Ron Perlman Talks President Donald Trump Speech Patterns | AM Joy | MSNBC
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Ron Perlman Talks President Donald Trump Speech Patterns | AM Joy | MSNBC

October 13, 2019

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  1. pMSNBC aka just another propaganda wing of the DNC providing "news" to the groupthink low info voters of America who lap it up….Stay dumb dim-o-crappers!

  2. Trump has some sort of mental health issue, certainly. When he first took office, he wanted to see "the button," the nuclear bombs button. It wouldn't be at all surprising to me if he got us into a war. Seems to me by his behavior and threats that he's just itching to show his full power. He's too dangerous, globally, to be a President.

  3. sad to say even tho your all in denial you all live around trump, there hasn't been one day in which no one talks about him and lots of people hates him so much that I think if he god forbid were to pass away the whole country would be in pain

  4. not everybody is the same we are all different , and who is anyone to say what's acceptable or not on anyone you seem to forget that the president is just a man at least he's being himself is more than you can say about all the president that are fakes liers, it is a un going judging call

  5. pathetic how MSM lowers the bar so much that they have to resort to insults and bully tactics…ron is a washed up has been actor

  6. Trump's speaking 'style' isn't linguistically 'oral', I don't think. Judging by the way he's always sort of stream of consciousness when he talks, just shows a lack of focus. I really think, besides being a raging narcissist, he would probably also score high on the ADHD scale.

  7. Donald Trump. The finest president the United States has ever had. He will run again and he will reign at least one more time.

  8. Yeah, I grew up with these people in Kansas. Intelligence makes people feel self-judgemental and they fear and hate it. They don't necessarily want someone "like themselves" but they just don't want to feel dumb, so they accuse other people of calling them that. Hence the creation of the very useful control term "elite". It delves into people's deepest fear– What I call the Primary Fear: That they won't be loved for being who they are and will be rejected from the social construct.

  9. Talking about his speech patterns while kids are being locked in cages…way to go MSNBC hard hitting journalism right there.

  10. Why am I seeing this in my feed. Lots and lots of things I have never watched. Lots of left socialist agent being pushed in me. WTH!!??

  11. When Joy asked the question, Perlman just slipped right into Trump character and it wasn’t until right after Perlman asked Macrons first name that she realized he WAS in character 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Brilliant!!!

  12. When people say they like Donald Trump because he speaks like they do, you know you're dealing with a moron. And if everything they talk about constantly comes back to how great they are, you're dealing with a moronic narcissist.

  13. Apparently you don't have to speak correctly to get voted President and be a billionaire. Syntax is meaningless. And who is the dude with the horse face.

  14. In Donald Trump "I lived in California, you know California is warm… nice people, nice weather…. the taco is good, it is very good.. blag blah blah"

  15. Have you watched "Idiocracy", the movie? This is it… in real life, unfortunately 🙁
    As a European and a Portuguese, I got to say, the great American People are loosing so much. I hope you get back on track, the whole world needs that to happen.

  16. Yes, yes he is so stupid MSNBC that's why he is the President and you two fools work for a bias news outlet! You should be ashamed you talk about your president this way.

  17. John McWhorter, nailed it, "he is a bar stool speaker". He is unprofessional, speaks out of the left side of his mouth. Its clear he is not qualified for this presidential position by any means. But here is the sad part. The people put him there and not just back wood individuals, Or Uneducated ones. Many every day Doctors and Lawyers support him. That's my greatest concern, is what people are actually thinking out there. This is not a game show or a hype to stir the country up. We are talking about the US president, Leader of the free country. And we look like idiots. Very sad.

  18. Joy Reid is a tranny. 3 head wide man shoulders, giant hands, shoulders disguised hormone voice, giant head.looks like Manchelle Obama and Ron Perlman was shaking like a school girl about to read her speech infant of the whole school, he knew he wasn't going to sound smart at the beginning he sounded so dumb then realized his only saving grace was act and keep the bit going. you can also see he did reach for his glasses that were in his breast pocket but then lied said he didn't have them cuz he knows he reads like a child probably.


  20. Ron you best stay with being a cave man looking for fire boy. You are worthless as an actor and even less butt kissing with the democrat socialists. Columbia professor sounds like a mental patient. Talks talks talks and says nothing. Mr. Trump is the greatest president we have ever had,

  21. I got it.  Comrade Trump over dosed on peyote, given to him by his illegal employees that he stiffed.  He's on a permanent high.

  22. Anytime I see these TROLL face makes me want to THROW UP! Honestly not even as a Halloween mask! lol…
    Besides that these TROLL has a LOW IQ of a FLEA

  23. While I agree we are experiencing a low point in the presidency, we do have a fair share of presidents who demonstrated significant flaws. Does anyone remember Teapot Dome? There are others, but public educ isn't what it once was. Well, those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

  24. OMG people. Great show! Ron and the professor were a breath of fresh air. The host is a hoot, gotta love her. Thanks everyone

  25. Ron Perlman….lmao now there's a scholar…you talk about Trumps words.listen to Ron the Weasel…what a bunch of losers

  26. I'm not a Republican, nor did I vote for either candidate in the '16 election. But Anti Trump people are filtering their "reality" through their myopia, bigotry, ignorance, and gullibility, as well as their embarrassment over the '16 loss. Donald Trump will enter the history books (the ones not written and published by leftists) as the most effective leader for positive change and growth that this country has ever seen. Franklin's, Lincoln's, Churchill's, FDR's idiosyncrasies are not found in the history books, and neither will Trump's be. And the fools like Perlman, De Niro, Baldwin, et al, who belittle him will be gone and forgotten long before those future historians so much as put pen to paper.

  27. What’s amazing is Obama was supposedly a great speaker but was the worst president and ran this country into the ground. The economy, healthcare, jobs, world relations with Freind or foe, race relations, national debt and so on. Meanwhile with Trump the economy is doing great, unemployment is at an all time low, healthcare has gotten somewhat better, we’ve gained back our dominance on the world stage, nation debt still grows but nowhere near what obama spent.. as for race relations it still seems to be the far left that spreads the hatred around with riots and protests. Plus has to involve race in every aspect of daily life instead of coexisting with one another. Also Trump doesn’t take a salary and as accomplished more in half a term than any president before him. At least as long as I’ve been alive. Oh and not to mention all the BS the left has done since before he was elected to try and stop him and has failed miserably at.

  28. I love Ron Perlman, he hits the way nail on the head, the way Trump talks, tell me again the reason Repukelins love him

  29. you know America doesn't need to hear any more of your lies corruption and deceit you're fake news or CNN that stands for the Communist news Network we know you're a socialist news Network piece of garbage and we're not listening to a word you say you're fake trash nothing in your mouth ever is truth it's just lies and America knows that you're corrupt trash

  30. A private Military Academy? He grew up in Queens NY, would jump on the Subway and hang out around Time Square – 42st when it was "Street Walker" hookers and drug dealers 24/7. His father found a hidden collection of switchblades in his bedroom, he pulled his @$$ out of public schools @ 13 and slammed him into a private Military Academy because even THEY couldn't keep him under control.

  31. His Multimillionare father, he built NYC City Housing Complexes, after a 6 year battle with it, it eventually develops into total dementia, passed away from Alzheimer's in 1999. Track down videos of Donald from 15 to 20 years ago, then Google the symptoms of Alzheimer's. You DON'T have to be a Dr to see that his brain is crashing, and it's getting worse every day.

  32. Who is this affirmative action talking head? Ron so if you don't like it Leave. After 8 years of Obozo it's a miracle we still have a Planet.

  33. If anybody is going to play him, you can now add the fact that he abuses Sudafed & Adderall, which explains all the sniffing he does. We have two versions of him, the uppers Trump, and downers Trump. When he's high, he talks like in a weirded haiku of incoherent words and the downer Trump where he's slower and unable to pronounce words like "origin" which he pronounces it orange.

  34. Unusually high ratio of dislikes to likes (as of Oct. 2019)– 1:3. Apparently Trump supporters tuned into this MSNBC segment for some reason.

  35. You can tell when he learns something that is common knowledge to everyone else "A lot of people dont know…."
    "No one knew…"

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