Rounded Picture Frame for a PowerPoint Slide Template ✔
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Rounded Picture Frame for a PowerPoint Slide Template ✔

September 10, 2019

Hey there. I’m back with another slide design. Now, this is very simple setup. I just have a title, a tagline, two items and two text boxes with example text. I would like to make something
unique with this picture which will capture your
attention and will originally review a photograph. I did already prepare the photograph, and I found something like that. I’m running this pinkish color scheme, so let’s stick to a pink photograph. I would like this dog
to be on the right side, but how to uniquely reveal that? Okay, let me work on that. At first, I click on the photograph. I go to Crop, and I crop
it to the appropriate size. I definitely want it only
to be on the right side of the photograph, okay? Now, I can position it a bit. Maybe I make it a bit
bigger, a bit higher. Okay, let’s say, not enough, that this would be my
concept for the slide. Right now, it’s pretty boring. But check out what can you
do with a few simple elements in PowerPoint. I will go to Insert. I will go to Shapes. And I will select that
rounded rectangle shape. The rounded rectangle
can be placed like this, and we have this little
yellow button here. This yellow button allows me to make totally rounded corners, and
this will be very useful. I press my Shift key. I rotate it 45 degrees and I
place it on the right top side of this photograph. Now, I select Shape Fill, no
fill, shape outline white. When do we have a small outline here, you can right-click, click on Format Shape to reveal this right box. Once you are there, please
make the width a bit bigger. I have the width, let’s
make it about 10 points, 10 or maybe 15. We will see how this turns out. And what’s great here,
if I make this smaller, I’m pressing my left Alt key, so it doesn’t snap to anything. If I make it smaller and shorter,
the roundness stays here. Okay, perfect. So let me start to create
something very unique with the roundness. I will make it like
that, maybe more points. 18 points would be okay. Okay, I will try to not
click the photograph. Control-C, Control-V, and make it bigger. Just with your normal keys, have it longer so it looks a bit better. And you can see where I’m going with that. Control-C, Control-V. Just take it, make it
bigger, just as you see fit. Make it longer so the
roundness is maximized. I’m always making sure that I
have maximal roundness here. Maybe a bit shorter, so the
spaces between those objects will be very similar. They don’t have to be perfectly equal, but they have to be similar. Okay, I will make this closer now. Control-C, Control-V, once again. Maybe then again one last time, and we should be done with this slide. Okay, we have something like that, and now the dog isn’t perfectly revealed, but that’s no problem. We can always crop this photograph to be on the top right side like that. Okay, Control-C, Control-V, and let me place the last one here. I will make this once
again super pretty big, and now I want to make
this properly distributed. Before I do so, I will take the width and make it 130 points. You can see what I’m doing here. And this will be my last frame. I will make it 130 points. I’ll try to make this
spacing kind of equal here. It really doesn’t have
to be super perfect, but kind of equal, maybe a bit longer. Okay, all of them could be a bit longer. And that’s no problem. I can simply Shift-click,
Shift-click, Shift-click. I can drag them a bit out, okay? Now this looks promising. Let us press Shift-F5. Okay, it slowly gets more unique, and as I see, I should reveal
more of this photograph. I can do this very simply, just dragging this and making this and making this a bit longer. It will be also better because
it covers the photograph. Then again, select all the other elements, including this one, and
make them a bit longer. This one, longer. This one, a bit longer. You have to always make those adjustments. And I can see, I have a little box here. No problem. I have the shapes as a
shortcut, which is Alt-2 for me. I will select a simple box. I will place the box here. Format, Shape Fill white,
Shape Outline, no outline, and no one sees that. I know, this is big. This comes sometimes in the way, and I could make it a bit shorter, but Shift-F5, look at that. We have a completely
unique way of showcasing this photograph and
this part of the design, and you can see I made the text invisible. That’s no problem. You just select the
text, select everything you want to be visible,
right-click, bring to front. This will bring it in
front of those objects. I hope this tutorial was fun for you and you enjoyed designing
this slide with me.

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