RICHARD JEWELL – Official Trailer [HD]
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RICHARD JEWELL – Official Trailer [HD]

October 19, 2019

Let’s get a new tape going. All right, Richard.
Here’s what we’re gonna do. We need a voice exemplar. I want you to say
into this phone… “There’s a bomb
in Centennial Park. You have 30 minutes. Richard, you’re a
national hero now. Thank you, sir. But I was just doing my job. Move away from the tower.
Come on! You always look at the guy
who found the bomb. Just like you always look at
the guy who found the body. Jewell fits the profile
of the lone bomber. A frustrated white man,
who is a police wanna-be… who seeks to become a hero. We’re running it. You’re a suspect,
you don’t talk. I talk. Say it. I don’t talk. This might be the only way
to clear your name. I want you say, “There’s a
bomb in Centennial Park. You have 30 minutes.” Stop trying to be
their best friend. I was raised to
respect authority. Authority’s looking
to eat you alive. “There’s a bomb
in Centennial Park. You have 30 minutes.” I’m sorry, what? His accusers are two of the
most powerful forces
in the world. The United States
government and the media. I do wanna help you all… but I’m law enforcement too. There is a bomb
in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes. Did he do it? Richard Jewell is
an innocent man. He’s a hero. There is a bomb
in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes. One more time.
Just a little louder. -I report the facts.
-You’ve ruined this man’s life. There is a bomb
in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes. Do a couple in a row. My son saved people’s lives. There is a bomb
in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes. You set that bomb! There is a bomb
in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes. I don’t know how to protect you. I think your client
is guilty as hell. They wanna fry you. You ready to start
fighting back?

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  1. Listen me WARNER BROS carefully I wanna u to take my story……its 2099 who win the war…the war between humans ,aliens and zombies…dude sky is the new home of human is attacked by aliens and aliens want to capture the earth where human survive from zombies…. Let's the war begin between these three…who win…who survive…where life is in extinction…..its SKYWAR…….

  2. i can appreciate this mans heroics, but i feel that this trailer alone is quite insensitive with the whole “theres a bomb” thing. im dont agree with pc culture at all but i do feel that this trailer in todays climate is pushing it a little and can make people feel uncomofrtable. just my take but we live in a world where fear is being spread everywhere in media so maybe im a victim of that.

  3. Yeah so im 20 and never heard about this story can someone explain what happened idk if it happened before or after i was born

  4. Perhaps the most vicious example of how the mainstream media can destroy anyone they sink their scavenger talons into.

  5. Went to jail for 15 years. He recently got out and the police actually found the real person who did it. Fuck the media and the police.

  6. Crazy how it's been over 20 years and this is probably more relevant now than then. Both media and social media can ruin anybody's life. We learned absolutely nothing from this incident.

  7. I know nothing of this man but this trailer watching it I learned faster then all of you this man was used then he was made to be a terrorist ( when he is a hero) the America everyone yrs ago knew .does.not.make.terrorist. , she makes hero's.

  8. Good to see Clint Eastwood isn't a Netflix sell out unlike Martin Scorscese. Good for him still making movies at his age. This movie looks really good. Shame on Scorscese for having his film go straight to Netflix. He was in my top 2 favorite directors next Stephen Spielberg. But he just had to do a Netflix movie. Clint Eastwood makes great movies.

  9. The two most powerful forces in the world ; the US Government and the media. Seems we ve heard alot bout them the last two years .

  10. As we ve heard from the disingenuous lately; Why would nt you want to freely speak with the FBI or some other investigating authority if you don t have anything to hide. Just tell the truth or testify. Really? Ask Richard Jewell.

  11. O rly? Clint Eastwood is making a movie that rips "the media" as a bunch of liers who push false narratives? Why didn't he just call it Trump 2020? He so obvious with his political bs these days.

  12. A white female liberal reporter was the first one who accused him.. big damn surprise! voice dripping with sarcasm They learned NOTHING from this.. and are STILL weaving the same narrative!!! They ruined his life, and they should be held accountable still today. Hope this movie brings this back to national level discourse!

    "Why do you say that?" Because THIS was the first time that they pulled the "the evil one is a white straight incel male".

  13. If the film makes us mad over what happened to Jewell, we should be. This ìs Eastwood's intention, and i commend him for telling a real story on fake news. The timing couldn't be better.

    Oh, and don't be surprised if the media tries to avoid giving this film any publicity. The more it should be seen.

  14. Now do the Duke lacrosse team. And don't forget to include Crystal's cab driver getting roughed up by the cops for contradicting her lie.

  15. I get the media but when local law enforcement start demonizing someone while investigation is going on it's sick and dangerous

  16. Hi harry potter 8 and the deathly hallows part 2 .. after 8 years why the next movie is not be back . Most of the people is waitng for the next…?


  18. The FBI is corrupt, political, and for sale. They protect the Swamp and will destroy anyone who gets in their way.

  19. Richard Jewell is a hero. Richard Jewell is a champion. Richard Jewell is a great American. Richard Jewell is an inspiration. The world needs more Richard Jewell's in it.

  20. The ESPN documentary is great! It was that 30 for 30 show that really turned me off on big media years ago. Today, their influence and power is staggering. Been looking forward to this release!

  21. Dear Warner Bros maybe the Joker toxin is both fear and laughing nerve gas. That be awsome and the Joker's voice on nerve gas is voiced by by Mark Hammile from Batman animated series. I think it's gold. Please and thanks Warner Bros.

  22. This movie is gonna exposed the news and the media and the fbi for what they are. And that they are trash 🗑🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  23. The real bomber turned out to be Eric Rudolph and he was captured by the police after an abortion clinic bombing. He's currently locked up in the Supermax prison in Colorado.

  24. Clint Eastwood Directed
    2003: Mystic River 🔎
    2014: American Sniper 🇺🇸🇻🇮
    2016: Sully ✈
    2018: The 15:17 to Paris ✊🚄🇫🇷
    and The Mule 🛣🚓
    And coming this December, the story of the Atlanta Summer Olympic park bombing of 1996.
    'Richard Jewell' 😎🤘🎬

  25. Oh God. This movie is going to rile up/embolden so many Bible Belt Whites, but I guess everyone’s story should be told.

  26. Dear warner Bros you are killing the fandom and youre profits I guarantee it.

    Will everything just stop being sht and doing the EXACT same thing, making the protagonist female does not constitute new, writing a new story with characters we know in a sequel that does something new, is a sequel, this is just more gimmicky crap.

    Well its official keanue has drank the kool aid, im done supporting him, Bill and ted 3 will suck, along with everything that thinks making the movie for femin azis is something new.

    Women want to watch magic mike, attractive men, not other ugly women.

    Sorry but this crap has to keep flopping in order for Hollywood to get the message, changing characters and arche types we love, doesn't constitute doing anything new, at this point, its already old, tired, and lame.

    Only new movie ive seen this year was Blood line, and THAT was a dmn good movie.

    And everytime they do this, it does nothing but hurt the older movies to where no one really wants to care anymore, h3ll I cant even watch the SW OT anymore without cringing, Hollywood is thrashed and trashed, and im pretty sure anyone who is sane and not a deranged na zi like soci opath who only cares about the col or of peoples sk in and se x, will dislike whatever hollysu ck is doing now.

    Casting a women in the matrix instead of using neo, and everything else, is killing movies and alienating fans, movies are modern mythology and you would change the story of Hercules to make him a women.

    But good luck, you hacks, Im sure the movies with clear political agenda behind them will all fail miserably, notice how joker made money, it wasn't honest, it was more political crap, but it appeared honest.

    In the end, you will all see, politically motivated story decisions will not create more profit, youre analysts are wrong, and only time has told.

    Please get cancer and stop making movie because you are running everything fans love, Disney is wrong, just watch ep 9 flop harder than any other Star wars movie.

    you are all hacks, and this is a warning, keep it up, and you will have a fraction of the fans, probably not even that, because Ive already stopped going to the movies, ALL together.

  27. Dear Warner bros,I think you should take a crack at a Man of steel 2 with Zack at the helm and Henry leading it.This time with no relation to the justice league.Strickly a stand-alone.Please Warner

  28. I never watched the news. Except for sports or weather then. And now I have the internet for all the fake sports and weather. No fake news for me growing up or now.

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