / protocols . MSNBC thought they could use these video clips, infused with their endless propaganda, to change people’s opinions ( based on the facts evidence) . So MSNBC actually reinforced what we already concluded. Thanks , idiots

  42. Whether he looked into the origins of the“investigation” , or ,what all evidence actually proves it to be -; a witch hunt.
    who what when where how it started .If mueller answered any of those questions, besides proving the investigation was based on fake “evidence” ,admitting his role in the cover up, he’d be exposing Obama , his intel agency directors, DOJ , HRC, the Dem Party , a number of foreign nationals ,foreign government officials for their involvement in an attempt to overthrow our duly elected President of the United States . Oh and let’s not forget about the considerable role, played by their msm propaganda puppets . Fortunately evidence of what really happened is safely in the hands of true patriots in our military and methodically chosen government officials.
    The DS Dems know mueller stands between their corruption as usual and bringing them to justice

  43. A few questions would be.
    1. When did you find out the dossier was fraudulent and paid for by Hillary and the DNC?
    2. Why did you lie in the report claiming that Mifsud was a Russian agent, when in fact, Mifsud has been a western asset for decades.
    2. Why did you perpetuate the lie about Russia handing the emails to Wikileaks?
    This is the funny part. The dossier info was obtained by Russian agents, close to Putin in the Kremlin, that info was handed to a foreign intel agent (Steele), who was hired by Fusion GPS (Glenn Simpson) who was hired by Hillary Clintons law firm.
    If you want to see what foreign meddling and interference looks like, there it is.
    But it gets even better. Mifsud, Downer, Halper and even the Trump tower Russian lawyer meeting were all attempted setups by the cabal. The Russian lawyer was handled by Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. John Brennan was the director of this operation.

  44. Also, the Mueller report has factually false information in it. Primarily the emails to wikileaks, who Mifsud worked for and when they found out the dossier was Clinton paid for.

  45. I hope the Democrats are prepared to cut the Republicans microphones off or the truth may come out. Lets see if Mueller's going to involve the FBI, NSA and CIA in the spying on the Trump campaign and presenting false information.

  46. So this dbag is BRAGGING about Muellur being an expert in not answering a direct question.Do you know this guy is bringing up this point? He is AFRAID that the Republicans are going to expose him for the fraud that he is.Hey Bob,why did you allow peter sztrock's phone to be erased?Bob,i do not have that info in front of me.Hey bob,how come you let 4 months go by before kicking strock of the team and why was the entire counsel hillary supporters and one her ex attorney?Bob,i cannot factually answer that question today.Hey Bob,why did you change the words in trump's lawyer's testimony?Bob,i can not 100% answer that correctly so i pass on that question.Oh,time is up.

  47. For every liberal crying about transparency watch how much the fbi,doj,irs and the state department redacts the ig report.That report shows the corruption committed by those very departments.That would be like trump being able to redact the Mueller report.I bet not one of you will cry over them holding information on that report.

  48. This is a national travesty. The obama administration is about to be exposed by Horowitz, General Barr and eventually John Durham for a completely corrupt government at the highest levels, attempted a Coup D'etat on a sitting president, followed by a corrupt investigation on a sitting president costing $40+ millions of dollars and flawed with more Conflict of Interest then can be comprehended, and total bias on the spectrum of what it was mandated to investigate. The Mueller report stated clearly there was no grounds for indictments on the president and now a final punch out on Capital Hill instead of the government working together to legislate the needs of the American people. If all of that isn't enough the frenzied psychotic left wing media spewing one Josef Goebbels Nazi Propaganda fascist lie after another to keep this narrative going to squeeze out whatever ratings they can get. Truly pathetic.

  49. Shame on you MSNBC. Now you've seen his performance. Disappointed? Sure!
    Winston Churchill once said, "You have enemies? Good. It means you have stood up for something". Obama is loved because he couldn't stand up for anything. Trump is hated because he has stood up against a lot of things including the Fake media.

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