Royal Caribbean Liberty Of The Seas Food Slideshow

February 19, 2020

Hey Cruisers, it Sheri with CruiseTipsTV with
a look at five nights of food aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas. Let’s dig right in with night one in the
main dining room. For starters you can’t beat the Fresh bread
and rolls here, but we took it easy and saved room for a green salad and chilled strawberry
bisque. In the entrée department the linguini pomodoro
from the classics menu was an easy win, the same was true for the lasagna with beef Bolognese.
We also had to try the Garlic tiger shrimp entrée. Rounding out night one’s entrees
is chicken marsala. Here’s the line up for dessert: Brownie
ala mode from children’s menu, Tiramisu, strawberries romanoff and the dessert sampler Starting off night two we have a roman salad
with warm bacon-balsamic vinaigrette, yummy chilled banana & rum soup and lobster Bisque. Serving up the entrees now we get a look at
these uber cheesy Artichoke filled crepes. Chicken tenders from the kids menu are a must,
if you have a kid that is. And finally, my favorite, the Corvina filet. For dessert, bittersweet chocolate soufflé,
lemon merengue pie, and the easy winner in the night’s lineup, cheesecake. Night three at Chops grille got off to a good
start with these uniquely delicious pretzel rolls, a fruit salad, requested off menu for
our son, and of course we had to try the crab cake. Let’s talk rabbit food. First a delicious
Balsamic mesclun salad, then a very capable Cesar salad, and finally an absolutely terrific
and unique Goat cheese salad. Oh, and don’t miss the colossal Shrimp cocktail. We tried the: perfectly crisp fries topped
with truffle oil, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and roasted mushrooms The filet mignon was outstanding. And this,
believe it or not, is the New York Steak from the kid’s menu. Huckleberry cheesecake, so small, so delicious.
Coconut sorbet, and my favorite the warm center chocolate with coconut ice cream and caramelized
banana, and last but not least, a scrumptious mud pie. Now let’s head back to the main dining room,
and dig into some Asian inspired beef salad, a petite but good wedge salad, and your standard
fare cesar salad. And this refreshing chilled sweet red pepper soup. Entrees this evening included, Salmon en croute
– very tasty, Angus beef sliders with awesome fries, and Chicken picatta. Night four’s pudgifier’s included, Chocolate
marquis, Apple cobbler, Strawberry napoleon and, Mochaccino cheesecake Night five…ah, the last night wouldn’t
be complete without a Fancy fruit drink from the kid’s menu and a Skinny mojito. For appetizers, we tried a Ceasar salad, yummy
Peach soup And my favorite… Seafood Salad with citrus
drizzle From the kids menu tonight, we got back to
basics with chicken noodle soup and a Burger with fries. For the main course, The Fisherman’s platter
(aka lobster tail), Three cheese and Mushroom tortellini … and surprisingly good Soy meatballs. For our last weightgainification session we
had the Chocolate sensation, Angel food cake, Strawberry kiwi Pavlova, and Ivory chocolate
mousse. That’s it for this episode. Until next time,
we’ll see you on the high seas. Pssst, oh, these slideshows always make me
so hungry. But you know the drill; don’t forget to subscribe … yadda, yadda, yadda. Nobody else is doing it, they usually do. This is really embarrassing.

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