Right to Freedom in Constitution of India, in simple Hindi/Urdu (Topic: 4)
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Right to Freedom in Constitution of India, in simple Hindi/Urdu (Topic: 4)

September 16, 2019

Hello friends, in this video we’ll talk about the second title under Fundamental Rights granted to us by the Constitution, which is Right to Freedom we’ll discuss this right in brief. this Right to Freedom starts with 19th Article, in here, we’ll refer it as law number 19, the title starting from 19th number law goes up to 22 number law. Let’s discuss it, friends, the 19th number laws talks about protecting of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, one of the most important aspect of right to freedom is right to freedom of speech, in this law we are informed about how, up to what level and to what extent we have freedom of speech. For example, if I want to speak up some thing, or gather with people, I have that right , but we can’t take any undue advantage of it,we can’t gather with weapons etc. And all such stuffs are discussed under this title. After this, the next law is law number 20, Protection in respect of conviction or offences. Suppose any person commits a crime, the person will get due sentence, but this should not mean that the person deserves more punishment than what law prescribes. At all cost the humanity of that criminal must be safeguarded. Thus, law speaks up on this as well. The crime must be declared a crime in written form. It can’t happen , as of we haven’t declared something as crime and yet we are punishing some person for doing it. similarly, we can’t punish a criminal twice for the same offence. There are a lot of details regarding this, we’ll discuss in later videos. After this comes the most important law, law number 21, which is about pretection of life and personal liberty. the right to life and the right of personal freedom friends, this is the right which even in case of Emergency can’t be taken away from us. and thus this is one of the most important law next is: 22 should follow 21, but recently the members of Parliament decided that one more fundamental right should be granted, which is Right to Education and a special place was created for this right, between 21 and 22, and it was named as law number 21A. so the Article 21A is Right to education this law asks government to grant compulsory education to children of our country, to children with age between ages of 6 to 14 years. the last right under this tile is article 22 it talks about protection against arrest and detention in certain cases. if a person is arrested or detained for some crime so, in this right we have been informed about all details and procedures to be followed in cases of such arrests and detentions. the arrested or detained person must be informed about for what crime, the person is arrested and it also informs us about the right of such arrested person to meet up lawyer, and that the person should be presented in court within 24 hrs, etc. in coming videos, we’ll talk about these in more details, this was just a brief description, on right to freedom under fundamental rights. thanks for now!

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