Royal Caribbean Liberty Of The Seas Inside Cabin
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Royal Caribbean Liberty Of The Seas Inside Cabin

January 26, 2020

Hey cruisers, it’s Sheri with CruiseTipsTV. This is cabin 9317 an inside stateroom on
the Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas. These rooms have two twin beds that convert
to a queen sized bed. From this angle you can see a nice flat screen
TV, a sitting area with a desk, the vanity, and a nice comfy couch. This room is spacious, and can be divided
with a sliding privacy curtain. These cabins are nicely decorated and have
quite a bit of storage space. As you can see, there are quite a few drawers and a nice big
closet. We are happy to report this stateroom does come equipped with a convenient hair
dryer. And finally, let’s take a look at the bathroom.
Your standard cruise ship shower here, and a functional sink with just a little bit of
storage below. That’s it for this episode. Thanks for watching,
and until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas. Pssst, Don’t forget to subscribe. Click
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  1. Excellent description of this stateroom. I know that I speak for everyone when I thank you for the slow, sweeping movement of your videos so we can get a sense of the room size. I would be interested if that couch becomes a pull out bed. With the privacy curtain, it could be a very nice room for a third person, especially a child. Thanks again.

  2. Nice, was this your first time on RCL?   Looking forward to seeing your take on the rest of the ship, the ports, and the cuisine.

  3. Two things about this video.
    1. The shower has a door – great stuff
    2. Did you notice how the towels were draped on the hand rail?   A scream!!

  4. *The Royal Caribbean Blog always delete posts that give bad reviews, and blocks the users.
    (The Royal Caribbean crew members told us that it was because of the bad weather we weren’t able to properly travel, and that it is not their responsibility. We did not pay money to the weather, we did not book a cruise with the weather. They say it’s the weather’s responsibility- even though they were the ones who planned and carried out the cruise. If you ever take a Royal Caribbean Cruise, you’re apparently making a contract with the weather.)
    My family recently cruised on Royal Caribbean Cruises, Majesty of the Seas, for three days and four nights. It was the most recommended and had the best reviews. The first night was spent in Miami, the next day was spent in Nassau, and the ship was scheduled to arrive in CocoCay by the second day. This is considered the highlight of the cruise, and it was the reason why we booked in the first place. However, the captain reported that morning that because of weather conditions, the ship would not be able to dock on the island. The entire day was spent on sea with few activities or entertainment. The next day was supposed to be in Key West, however the captain reported again that weather conditions were not ideal and we wouldn’t be able to dock. Out of the three places we were supposed to visit, we only went to one. Everyone on the cruise was very upset, as we spent nearly three whole days on the sea with nothing to do. When we contacted the customer service after the cruise, they claimed they held no responsibility and that we could not get any compensation. We ended up calling several different representatives, but they only repeated that it was not their responsibility and that we couldn’t do anything to get any refunds.

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