Rober Ray: No end to how far Dems will go to impeach
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Rober Ray: No end to how far Dems will go to impeach

November 16, 2019

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  1. So Barry appointed her correct? 6 months before Trump won right. Barry replaced Bushs Guys after he won right ? Trump replaces her and it is sexist ????????? Dems gasping at Straws

  2. Democrats have no factual evidence for an impeachment. This "kangaroo impeachment" might satisfy Democrats, but the Senate and the American Citizens will not.

  3. The ambassador was an Obama person while they were selling out the United States for personal gain and with Soros. She must be corrupt to the core and her work with Schiff is further proof. I won’t be surprised when she takes a job with Soros .

  4. Funny how she sounds so much like Christine Blasey Ford? She's such a victim for getting fired….I'd bet she's a CIA asset. Blah… blah….blah….LIAR

  5. To my understanding this was suppose to be an impeachment inquiry ….Where did anything about impeachment in this hearing was effective about impeachment?
    Was this another quest for a job interview, or was this an interview how she wore out her Ambassador's Knowledge,… not growing with the new Presidency's Foreign Policies..

  6. Yvonovitch didn't bring any evidence of a crime to the hearing. Only her sour grapes 🍇 Trump hurt her widdle feewings😢 😪 Rudy Giuliani said some mean things about her. Sorry Schiff there's no GOTCHA there.

  7. Hmm. ManSpider seems to have all the answers tonight. I wonder how much he gets paid for answerting every single comment (against the President, of course).

  8. We the people in 2020 can end this one sided political communism attack on an American president that was voted in by the people.this has gone on long enough .yes republicans some are not running again but I would rather vote for a hub cap then a sissy Dem
    That can't grow up and do what is right for the country.

  9. You should BE ashamed of yourselves denying the integrity of those who works for USA verses those who works for themselves and Putin!

  10. Arrest all of them and let them do it in Gitmo ..No Citizen of united. States is interested in this dog and pony Show Enough of there Stupidity get rid of them out of our country period !!

  11. I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.[1] ,

  12. This is one of the prosecutors who was involved in investigating President Clinton. This partisan hack did not give Clinton a fair shake? He is what is wrong with the justice system.

  13. Republicans are stupid to obsess and pin all their hopes on an anticipated election backlash in 2020. In the meantime the Democrats are running amok with their attempted coup of a sitting President and damaging the country, with full impunity.

  14. And yet theres is SOLID PROOF that she DID have a list if names to watch out for in google, twitter, and other news ways.

  15. The Democrats are attacking our Constitution. The peaceful transfer of power, from Obama to Trump, has never been accepted by the Democrat Party. This assault against President Trump is a crack in America’s foundation and threatens the future of our country.

  16. What about  the fact that she was verbally directing the attorney general of Ukrainian government not to act on any prosecution of your verbal list,  Including Biden operatives. You my dear little Russian agent,  are an occomplice to criminal money laundering, sale of government access, possibly illegal campaign financing amongst other crimes. I'd be crying too.

  17. What are we watching… Nancy Pelosi SMEAR and WRAP CAMPAIGN she SPOKE to the press that they CREATE A SMEAR OR falsehood merchandise it amoung themselves so when TALK TO THE PRESS, the press return these smears or falsehoods, willfully this WAY Nancy Pelosi can say "SEE ITS IN THE NEWS" C-SPAN POSTED THE VIDEO IN 2016

  18. You know guys I have been reading comments from CNN and MSNBC, and you should be upset with the level of education you received…..

  19. I hope for the love of GOD the Senate doesn't dismiss this case. The senate can call Arik Charm el ah, (spelled wrong on purpose), Sleepy Joe and his son to testify. This needs to happen.

  20. Based on what has transpired this week, they pretty much can do whatever the hell they want with no resistance. Look for even more outrageous lies. The big card they have in their deck that they are waiting to play when the time is right is an accusation from another "whistleblower" claiming he overheard Trump call Maxine Waters or some other black congress critter the N word. Guaranteed look for it, it is coming. They can also easily take Trumps voice and create the audio with today's technology.

  21. I got news for you the American Patriots in this country aren't going to put up with these corrupt raiders people like Adam Schiff Nancy pelosi Chuck Schumer and jerrold nadler need to be arrested and put in prison immediately these are traitors to our country they have been putting up of sham of an impeachment trying to remove our president through lies corruption and deceit these are activities of traitors and they need to be removed immediately and put in prison where they belongdefinitely time for Horowitz bar and his hatchet men to take these garbage pieces of trash out

  22. over America new about that how can this corrupt piece of trash they she didn't have it what a lying piece of scum bag garbage this piece of garbage are no wonder she was removed

  23. I hope these scumbags realize when we've proven that they've lied under oath they will be going to jail they're corrupt scumbag trash


  25. Yavanovich, the Swamp speaks up? Glad the scum is out of office. Just another Obama crook whining? LOL the Losers are stuck in a South Park Panty scheme. Idiots, think their Echo chamber of MSM speaks for America.

  26. God is allowing this travesty of a so-called impeachment inquiry to show His people exactly how we will all be treated if they ever get their power back again. The lies and deception will be used against us all unjustly too.

  27. Mornin boys and girls….Today we are going to learn the word….. "Bribery" …Sure……Can you say…. "Bribery"  ….Sure……Bet you could if you tried……..Welcome to the demoRAT Hood…….

  28. The people's President must be protected at all costs. Deep State Dems Shadow Goverment have become truly mentally unstable and can't find their way back to sanity. Someone in authority needs to put a stop to these never ending fake hoax coups. And lock all the worst Presidential harassers up immediately before they do something unspeakable .

  29. As a South African born New Zealander watching this from the outside I have never seen anything in 45 years as bizarre as this. I'm astounded that Americans are endorsing this attempt to overthrow an elected President. The whole thing just seems disingenuous and dramatised, a massive push by the Democrats to get rid of a President anyway they can because they know they cant win an election. Just incredible.

  30. People can see now HOW LOW THIS DEMOCRAT CAN GO. The Democrats congressman and Women's will lose their votes in 2020. They are wasting tax payer money for their own benefit.

  31. The only ones putting pressure on impeachment are the dem voter base. They don't care if it is based on Godless lies…they just want something to brag about and tout on various political internet forums after their big loss of 2016. No facts needed. I would have no feelings of sympathy for any democrat. And if they are ever in a position to make determinations about my life as an American, I will resist them as much as they have resisted the will of the American people. Most people feel this way.

  32. And Trump just is making health care fair and all charges up front and transparent. Every penny displayed and accountable. Huge, huge news. Revolutionary. Remarkable. Thank the President. So impressive. Trump 2020!!!!

  33. Paying alcohol and drugs addicted Hunter Biden US$1.2 million annually in exchange for US$5 Billion of the taxpayers' money “to Subvert Ukraine" back into the Jewish hands – that's the BRIBERY!

  34. Answer – The Democrats have crossed the socialist line into communism, and the Republicans care more about maintaining their turf than MAGA!

  35. 🎶Feelings 🎶 = Impeachment
    Democrats need a therapy pet…

    Vote President Trump 2020, a strong President for the USA…

  36. You lie under oath the Ukrainian prosecutor General Did Not retract his Statement says you Marie. DID Pressure him….NOW we have Career political enemy's of President Trump Lieing to us the American people. Pelosi & Schiff must've prepped them themselves in the Dungeon.

  37. I suspect much Democrat voter fraud in 2020 elections. Everything you see going on worldwide is due to the UN Agenda21 and Agenda 2030. Even the fires are due to laws to reduce the clearing of brush in fire prone areas.

  38. """BREAKING NEWS""" Trumps confidant and close friend Roger Stone found guilty of all charges. At least Trump will have plenty of friends in Federal prison to keep him company.

  39. Dems are wolf pack hungry for power and they can not wait for minimum 5 years unless Trump Jr. runs in 2024 so Dems are going to be hungry till 2032, but as non US observer i can not believe that US Congress could assemble so many people with IQ lower then door knob, Lord help the world should they get their hands on power button

  40. Except for a few Republicans on Friday I felt they did a poor job questioning the Ambassador. The reporter John Solomon laid out 15 questions he would have liked answered by Yavonovitch yet as far I know not any of them were asked.
    And why are the Republicans using their 45 minutes with an attorney asking the questions? Perhaps that is a rule made by Adam Schiff??
    I believe so as Schiff would not let Nunes yield to Stephanik.

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