Royal OUTRAGE: The Queen should be REPLACED amid Brexit ‘shambles’ say anti-monarchy group – Daily N
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Royal OUTRAGE: The Queen should be REPLACED amid Brexit ‘shambles’ say anti-monarchy group – Daily N

October 9, 2019

 The group is calling for a “wide-ranging review of Britain’s constitution”, following claims Theresa May could use the Queen to block Parliament’s will The vehemently anti-monarchy campaigners claim Brexit has exposed the flaws in the UK’s constitutional system, saying “it serves no purpose but to do the Prime Minister’s bidding” The group has consistently called for the monarchy to be scrapped and for a new UK Head of State to be installed Royal WARS: How ‘feud erupted between Prince Charles and Prince Andrew Queen told she CANNOT veto Brexit – ‘It would be INCONCEIVABLE!’  Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said: “Brexit has shown how the Monarch offers no leadership, no independent voice at a time of crisis  “And the suggestion the Prime Minister may tell the Queen to block a Parliamentary bill exposes the truth behind the monarchy  “The Monarch isn’t independent, she is there to do the Government’s bidding, to do as the PM tells her to do ” Despite Republic’s concerns the Queen will not in fact be able to overrule Brexit despite having the power to stop bills from being passed by Parliament, academic experts have claimed, saying it would be “inconceivable”  READ MORE: The Queen urged to ABANDON police security for a royal tour overseas Constitutional experts have analysed the Queen’s role in the beleaguered Brexit process, with mounting concerns Her Majesty could be drawn in to withhold Royal Assent to the Brexit bill  Lord Pannick, QC, a Times Law columnist, wrote to The Times this week insisting the Queen’s decision to withhold her assent be “utterly without precedent”  The letter said: “The Queen’s agreement to give her assent to a bill is a formality  “Given that Brexit is the most politically explosive and divisive issue of our day, the notion of involving the Queen in vetoing a Brexit bill ought to be regarded as inconceivable ” Railing against his nemesis Mr Smith of Republic argued the nation is seeing a clash between the forces of democracy and the “reality of the constitutional monarchy” Easter Sunday will be EXTRA SPECIAL for the Queen and Royal Family Queen assured William Meghan is BANNED from royal wearing jewellery  He said: “Britain is witnessing a clash between the fiction of Parliamentary democracy and the reality of constitutional monarchy  “In the UK the Crown holds significant power, power exercised on the instruction of the Government  “If the head of state is to play any role at all, they must be accountable. “Ireland does this well, as do other European countries  “The UK is quite capable of electing some to the role of head of state, not to run the country but to exercise constitutional authority  “Recent reports that lawyers are accusing Parliament of abusing constitutional process, and advocating the Queen take action against our elected MPs should sound alarm bells ” Even though the Queen retains the power to veto any legislation, the measure has not been used since the reign of Queen Anne, who used it to veto the Scottish Militia Act in 1707  The Queen has never made her views on Brexit clear publicly as she must be politically neutral as Head of State  In a speech at Sandringham Women’s Institute last month, Her Majesty called for “common ground”, respecting “different point of views” and “never losing sight of the bigger picture”  Addressing the crowd, she said: “The continued emphasis on patience, friendship, a strong community-focus and considering the needs of others are as important today as they were when the group was founded all those years ago  “Of course, every generation faces fresh challenges and opportunities. “As we look for new answers in the modern age, I for one prefer the tried and tested recipes, like speaking well of each other and respecting different points of view; coming together to seek out the common ground, and never losing sight of the bigger picture ”

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  1. I think because our head of state has become quite anonymous while her ' subjects ' have to put up with corrupt politicians, there's a growing concern as to why we need the royals any more.

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