Rights & Freedoms and the Courts
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Rights & Freedoms and the Courts

October 27, 2019

(UPBEAT MUSIC) What’s that Australia? The Rule of Law pyramid. (CONFUSED) Is it Cubist? (Australia) Well, it has all the stuff that makes me a safe and fair country to live in. (teen) Mmmmm, it looks complicated. (Australia) Kinda. It refers to the checks and balances on power, like equality before the law. (teen) What does that mean? (Australia) It means laws should apply to everyone the same, no matter who they are. (teen) What if people aren’t treated equally? The court system can help you. (teen) How does it help?
(GAVELS BANG) The courts enforce the laws like the ones that protect your human rights including the right to be treated equally. Like, all those anti-discrimination laws. (Australia) There’s others too. They support equality before the law and in everyday life. This seems like obvious stuff to have… but what’s that rule you keep mentioning? The Rule of Law. It just means everyone, including the government, knows what the law is and follows the law. But does everyone follow the law? Well, they should but people aren’t perfect. (SOFT CHEERING) That’s why you gotta work to protect your human rights. I bet you wish you had human rights. (LAUGHTER) Yeah. But I’ve got humans and that’s alright. (UPBEAT MUSIC)

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