Robert Reich: We’re Living a Constitutional Crisis
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Robert Reich: We’re Living a Constitutional Crisis

August 26, 2019

I keep hearing that if Trump fires Mueller,
we’ll face a “constitutional crisis.” Or if Mueller subpoenas Trump to testify and
Trump defies the subpoena, it’s a “constitutional crisis”. Or if Mueller delivers substantial evidence
that Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia or of obstructing justice, and the House does
nothing to impeach him, we have a “constitutional crisis.” Well, I have news for you. We’re already in a “constitutional crisis”. You see, the Constitution is a tiny document. It requires that presidents and others in
positions of power be bound by norms, unwritten rules, and long-established understandings
of their constitutional responsibilities. Yet look at what’s happened since January
2017: Trump fires the head of the FBI and conjures
up a plot that the FBI installed a spy in his campaign. He blames the entire Mueller investigation
on a conspiratorial “deep state” that’s out to remove him from office. He uses pardons to demonstrate to people already
under investigation that they don’t need to cooperate because he can pardon them, too. He and his lawyers say he has the absolute
right to pardon himself and could thereby immunize himself from any outcome. He asserts that the appointment of the special
counsel was unconstitutional, and that he has the power under the Constitution to end
the investigation whenever he wants. Beyond this, he, berates judges who disagree with him, intelligence agencies who don’t do his bidding and journalists and news organizations that criticize him. He uses the presidency like a personal fiefdom
to enrich himself and his family. He unilaterally breaks treaties, starts trade
wars with long-standing allies, and cozies up to some of the most murderous dictators
in the world. And he treats Americans who didn’t vote for
him and disapprove of him as his enemies, tweets and holds rallies with his followers
that fuel division and hate. There’s no exact definition of a constitutional
crisis. Presumably, it is when the United States Constitution
is in crisis. And it is in crisis now, today, because the
president of the United States is abusing it to entrench his power. As long as he can get away with it, as long
as Republicans who control Congress won’t stand up to him, as long as Americans who
oppose this have no capacity to stop him even though they may be in the majority, this rogue
president will do more and more damage to our system of government. And the constitutional crisis will worsen. A malignant megalomaniac facing no countervailing
power will continue to expand his terrain until he is stopped. The best response is to vote for a Congress
this November that will constrain him. And then, in November 2020, vote him and his
regime out of office. If he refuses to accept the results of that
election, as he threatened to do if he lost the 2016 election, I will totally accept the results if I win. he must be removed from office. What do you think? How would you describe a constitutional crisis? Let us know in the comments. If you’re wondering how we ended up with Trump in the first place, be sure to watch our video on “How We Got Into This Mess”. And as always, make sure to subscribe to this channel for more videos like this one.

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  1. Yes this country is in a constitutional crisis law enforcement has been dishonest and dreadful at protecting the people they've been twisting and unraveling the constitution yes this country is in crisis

  2. Trump IS THE CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS. He SEEKS TO DIVIDE. He seems to want to start a civil war. Then he could declare martial law. Soon we will be seeing journalists murdered. I read an article this morning about Q. Supposedly a high level government official dribbling bits of information like a scavenger hunt. They are threatening Avennati, parking near his office. Trump WANTS violence. Anything to distract people from his nefarious activities.

  3. well said Putin's useful idiot is becoming more and more dangerous as he gains power and conotinually gets away with horrific behavior tantamont to Treason and crime. Waiting for the gop congress to hold this maniac accountable.. Since this is not happening, vote this gop congress out of office!

  4. Maybe the constitution needs to be reexamined and edited because it seems to only apply to some people and not others.

  5. Q=SS. Unfortunately the other half are in a desperate separate reality and are filled with hate. So much hate they cannot 👀. Unfor tunately, Mr. Reich is preaching to the choir, which should be all of US!
    Its time to act blue if you are blue! Even if you are red, before these stupid goons destroy any more of US and our well earned accomplishments of governance you just heard Mr. Reich speak of…the better virtues we grew up with that are devoid as of late are totally gone. We only made it this far because of these unspoken rules.
    What kind of legacy will you leave? Where will this void of soul "Twitler" take US now?

  6. You gotta stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. I’ll stand with American values against Trump.

  7. The "banks n pedophiles fires tons of folks.. Mentally and financial.. Dems reps..all corporate over people. Simple. .
    #redneckrevolt gg
    Mafia run govs.. Nahhhhh
    ontinent, according to VOA and online screenshots that could not be independently verified by AFP.

    "Listen to what I say, is it wrong?" Sun asked the security detail in the recording.

    "People are poor. Let's not throw our money in Africa," he said, telling the intruders that "throwing money like this is of no good to our country and society" before the line went dead.

    – 'Real tyranny' –

    Sun, who is one of China's oldest activists, is kept under regular surveillance.

  8. Investigation? Ha "dirty money hsbc".

    Why do folks think kvshner flew to Uruguay right away? Hrmmmm? Using our taxes for that flight. Exile.

  9. Why do you think koch and bvsh are enemies of the trvmp admin.. But all screwed average American Atheists what!?

  10. You dum right. American weak up if not there will be nothing left. …..Trump is attacking USA with Russian. Only American cant see it.

  11. He's only doing the Rothchilds And Rockfellars Bidding to dominate the world, but like all he will be eventually cast aside like a Darth Tyrannus.

  12. He is not a smart man but rather a devious man. I have faith in good attorneys like you. Mr Conway also hates trump even though his wife works for him. That is huge. Good attorneys will save this country because they know what to do. I am proud of our legal system!

  13. The Constitution only works if everybody follows it. I remember Dick Cheney refusing to turn over his Vice Presidential papers to the National Archives. His reason was that his position was the fourth branch of government!! Nothing happened to him. So much for the rule of law.

  14. The U.S.A. might be sort of like Germany in August 1939  but with nuke weapons . The rest of the planet had better brace for some really crazy scary times if Trump get away with being Trump much longer.

  15. I'm again buying back into this idea that Trump in in the final stages of this affliction . Seems to explain so much of why Trump acts like Trump.

  16. We're in crisis because the rest of the power elite are trying to deny Trump, and by extension the will of the victorious half of the American people. Stacking the Supreme Court in such a way that the 1st and 2nd Amendments are quite well-protected for the rest of my days is one of the main reasons I voted for the man. Also, you could accuse almost every U.S. president of everything stated in this video, if you take the time to look at who they "cozy up to" and how they use their power.

  17. The real Constitutional crisis is the coup that has been ongoing for two years, carried out by little Bobby's leftist pals. Every one of the deep state rats is guilty of treason and, hopefully, will be outed and prosecuted.

  18. Ya. What’s her name again. The one and her club members who always violate rules and lies to her own people the crimes….. who went to jail???? I thought you supported Bernie. But again. Doesn’t matter …. Trump is doing our favor. Bernie will never achieved it. We peasants should now how powerful the criminals are (were) and what they did and what they get away with… again what mess?? The mess your friends created??

  19. Shut ur big liberal mouth Reich…. take your propaganda back to those Clinton criminals that you support so much

  20. It's a never ending circle of uneducated morons keep voting for the Republicans, in turn the Republicans keep to control the government to control the morons.

  21. Constitutional Crisis is when Liberals forget how to read the 2nd Amendment. A campaign crisis is when you have a Candidate who campaigns to infringe on the 2nd amendment Probably a Russian mole wrote her speeches?

  22. With all the good news, jobs, economy, why would you want to stop him. Yeah lets start a revolution, because people thought my candidate was joke.

  23. Why is it legal for one branch of government to issue ethics waivers to members of other branches of government? Shouldn’t separation of powers prevent this? I am referring to the secret Executive Ethics Waiver 13770, given to Noel Francisco in April 2018, by President Trumps White House legal counsel.

  24. Trump spreads national and worldwide anxiety and hate. He may easily be the most destructive and dangerous President in our history. His hate and disrespect breaks my heart and soul.

  25. Robert I didn't know much about politics before, but I'm beginning to learn more now.
    And listening to your video, that I truelly enjoyed. You are 1000 % correct. We are in deep trouble. Thank you for your videos. Gob bless you

  26. When he is voted out, he can rant all he wants. Any attempt at dictatorship will result by forcible removal or worse. If the laws of the United States hesitate or waver, the PEOPLE won't.

  27. We the People hold the greatest power if only we would exercise it.

    We need to teach our government that we will not stand for illegitimate elections.

    Russia, Assange, Facebook, Comey and/or Crosscheck = illegitimate election.

    Bush was also illegitimate. Both the uncounted votes and voters purged from the rolls on the false claim that they were ineligible felons exceeded Bush's margin in Florida in 2000.

    Occupy every highway, bridge, and airport, and peacefully force this illegitimate and dangerous administration and its judicial appointees to resign.

    Grind this machine to a halt.


  28. I think Trump is the final result showing our little 18th century plutocracy is in desperate need of peaceful reform.

  29. It is a crisis whereby the Senate aides and abetts the Enemy of the People. It is the Congresses job to Protect Government of the People, by the People, for the People from Enemies both Foreign and Domestic. We currently have BOTH; Russia and Trump/McConnel/Murdoch.
    How is it that McConnel and his lackeys are not mentioned in the news every evening? How is it that Murdoch is not mentioned as an AGENT OF A FOREIGN POWER?
    It is this way because, whether right it wrong, Citizens United has placed the US Government for sale to the highest bidder. We have 456 supposed representatives in the [combined] Congress and they currently do the bidding of their 6 masters, due to Citizens United.
    It is time for Amending the Constitution to correct this aggregious situation, before the Military is bought.

  30. Agree. Now post midterm, our elected Democratic officials are continuing to refuse to speak as you do, refuse to stand up to t and the republicans. Activism is the only hope.

  31. USA is no longer a democracy.Money and lobbyists (more money) can buy you the highest seat of power. This is how dictatorship works.

  32. Robert Reich, please keep speaking the truth. apparently we Americans have become so complacent that we have allowed this to happen. Yes, we the people have allowed this to happen. And we the people can take our country back!

  33. Sad to say, but an assassin's bullet might to be the only way to save America. I don't want it to come to that, but what if America simply destroys itself, and all of modernity, by insisting on an orange clowns as it's tyrant-in-chief. Over 100 years of being the shining light of hope for the world, discarded by a buffoon who can't even read. I get why people found his racist rhetoric appealing. They've been left behind by an economic system that is cruel to the have-nots. Get money out of politics…..or else face a world hostile to the average man……

  34. I got a "D" in high school economics growing up in Orange County, CA.That was an education in itself. I appreciate Robert's teaching. He makes perfect sense.

  35. We need to eliminate all democRats and Socialists. Socialism and Liberty / Freedom cannot coexist, because socialism requires the robbing of the productive and redistributing the stolen loot to the parasites. Why don't you democrats go to Venezuela? Run out of people there to rob?

  36. Constitutional Crisis? Shit, we're in a Democratic crisis. Republicans have been grooming their party to blindly obey for decades. Trump just ran with the ugly truth behind their facade, racism, religious extremism, and vulture capitalism. If Trump did nothing else he picked the scab off America to show the rotting infection underneath it. And more people are learning the truth every day with videos like this.

  37. No society requires a President….be rid of the office of the presidency…you never have to worry about this sh#t ever again.

  38. Look at ancient Rome folks…it's the same thing…ALL over again. A modern day Nero.
    It's a F'ing Republic…NOT a true democracy and is already transforming into a empire.

  39. Trump is imitating Adolph Hitter: create an enemy where there isn’t one, vilify the enemy and spread lies about “them” and their imaginary wrong doings, put them in camps and so on. Some people are willing to believe this story and they are behaving like Nazis, some are even dressing like them and acting proud of themselves for doing it- these sick individuals are the ones who need to be locked up to protect everyone else. We should be very concerned about this travesty and speaking up about it.

  40. Trump is a would be dictator. We must stop him. Both political parties are corrupt. Instead of instigating a coup in Venezuela and decimating other countries we need to get our own house in order. Clean house! Let's get rid of these spineless career politicians and find new people who actually care about our country.
    We are tired of greedy traitors running the show.

  41. Liberals pull bullshit out of thin air, claim it as constitutional right , get the Supreme Court to make it law instead of making it a law through Congress, then have the balls to say we have a Constitutional crisis.

  42. Wow you turned out to be so wrong. He's there because we were already in crisis. We got Trump because Hillary got caught.youve been saying for years the system was broken. He was the only one refusing the status quo.

  43. His demagogy has gone on long enough. The American people must vote this disgraceful man-child out of office so he can go to prison where he belongs

  44. trump not wanting to leave after he loses in 2020 and having to be removed has become a frightening reality by now. Not to mention his idiotic followers who will defend him – I hope to God I am wrong, but it might just be a blood bath.

  45. If president Game Show Host refuses to step down once his term is up, he will be committing high treason and, I believe, deserve the death penalty.

  46. Thank you so much for the videos that you have posted about the direction the Democrats need to take to ameliorate the effects of trump’s toxic behavior, his relentless challenging of corroborated accounts of his destructive behavior, his relentless challenging of accepted facts, & his deliberate weakening of our very basic established definition of corroborated fact. Right now in this country, the term “fake news”, a low information content phrase if there ever was one is now used as a refutation of any commentary he doesn’t agree with. I’m tired of this move toward a state of trump that exists in this country. We must exploit any & all legal means to vacate his presidency as expeditiously as possible, up to & including his physical removal from office if he fails to comply with due process. America is not a person & never will be the whims of 1 man who believes that our country is his to bend to his will as long as he says. This is not the behavior of a rational human being, but of a man who has repeatedly failed to hold onto vast sums of money that he was given by his father over his life. Now he expects this country to sit still while he drains the treasury for the benefit of himself & his cronies. Enough! We need to stop this now. We paid for Mr Muller to investigate trump only to have AGBarr redact that report, instead releasing a cherry-picked summary of findings clearly slanted at keeping trump in office despite the existence of evidence that could be used to initiate the due process for trump’s removal from office prior to the 2020 election. Why the urgency? Because trump is bringing new assaults on the constitutional powers used to check the behavior of illegal or immoral uses of his office. Perhaps we may make it to 2020. I certainly hope that we do; but with each passing day & trump instigated chaos to destabilize the congressional check on his authority, it becomes clear that the sooner we do something, anything to stifle trump’s momentum, the better our chances of righting this republic & send conspiracy theorists back under the rocks from where they are presently emerging.

  47. Disgusting that the toddler in chief actually goes on vacation to Japan during Memorial Day weekend, instead of paying tribute to our fallen heroes from all wars! 
    But then, trump views all of them as the "ultimate losers" because they "failed".
    Remember what he said about McCain? Now HE was an American hero. And so are you, Robert.
    Please keep sounding the alarm… His peons in the Senate DO hear you – they are just too cowardly to do anything about it.

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