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Rocky Balboa – Pursuit Of Happiness

October 20, 2019

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  1. "Didn't I do what you asked?"

    "Yes you did."

    "So I should get a license."

    "Not exactly."

    Ladies and gentleman the American government.

    Except in America, a rousing speech won't get politicians to change their mind.

  2. Rocky hit the nail on the head when the committee told him the reason they denied him for a license. These old government pricks were definitely looking out for their own interests a little more. They could’ve given two shits about Rocky’s interests…

  3. I got rejected by the british army on medical grounds.

    Now I am pursing my career in the royal air force much more respected, much better prepared.

    Sometimes the no turns into the best yes you've ever experienced.

  4. My Leader My Idol there will never be another Actor like Him. Inspire's Me always did Love him dearly for that Love you Sly

  5. Raziel from Legacy of Kain vs. Rocky … and if anyone gets that reference you win the internet 🙂

  6. Obviously, you all know this video is incredibly, but for me, the last 20 seconds are exceptionally good. The amount of self awareness he shows about getting older and recognising how life isn't about getting everything we want, he clearly understands that, but also, he asks the committee to trust the values that make up their job not just for his benefit, but for the benefit of society. Finally, he nods out of respect for them, confident they can be trusted to do the right thing. Never fails to bring me up.

  7. That was just messed up how they made him do those tests hoping he would actually fail to save themselves.

    If it’s a no just say it from the start wth

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