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Rights and Responsibilities

August 26, 2019

as citizens of the United States we all
have rights and responsibilities. the USConstitution lists basic laws and ideas our country follows. the Bill of Rights is the part of the Constitution that says all Americans have the right to free speech, own property, choose a religion and go to school among others. Along with these rights,
come certain responsibilities. A responsibility is something that it’s
your duty to do. This means that although you have the right to free speech you
also have the responsibility to be honest and try not to hurt others by
what you say. In every community, citizens must take their responsibilities
seriously. It’s our responsibility to obey the law. When you go to a public
park, you have the right to play on the playground, eat at the picnic tables and
enjoy the natural beauty of the park. You have the responsibility to keep your pet
on a leash and put your litter in the trash can. Citizens have the right to
help decide how things will be done in their community. They also have the
responsibility to vote in elections. Voting lets people help choose who will
run the local state and national governments. Another responsibility that
citizens have is serving on a jury. A jury is a group of people usually twelve
men and women who listen to all the evidence during a trial. The jury then
decides whether the person accused of the crime is guilty or not guilty.
That is called a verdict. Above all, we shouldn’t abuse these rights and
responsibilities. Our nation was founded by people that believed we could govern
ourselves and make wise choices without a king or dictator telling us what to do.
We should all work to set a good example for those around us.

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