Robert Mueller Delivers Opening Statement To House Judiciary Committee
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Robert Mueller Delivers Opening Statement To House Judiciary Committee

November 19, 2019

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  1. Pure example! Republican lawmakers are corrupt and will do anything to remain in power even if that's lying, cheating, getting foreign help from a foreign country like Russia, obstructing justice, distorting the law to fit their needs and passing racist legislation. Just evil and corrupt, unAmerican traitors!

  2. Trump was elected through the Russians help. So I don't think he or the Republican leadership would actually put a serious effort to stop it again as long as they benefit and hold the White House. Idiot Republicans there was a coup with the help of the Russians and many of you are traitors to this country because you don't care as long as Trump is in office. Trump the most of his administration's and Republican leadership are puppets or informants a Russia.

  3. Next Trump will call on Candenve Owens and or Kanye West or one of the Kardashians to show up with a maga or " make America white again" hat and a big smile. Can't wait to see Kanye West tap dance for Trump like the piece the s*** he is. Hey, where are the opportunist black Republicans (like Candace Owens) I haven't heard squat from them about what's been going on. I'm not surprised! Be on the lookout, Trump will create a distraction in order to change the conversation about him being a liar, traitor and the most racist president in US history. Plus, the disgusting display by his supporters chanting "get her out". Knowing the racial overtones of a all-white audience or predominant white audience chanting "get her out". Most minorities are thinking his supports were really believe what they were chanting and they ment it, saying "send her back". Remember it only starts with one group then while blaming those groups for all the problems in America. Don't let history repeat itself! I know a lot of minorities feel that this country is going back to the 1930s or worse. Hatred just needs one Spark and for people to blindly support those leaders who accepted and bow for political power. Trump and the Republican Party are destroying America by making hatred acceptable and Corruption protected. Another racist tweet by this president, what a disgrace. Anyone that still supports Trump is complicit and is a racist just like Trump and his policies. When it comes to his Republican supporters (his base), facts don't matter, truth doesn't matter, country over party does not matter but only hatred, power and control matters. How forsaken are these people and the Republican party  is willing to destroy America from within.

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