RMR: Rick’s Rant – Parliament Resumes
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RMR: Rick’s Rant – Parliament Resumes

November 26, 2019

If you’re like me,
since New Year’s, you were waiting desperately
for Monday, January the 25th to roll around. And last week,
it finally happened. Marking the return
of the 42nd parliament. I was going go up there in
person and line up at midnight so I could actually
watch it live, but, instead, I caught it on TV. Now since then, there have been
seven Question Periods. I’m guessing you don’t watch
every day because… well, you have a life. It’s far more likely
you’ve set the PVR so you can binge watch
a whole bunch of them on the weekend. You know, invite over
a special friend, and Question Period
and Chill. Now I don’t want to give away
too much, but spoiler alert, this season is awful. Remember Rona Ambrose? Last season
she was Minster of Health, this season she’s leader
of the opposition. And remember when
she got the job, she said on her watch,
the Tories wouldn’t heckle and act like
spoiled children. Turns out, she meant
the opposite. They’re worse now
than they ever were. And the plot lines
this season? Totally unbelievable. Like the Conservatives
are now mad that the Liberals haven’t legalized
marijuana yet. That is the most ridiculous
plot twist I have ever heard. Do they think
we’re stupid? Rona, we remember
last season, heck, we remember
the past ten seasons. Your party has always
said legalizing pot would mean
the end of the world. Now you’re upset because you
can’t get your weed at Costco? And what’s with
Tony Clement? Every time he opens
his mouth he’s saying that governments
have to be transparent. Who are these
people fooling? A couple of seasons ago Tony
took fifty million dollars earmarked for
border security and secretly spent it
on gazebos in Ontario
cottage country. I’m sorry, his character
talking about transparency? That just
doesn’t ring true. And then other main characters
from last season. They’ve been
totally written out. According to the credits Stephen
Harper’s still in the cast. He has yet to utter
a single line. Why are they still
paying this guy? Look, it’s early
in the season, granted I will still keep
watching Question Period. And Rona,
it’s okay to oppose. You are the leader
of the opposition. But stop pretending like the
past ten years didn’t happen. Despite appearances,
it’s a democratic institution, not a soap opera; you just
can’t pretend the past decade, poof, was all a dream.

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  1. Politics intrinsically favors those without conscience. Politicians use ethics and fairness like weapons against each other in order to weaken the opposition. The conservatives aren't the only ones who do this, all politicians do.

  2. Not a dream eh? Past ten years sure feels like a dream! This new government and opposition feel totally different now its creepy.

  3. What a load of malarkey. Sell the CBC. I am sick of being forced to pay for the CBC's BS propaganda. Get a real job.

  4. Thank you, Rick, for disclosing the ugly lies that are the Conservative Party.

    They operated under a cloud of secrecy.
    Their own members were muzzled by Harper.
    They lied about the size of the debt that the Liberals now have the misfortune to inherit.
    They cut back on government departments so they could artificially finance their budgetary promises.
    They underfunded our veterans yet returned the earmarked funds to the coffers.
    They blame the Liberals for Canada not being invited to the anti-ISIS coalition meeting in Paris yet they overlook Harper's last appearance at the UN – over the years he had lost all of Canada's hard-earned respect in the organization to the point that when he spoke, only a few leaders from a few small African nations were in present.
    They underfunded the military to the point where the equipment is older than Moses and can't fulfill larger roles on the world stage; in fact our military has become the butt of jokes around the world under Harper and his Conservatives.
    During their years in office they failed to get a single oil pipeline approved by the provinces yet they are criticizing the Liberals who have been in office for only months.
    And the list goes on and on.

    Now Harper is too embarrassed about his failed legacy to even stand and speak in the House of Commons but, rather, slithers in and out the back way like the vermin he truly is. The bottom line is the Conservatives are to blame for all the deficiencies, failures and shame they have heaped upon this once great country.

    (To the Liberals, be forewarned. The honeymoon period will inevitably come to an end and ye will also be judged.)

  5. ‚ÄúI have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.‚ÄĚ
    Charles de Gaulle

  6. RMR criticizes government when the Conservatives are in power and then criticizes the opposition when the Conservatives get knocked down to opposition. Gee, it's almost like Ricky has a bias. I'll vote for any party that promises to stop throwing a BILLION-plus dollars PER YEAR of taxpayers money on the useless CBC.

  7. I love this new season too! Trudeau will be criticized and attacked by the Quebec media simply because of where he was born. Can't wait to see how the CBC will cover the Tudeau governments scandals and broken promises: marijuana, Syrian refugees and no more Canadian fighter planes involved in Syria. 3-3, great job Justin!

  8. I'm embarrassed to live in this country because I still cling to a shadow of the absurd belief that I have any say whatsoever in what the criminals in charge do. I don't. The shame is theirs. They helped create ISIS. That's on them. They jail people for making choices over their own bodies. On them. They pass laws for the rich at the expense of everyone else. On them. They maintain a monetary system that guarantees a loss in wealth for most and helps ensure the wealthy stay that way regardless of merit or the destruction that power without merit causes. Shame on them.

  9. I've always somewhat enjoyed Rick's Rants- but I must say, I was absolutely astounded by this one. I knew the Liberals and the CBC were a love nest made for two, but really Rick..?? That was the most blatant , leftist piece of garbage I've seen since….. um… yesterday's CBC news. I get that you don't like the PC Party, because you think taxpayers should pay your salary, but I don't ever recall, months after an election, of you still going after the "previous party". This really turned me off Rick, and found it to be nothing more than bias, self-serving tripe to ensure the Liberal party (ala the taxpayer), continue to support your warped life.

  10. Maybe Canada as a nation can't legalize Cannabis due to treaties, but judging from the US, the Provinces could vote to legalize and the DOJ could just not go after them.

  11. Considering Trudeau believes in hiring people due to the genitals between their legs I'm gonna have to say he deserves criticism. Honestly, imagine if men got hired for that reason, feminist shitheads like him would lose their minds. I guess sexism only works one way in the "current year".

    Not to mention he was voted in because he wanted to legalize marijuana. Well, that and the fact that everyone jumped ship from the NDP, but lets get real here, he wouldn't have as many supporters if he didn't.

    You can shill liberalism all you want Rick, but I'm holding out until I see what Trudeau has to offer before I defend him. Anyone who vouches for feminist ideology sets my Marxism alarms off immediately.

  12. I would have no problem some one like Rick become spokesperson of the Liberal party if he was working for a private TV station but he is working in CBC. Why all conservatives tax payers should pay this guy? This is even against CBC code of conduct with respect to political neutrality. I do realize that the governing party get criticized the most because they have the power and media should keep them on their toes but Rick is obsessed with bashing Conservatives no matter if they are in charged or not. I didn't see Rick's rant when the new prime minister issue his very first executive order to hire two nanny for him self?! He symbolically returned his hold tax benefit which wasn't that much money but when he got elected he had no problem putting $90,000 per year to tax payer's bill for something that is totally personal issue and by no mean considered a public affair.

  13. see – even when the conservatives aren't in power , Rick now focuses on lampooning the opposition – not the Government … shows how far his head is firmly planted up the CBC's asshole … what a Liberal shill

  14. Nice rant Rick So its okay for the Libs and NDP to heckle in parliament but some one else does it is the end of the world  its part of the political game   you should be used to it by now Rick its a cycle  . Little secret Rick people with money run our elected governments not us the voters will see what poison pill the Bronfman family will hand the Canadian public thru the Trudeau  regime.

  15. To be fair, the conservative are holding the liberal accountable… So they are doing their jobs.
    They just sound hypocritical and, mostly, not intellectually consistent while doing so – but maybe they need to change their policies to survive the next 10 years. Hey, they lost the elections and maybe one factor is that the people have changed opinions on some topics.

  16. Misrepresent much, holding heat to the liberals. Pointing out one of there campaign promises there not going about doing, well fucking Canadians over on stuff they don't want i.e. refugees. Fuck you ricky

  17. I have been going through the Hansard on OpenParliament every day to see if Harper has said anything, and every day I leave disappointed.

  18. NAILED IT!!! Good on you Rick!
    Nice and accurate read on the goings on in Parliament!
    Rona and the Con's are a Joke and a Laughing Stock!
    Everyday they play the "OPPOSITE GAME"!
    They say the complete opposite to their position of the last 10 years and ridicule the government for not achieving in 12 weeks what they failed to achieve over 10 years! HYPOCRISY at it's very worst!

    All the pressure over pipelines… How many pipelines did Harper's Cons get built? ZERO!
    It seems they are only focused on making the most noise they can to cause a distraction and make it seem like there are so many more of them than really exists!

    Their other tactic is OUTRAGE over every piddly thing.
    That kind of over the top outrage can only be cause by a lack of roughage in their diet.
    Constipation is a serious bitch, and their seems at the moment that Rona has a serious load on!
    Rona baby! Eat a Salad now and then, Some veggie soup maybe…. All that raw red meat is reaping havoc with hormones and making you one seriously constipated, miserable twat!

    But then it just might be the Cons have all come down with a bad case of Worms or Rabies!
    Something seems to be eating them…. Some kind of monster bug up the ass is another possibility!

    Either way, They all need to Get Fixed!

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