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Robert Morris – Liberty University Convocation

November 23, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: Hey, as you’re having a
seat, can we thank all of them for just coming to lead?
Kari and Cody and their team, thank you so much. [APPLAUSE] By the way, they’re going to be here with
us tonight to kick off our Community, all right? [CHEERS] So you’re going to want to not miss that.
We’ll be in here. We start around 7:15.
We call it 7:14 based out of a passage in Scripture, but then really by 7:30 we’re
cranking all the way. So make sure you’re in here ready to open
God’s word and go after the Lord. We’re going to kick off an eight-week series
tonight that I promise you, you do not want to miss.
And I’m just again thankful for Kari and Cody agreeing to bring their whole band and
to be with us tonight as we start a whole new year in Campus Community.
Obviously, we have two guests today. We don’t just have a worship team that’s
come to lead us this morning and tonight, but we also have really one of the highlights
of last semester coming back. Last semester we had so many great world leaders
that came our way. But one of the highlights as I look back,
of someone who just unpacked God’s words for us, and God used him a major way, was
Pastor Robert Morris. If you don’t know about Pastor Robert, his
television show is televised all around the world.
He’s one of the most sought after preachers of God’s words, and honestly trainer of
churches and church planting. He’s a best-selling author of 14 different
books. We have several of them available for you
today right there at the resource table. But more than anything else, when he was with
us last semester, the way that the Lord used him just prompted a conversation of, “When
can you come back again?” And not that he has the Holy Spirit in a duffle
bag and he brings it- he brings him with him everywhere he goes.
But God just used him in our lives, and students really resonated with you, Pastor Robert.
And I asked him, I said, “Would you be able to come back soon?”
And he said, “I’d love to come back every year.
I really love Liberty and have a relationship with Liberty.”
And it was amazing that he not only said yes, but he brought his worship pastor from his
church, Kari and Cody with their team, with him as well.
And so we have him and his wife Debbie for them being able to come in a period when obviously
you saw that right? Cody and Kari are expecting another baby,
all right. Congratulations on that. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] And even though they’re taking a bit of
a break from being on the road all the time because they’re just getting ready to be
parents for their second child, they said yes to this day.
We don’t hold that lightly. We’re grateful that you’d come.
But Pastor Robert, we love you. Mrs. Debbie, we’re glad that you’re here
with us. Can we say hi to Pastor Robert’s beautiful
wife Mrs. Debbie? Thank you so much for being here.
Honored to have you here. [APPLAUSE] They were- they were in D.C. the other night
at the White House for an intimate dinner without 100 evangelical leaders.
Our own President was a part of that, President Falwell and Becki were a part of that.
But they were a part of that dinner, and then from there they just came in.
And as soon as they’re finished this morning they’ll go home.
But then, of course, Kari and Cody will be with us for tonight.
But can we put our hands together and show great honor for this brother?
Come on everybody, Pastor Robert Morris. [APPLAUSE]>>ROBERT MORRIS: Hey everyone.
I’m really- really- really- really- really- really- did you catch the word really- glad
to be back. Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes have been worship
pastors at our church for years. And then they- they’re now in Nashville
and they record with Capitol Records. And great, but I knew- just wanted to tell
you a funny story about Kari. Because Kari’s parents and Debbie and I
are real close friends. And we- her father and I used to travel and
do revivals together. And so Kari Jobe and her sister Kris used
to come down to our house and play with my sons Josh and James who were about the same
age. And she told me one day at a staff chapel,
she said, “I want to tell you something that happened one day at your house.”
She said, “My sister and I used to always try to get your boys to play with Barbie dolls.
And so finally your boys agreed that we could bring our Barbie dolls with us.
So we brought our Barbie dolls, your boys took our Barbie dolls and they put them in
a little Jeep. They sent the Jeep out about 20 feet and they
blew it up with an M80.” [LAUGHTER] She said, “We took our Barbie dolls home
with singed hair, you know- no clothes, all burned off, you know, all that.”
So I called my son Josh on the way home and I said, “Josh, Kari just told me an interesting
story. I want to know if this is true.
She said that you and James blew up her Barbie dolls.”
And my son said, “Yes, that’s true. I did that.”
And I said to him, “Son, I just can’t express this to you enough.
I have never been more proud of you than I am right now.” [LAUGHTER] “And I’m just so proud of you son.”
So, all right. So I want to share with you something called
“God’s Greatest Desire”. Now, you may be like me, you may not be like
me. About half of you are in this here, about
half of you aren’t. I’m a bottom-line person.
Now, bottom-line people, we want you to get to the bottom line when you’re talking to
us. When you get married, if you’re a bottom-line
person, you would probably marry a beat-around-the-bush person.
And it will frustrate you, but God did it to work character in your life.
So a beat-around-the-bush person just takes a long time to get to the point, you know.
And if you don’t know if you’re a bottom line person or a beat-around-the-bush person,
you’re a beat-around-the-bush person. [LAUGHTER] Because we know who we are.
So when I’m talking with people, I’m thinking to myself, “Dear God, please help this person
to get to the point.” [LAUGHTER] And then after a while, I’ll think, “Dear
God, please let there be a point to this conversation.” [LAUGHTER] So because of that, I’m always thinking,
what’s the bottom line? What’s the bottom line?
And a few years ago I started thinking, what’s the bottom line of the Bible?
I mean, what’s the bottom line? And what’s God’s bottom line?
You know what I mean by bottom line. What’s his main thing, you know?
Why’d he ever create us? Why did he create us with a free will?
I don’t know if you ever thought about that. I’ll just tell you very briefly.
Because the only way you can love someone is with a free will.
That’s the only way. You have to choose to love them.
You can’t, you know, strap someone to a chair with duct tape and say, “Thank you for spending
this quality time with me,” you know? [LAUGHTER] They have to- they have to choose to.
And so God gave us a free will. So what’s- but what’s his bottom line?
What’s his greatest desire? So that also got me to thinking about, what
about Satan? He’s my enemy.
What’s his bottom line? What is he trying to do?
So that’s what I want to show you. I want to show you first from Scripture Satan’s
bottom line, Satan’s greatest desire, and then God’s greatest desire.
So we- Satan’s greatest desire is expressed the most in Isaiah 14.
And I’ll read you the Scripture. This is called by theologians “The Five
I Wills of Satan”. And the word “will”, by the way, means
desire. When you say- when someone says, “Hey, do
you want to go to the show with us- the movie tomorrow night?
We’re going to see the latest movie.” And you say, “Yes, I will be there.”
Okay, what you’re saying is, “I desire to be there.”
You might not be there though. You might remember you have a test the next
day. You might have a flat tire.
You might not have any money. You know you’ll get into- something might
happen and you might not be there. So- but you’re saying, “It’s my desire
to be there.” When you say, “I will do this,” you’re
basically saying, “That’s my desire.” When you leave your last Will and Testament,
this is what you’re saying, “This is my desire.”
Your will is your desire for after you die where your $42 will go.
That’s what your desire is, okay? So, what- so when we see these wills where
Satan’s saying “I will,” “I will,” here’s what he’s saying.
“This is my desire,” all right? So Isaiah 14:12 says, “How you are fallen
from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!” If you don’t know, Lucifer was an angel
in heaven and he fell. “How you are cut down to the ground, you
who [have] weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart,” notice
his heart. That’s where your desires come from, your
heart. “For you have said in your heart,” here’s
the first of the Five ‘I Will’ statements, all right?
But I want you to notice something about each of these statements.
They all- all of them have to do with going up.
Going up, being high, being lifted up, being seen, all right?
So here he says, “For you said in your heart: ‘I will ascend,’” of course that means
to go up. Descend would be to go down.
“’I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt,” that means to be lifted up, “my throne above,”
not below the stars, above. That’s to be high, “above the stars of
God; I will also sit on the mount,” the word mount means the highest part of a mountain-
the highest part, “[out] on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of
the north,” north is up on a mount- map. Verse 14, “I will ascend,” up, “above,”
high again, “the heights,” high again, “of the clouds,” clouds are high.
“I-” and then listen to this. “I will be like the Most High.”
Notice he doesn’t call him “Most Holy” or “Most Loving”.
He says the “Most High”. And then watch God’s response.
I love God’s response, verse 15. “Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol,”
which is the Old Testament word for hell, “to the lowest depths of the pit.”
So Satan wanted to be like God, that’s what he wanted.
Let me say it- just give you the bottom line. He wanted to be worshipped.
He wanted to be exalted. He wanted people to see him.
Now every one of us are born with this nature. In theology, we call it an Adamic nature,
which is like Adam. We are born with a nature like Adam’s.
I hate to break the news to you, we were born with Satanic natures.
We were born with a nature like Satan’s. We want to be seen, we want to be lifted up.
We want to be exalted, we want to be noticed for what we do.
Now I can hear a little bit of disbelief. In my spirit, I just feel this right now.
So let me just prove it to you, okay? I’ll just ask you, one person.
I’m going to prove that the most important person in your life is you, even as you’re
growing in Christ. Christ becomes the most important, but this
is the way- but this is the way we naturally are.
Let me prove it to you. Who is the first person you look for in a
group picture? [LAUGHTER] And if you don’t look good, the who picture
is bad. That’s a bad picture.
That’s a bad- that’s a bad picture. Don’t look at that picture.
That’s a bad picture. That’s the way we are.
We want to draw attention to ourselves until we get saved and become like Jesus.
And of course, we have to renew our mind and grow.
Notice though, Jesus was the opposite. Totally opposite.
Jesus drew attention to the Father the whole time he was here.
They said to him, “We love- we love the miracles that you do.”
You know what he said? “I don’t do anything unless I first see
the Father do it.” So they kind of went, “Hmm, okay that didn’t
work. Ok, um- oh, we love your teachings.
We love your teachings.” He says, “I don’t say anything unless
I first hear the Father say it.” Everything.
They say, “Well we even- we even love that you came.”
He said, “My Father sent me.” He just continually draws attention to his
Father. Satan’s desire though is to draw attention
to himself. Now let me show you something else about Lucifer
that you may or may not know. Lucifer was the worship leader in heaven.
I’ll show you how we know. We started in Isaiah 14 and verse 12.
If you look at verse 11, Isaiah 14 verse 11 says, “Your pomp is brought down to Sheol,
and the sound of your stringed instruments,” “Your stringed instruments.”
Most people have never seen this in the Bible. Lucifer was created with instruments in his
body. Stringed instruments so he can lead worship.
Now I’m going to show you another passage in Ezekiel 12.
It’s speaking to a man, but it’s addressing the spirit behind man.
By the way, Isaiah 14 is a prophecy to the king of Babylon, but it’s addressing Satan.
You might think, well how do you know it’s Satan?
Well, it’s very clear because it says Lucifer- he calls him Lucifer.
But the other thing is this happens in the Bible several times.
As a matter of fact, there’s a very famous time it happened that all of you know.
Jesus spoke to a man and addressed Satan. Remember?
He said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan.” Of course, right before that, he said, “Your
name is no longer Simon, which means ‘little pebble,’ it’s now Peter, which means ‘strong
rock’.” I was- I’m thinking when he said, you know,
“Get behind me, Satan,” I’m thinking he was thinking, “Hey, what happened to
Peter?” You know, I like Peter better.
Call me Peter, don’t call me Satan anymore, you know.
But he addressed Satan. So Ezekiel 28, the Bible is addressing Satan
but he addresses the prophecy to the king of Tyre and he’s addressing the person motivating
the king of Tyre. And I’ll prove it to you.
You will see it as clearly as day. It is clear.
So, Ezekiel 28 verse 11 says, “Moreover the word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘Son
of Man, take up a lamentation for the king of Tyre, and say to him, ‘Thus says the
Lord God: ‘You were the seal of perfection,’” now he’s talking about Satan before the
fall. Watch, “‘Full of wisdom and perfect in
beauty.’” Now, this is either talking Lucifer as the
angel, or the king of Tyre was one good looking dude, okay?
But the next statement will tell you for sure it’s talking about Lucifer.
Watch this, “You were in Eden, the garden of God.”
Okay, let’s stop for a moment. There were four persons in Eden.
God, Adam, Eve, and Satan. The king of Tyre wasn’t in Eden.
He wasn’t even born. Nobody ever entered Eden again after the fall
because God stationed angels there so nobody could even go in.
But then it says, “You were in Eden, the garden of God.”
He’s addressing the spirit behind the king of Tyre, which is the spirit of Satan, okay?
“You were in Eden, the garden of God.” Listen to this, “Every precious stone was
your covering.” And then it lists, “The sardius, topaz,
diamond, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold.
The workmanship,” now we’ll come back to this statement, “of your timbrels and
pipes was prepared for on the day you were created.”
Okay, next verse tells us again that we know it’s talking about Satan.
Watch this, “You were the anointed cherub who covers,” a cherub is an angel.
You were a ruling angel. “I established you.
You were on the holy mountain of God,” which is referring to heaven.
“You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones.
You were perfect- you were perfect in your ways [until] from the day you were created,
till iniquity was found in you.” That’s Lucifer.
“By the abundance of your trading,” I need to come back to the word trading and
understand and explain it to you, all right, so we’ll understand.
“By the abundance of your trading you became filled with violence within, and you sinned.”
Lucifer sinned. Therefore I cast you as a profane thing out
of the mountain from God.” Lucifer fell from heaven.
Jesus said he saw him as lightning fall from heaven.
“And I destroyed you, O covering cherub,” or ruling angel, “from the midst of the
fiery stones.” Okay, so, first of all, let’s talk about
his sin. It says you sinned because of trading, okay?
That word is called merchandising, and here’s what it means from the Hebrew, okay?
Let’s say that Pastor David worked for me, and let’s say I owned a suit store, a men’s
clothing store. And I own the store, but Pastor David he just
works for me. And so you come in and you want to buy a suit
and it’s the 50 percent time sale, you know. And it’s $300 and so it’s 150 bucks.
And you think, “You know, I need one once a year, you know, for my sister’s wedding,
or whatever it is. I got to get a suit.”
So, you buy a suit for $150. Now let’s say you give him cash.
Now let’s just say that David puts $100 in the cash register and $50 in his pocket.
That’s merchandising. That’s what the Hebrew word means right
there. It means that money passes through your hands
and is supposed to go to the rightful owner, but you keep some of it.
That’s what Lucifer did. Lucifer was the worship leader in heaven,
and the worship would pass through him and go to God, the rightful owner.
And one day when Lucifer was leading worship he said, “I’m going to keep some of that.”
And God said, “You’re out.” Not because God’s an insecure God, but because
no one is worthy to be worshipped except God. No one.
And Lucifer was kicked out. Let me show you again how we know he was the
worship leader in heaven, all right? We read it, but I want to go back to it.
It’s the second part of verse 13. It says, “The workmanship of your timbrels
and pipes,” remember those two words, “timbrels and pipes was prepared for you on the day
you were created.” Okay?
“The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes,” timbrels, this world in the Hebrew and nearly
every time in the Old Testament it is translated except here.
It’s timbrel, but you can see- but it’s translated tambourines.
Pipes are translated in other places of the Bible as flutes.
So think about this, Isaiah 14 it says, “The sound of your stringed instruments.”
This says that “The workmanship of your tambourines and your flutes was prepared for
you on the day that you were created.” Now I don’t know if you realize this, but
we just covered all three categories of instruments right there.
There are only three categories of instruments, strings, tambourines which would be percussion,
and flutes, which would be wind. And we divide wind into brass and reed, okay?
But it takes wind to make it happen. So, Satan had strings, percussion, and wind
instruments created in him- in him. Why?
Because he’s the worship leader in heaven. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about
this but you were created with all three of these instruments in you.
All of them. Strings, you have strings or chords in your
throat. They’re called vocal cords.
Do you know how you speak or sing? Wind passes over those chords.
And you say, well what about percussion? *Claps* *Stomps*
You have percussion. Are you all following me?
You have all three instruments. Now please catch this.
God created Lucifer with instruments, Lucifer fell.
And then he created us with instruments. So it’s possible that a conversation like
this happened. After Lucifer fell it’s possible that Lucifer
said something like this, “Who’s going to be your worship leader now?
Who’s going to give you glory now? Who’s going to be your praise leader now?
Who’s going to be your new worship leader?” And God reached down, grabbed a handful of
dirt, squeezed it, blew in it, and said, “That is my new worship leader.
That’s my new worship leader right there.” [APPLAUSE] “And furthermore, that is going to crush
your head. I’m going to show my glory through that
dirt right there.” See worship is more important than you think.
You may not be the best musician or singer in the world, but worship- let me give you
the most practical definition I know of worship. Worship is love expressed.
It’s not just love, it’s expressed. When you get married, try not expressing your
love to your spouse. See how that works out for you. [LAUGHTER] It won’t work out.
And what gets me is guys are the worst. Guys are the worst.
Guys will they’ll tell me- they stand there in worship service, you know, like this.
They stand there. And I’ll say to them- I remember one guy
in our church, I even said to him, “You know, you don’t seem real expressive during
worship.” He said, “Well, it’s just not my personality.”
A few months after that, that guy and I went to a Dallas Cowboy football game. [CHEERS] He had the most unbelievable change in his
personality you’ve ever seen. He shouted, he clapped, he danced.
He- “Woooo!” He did all this stuff.
And I thought, “You’re not expressive?” Listen to me, if you can get excited about
a big, stupid, ugly guy carrying a pig across a chalk line, you ought to be able to get
excited about being redeemed from eternal hell to eternal heaven. [APPLAUSE] That should excite you.
And there’s a possibility- and I really don’t mean this wrong because we’re all
learning and growing- there’s a possibility that some of you haven’t been redeemed yet.
There’s a possibility that your parents believe in God but you haven’t made an adult
decision to follow God yet. And that’s why worship doesn’t mean anything
to you. But when he saves your soul and forgives you
of your sins, you’re going to worship God. [APPLAUSE] So we’re talking about Satan’s greatest
desire. Satan’s greatest desire, let me boil it
down for you, is to be worshipped. That’s his greatest desire before the fall
even when Jesus was on this earth. Oh, by the way, I just have to tell you this.
There are three archangels mentioned in the Bible.
Lucifer who ruled – past tense – over worship.
Gabriel is an archangel, he rules over the Word.
Anytime you see Gabriel he’s bringing the Word of the Lord.
Michael rules over prayer, when you see Michael he’s answering prayer.
Prayer, worship, and the word. These are the- every church service we’re
going to do those three things. We’re going to worship, we’re going to
have the Word, and we’re going to pray. Every quiet time should have those three.
Do you know why some quiet times are boring? Because they pray and read the Bible and they
don’t worship. Worship is what was lost.
Worship is what God created us to do. So worship is Satan’s greatest desire.
Let me just- another Scripture. When Jesus was on this earth- if you want
to know if worship is his greatest desire Matthew 4 says again, “The devil took him
up on an exceedingly high mountain,” that’s Jesus.
The devil took Jesus up, “showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.
And he said to him, ‘All these things I will give you if you will fall down and worship
me.’” Boy, if you don’t think that’s his greatest
desire, he tried to get Jesus to worship him. By the way, you know what’s cool?
It’s that we have the end of the book. We have the end of the book, right?
Okay, did you know that Satan’s desire in the end times is still to be worshiped?
Revelation 13 verse 4. “So they worshiped the dragon,” that’s
Lucifer. Revelation 12 says that old dragon, the serpent
called Death, The devil, and Satan. So the dragon is Satan.
“They worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast
saying, ‘Who is like the beast? [And] who is able to make war with him?’”
Now you might not recognize that but they took a Scripture and sang it about Satan.
This is from Exodus 15 when they crossed the Red Sea.
Miriam- we think Miriam wrote the song but we don’t know for sure- but she led all
the women in a dance with tambourines. And one of the lines in that song is, “Who
is like our God? And who is able to make war with him?”
And in the end times, they are singing that about Satan.
Who is like the Beast? And who is able to make war with him?
Now here’s my personal opinion. Here’s what’s going to happen one day.
Jesus is going to be sitting on his thrown and they’re going to be singing on Earth,
“Who is like the Beast? And who is able to make war with him?”
And Jesus is going to say, “What the- what did they say?” [LAUGHTER] And Gabriel, you know he’s going to say,
“They said ‘Who’s like the Beast? Who’s able to make war with him?’ That’s
what they said, Lord.” Because he’s been looking forward to this
day for a long time. [LAUGHTER] And Jesus is going to say, “Gabe,” he
calls him Gabe because, you know, they’re close. [LAUGHTER] He’s going to say, “Gabe, get me my sword.”
And Revelation 19 says it this way. [APPLAUSE] Revelation 19 says, “And I saw heaven open,
and behold a white horse. And he that sat upon it is called Faithful
and True. And in righteousness, he doth judge and wage
war, and his eyes are a flame of fire, and on his head are many crowns.
And he has a name written which no man knows but he himself.
And he’s clothed with white linen. And the armies fight clothed in white linen,
fine and clean, follow him on white horses. And out of his mouth goes a sharp sword that
he should rule the nations, and he rules and treads the winepress of the wrath of Almighty
God. And his name is King of Kings and Lord of
Lords.” That is who is able to make war with Satan. [APPLAUSE] Okay, so Satan’s greatest desire is to be
worshipped. I’m going to tell you God’s greatest desire,
and it doesn’t take very long at all. So we’re almost finished, right?
In order to know God’s greatest desire let’s go back to the beginning for a minute.
Why’d he even create us, all right? So, I’ve got to say something.
I can say it grammatically current, I can. But it’s easier if I use incorrect grammar
if you don’t mind, just for a moment. And some of you are thinking, “Listen, I
won’t know anyway. Just say it okay?
It won’t matter to me.” [LAUGHTER] When God wanted something, he spoke to what
he wanted it to be made out of and to be dependent upon.
So let me say it again. Well, let me tell you this first.
God created some things. Look very closely at Genesis 1.
He created some things, and he made some things. Here’s the difference.
To create something is to form something out of nothing.
By the way, none of you can do that. If you take me to your house and you have
a clay thing that you did pottery, and you said, “Look at what I created,” okay,
you did not create that. Because create is to form something out of
nothing. To make something is to form something out
of something else. So you started with clay.
You did not say, “Let there be a vase,” and there was a vase. [LAUGHTER] So we can’t do that.
I’ve tried it. I’ve said, “Let there be a red Corvette
in my driveway.” There’s no red Corvette, okay. [LAUGHTER] So you- okay, so you make some stuff and you
create some stuff. When God made things- see, he created light,
“Let there be light.” Okay, but when he made some things he spoke
to what he wanted it to be made out of or made from, come from.
And what he wanted it to be dependent upon for its life, and then to return to.
Giving you some examples, Genesis 1 verse 11.
God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, plants, herbs, and trees,” okay.
In the Hebrew, this is what that actually says, “Earth, bring forth.”
“Earth,” he’s speaking to the earth, “Earth, bring forth trees and grass.”
Here’s why he did it, he wanted trees to come from the dirt, to be sustained by the
dirt, and to return to the dirt. Verse 20, he said, “Let the waters abound
with fish.” Fish are sustained by water.
You take them out of water they die. Verse 24, “Let the earth bring forth Animals.”
Birds of the field, beasts of the earth. He said, “Earth, bring forth animals.”
Animals come from dirt, they’re sustained by dirt, they go back to dirt.
So you say now, “So why is this so important, Pastor?”
Because when God wanted man and woman he spoke to himself.
Verse 26, “Let us make,” not create, “make man in our image.”
God created us to come from God, to be sustained by God, and to return to God.”
Now some people- [APPLAUSE] Some people will say, “No, no, no, God formed
man out of the dust of the ground.” No, no, no, no, no, God formed man’s body
out of the dust of the ground. My body came from dirt, it’s sustained by
dirt, and goes back to dirt. But my spirit came from God, is sustained
by God, and goes back to God. I came from God. [APPLAUSE] Okay, but what would happen if a plant said
to the dirt, “I’m pulling out”? “I’m going to make it on my own.” [LAUGHTER] What would happen?
It’d die, right? Man said to God, “I’m pulling out.
I’m going to make it on my own.” God said, “The day you do, you’ll die.”
Man’s body didn’t die. Our bodies came from dirt.
Man’s spirit died. Ephesians 2: “You were dead in your trespasses
and sin.” Then God made you ok.
So, I’m trying to figure out what God’s greatest desire is.
Think about this, just really think about this.
This will blow you away. Hopefully, you can think about it all week.
I’m trying to figure out what God’s greatest desire is, and God made someone just like
he is, in his image, after his likeness, just like him.
And the person that he made- think about this now, the person he made had a desire.
Think about that. I want to know what God’s desire is.
He made a mirror image of himself, and the person he made had a desire.
Now I’m talking about Adam before the fall, and before Eve was created.
Because Adam went to God and said, “Hey, love the garden, love all the stuff, love
the animals. But I’m lonely and I want a companion.”
And here’s what God said to him, “Well, I did everything in six days.
I didn’t really have time to name all the animals.
If you could name the animals that would help me.
And why you’re naming the animals, why don’t you just see if there’s anybody you like.”
That’s really what he said because read it, it says and as Adam named the animals
there was not found for him a companion. So he’s looking for a companion.
And so, you know- you know the- he looks at, you know, like, you know, the bear.
And he thinks, “You know, well, you know she’s fat but she’ll be warm in the winter,
you know.” [LAUGHTER] He looks at the giraffe, “She’s probably
a little too tall for me, you know.” Doesn’t find anyone.
But while he’s looking for a companion he falls asleep, right?
Read it. And when he wakes up there’s this new animal
there. [LAUGHTER] Naked. [LAUGHTER] And he says, “Woah, man.”
That’s how she got her name in case you don’t know.
So you have to- [LAUGHTER] Just telling you.
You have to go to seminary to learn that. That’s pretty deep, theologically. [LAUGHTER] Wow!
No, what he said was, “Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.”
You know what he said? “She looks like me.”
Let me say it another way. “She’s in my image.
She looks like me.” Okay, so how do we know what Jesus’ and
God’s greatest desire. I mean, why didn’t God make Adam a football?
I mean, men like footballs. Why didn’t he make him a remote control?
Men like remote controls. How did God know that the only thing that
would satisfy Adams’ heart was a bride? Let me say it one more time, just make sure
you’re getting this. How did God know that Adam’s greatest desire
was a bride? Simple, because it’s God’s greatest desire.
You want to know what God’s greatest desire is?
You. You are God’s greatest desire.
You’re God’s greatest desire. Now let me tell you one more thing, all right?
If you were- if this has happened- we know that when Adam sinned, Eve- when Eve sinned,
Adam was beside her. But what if Adam had not been with her.
I’m just giving you a what if. I know he was, but what if he had not, all
right? If Eve had sinned and Adam had been on the
other side of the garden, God would have had to say to Adam, “I’m so sorry son, but
your bride has sinned and she’s going to die.”
Now that didn’t happen, we know that. But let me tell you what did happen.
God had to say to his son one day, “I’m so sorry son, but your bride has sinned.
And she’s going to die.” And Jesus said, “I’ll die for her.
I’ll die for her.” [APPLAUSE] That’s how you know that you’re God’s
greatest desire. I want you to bow your heads and close your
eyes. And I want to pray for you and then turn it
back over to Pastor David. (Praying) Lord, I pray that you would put
such a knowing in us that you love us beyond even our human comprehension.
And I pray Lord that when we come into times of worship like tonight with Kari and Cody,
I pray that we will express our love to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
(End) God bless you guys. [APPLAUSE]>>NASSER: Can we thank Pastor Robert for
opening God’s Word for us? Such an honor for us to have you here, sir.
We love you, sir. Great job.

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