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  1. 18:31. The Queen was so composed when she encountered Fagan in her bedroom that she offered him a drink.

  2. Charles was NOT "forced" to marry Diana. He deliberate chose to marry that young & innocent woman. He & his family chose to use her, NOT caring one wit about her as a human being. He will stand in judgment by his Creator & there will be no hiding any truth surrounding his evil & self-serving choices. His family will pay, too, for their parts!

  3. It’s all rather tragic, pitifully so! We are certainly not talking about love when it comes to either charles or the evil pox raddled camilla whore, but simple LUST. Both have demonstrated they are highly promiscuous and camilla WENT WITH ANYTHING AVAILABLE FOR MONEY and was known as ‘THE BUCKINGHAM PALACE BIKE’ to such an extent the father of her own children is questionable. Clearly, both have low morals, integrity and a total disregard for their spouses. Perhaps (hopefully!) they will both die or be blown up by terrorists like Charles’s paedophile uncle mountbattern – preferably very soon!

  4. She will go down in history as the best dressed human that ever walked the earth. Also, the most loved, all over the world, monarch that ever lived.

  5. soon the ninety year old Queen will become human … and die like the rest of us will do … just imagine what a funeral spectacle that will be … the Royal Establishment knows how to put on a good show … poor Charles … poor Camilla … poor … need i say more?

  6. She has never been a favorite in America! She has raised a scum of a son and he is spoiled. She never had to "learn" to be a royal, as she acted like she was the icing on the cake from the time she was born. She pushed Margaret around, moved her by putting her hands on Margaret, brushed Margaret out of the way, jerked things out of Margaret's hands, and commanded and demanded things from Margaret that most would not have gotten away with, etc. This can be seen in the private movies that were taken before Elizabeth went to school, and for years afterward. Probably goes on even today! No, she is not a favorite in America. She has treated her late daughter-in-law with disdain and hate. As she will tell you…"she is, after all..the QUEEN~~"

  7. The Crown as an institution will come to an end if they try and make us accept that fat old whore Charles married as our Queen. I hope the bitch dies before the Queen does.

  8. Though obviously serious mistakes were made concerning Diana, I can't help but admire this lady and believe her life has been fascinating.   We all learn as we  get older (hopefully), and I believe she saw the mistakes that were made with Diana.  I love reading about her and her life now as well as Diana's.   Almost forgot to mention that  I'd love to either ride in or "drive" that beautiful carriage.   Plus, I've read that she didn't care for "old iron britches" (Thatcher) either, which makes her even more likeable.

  9. You know, the story about The Queen and Thatcher has been debunked many times – including by Thatcher herself. And as far as having no 'training' or 'education' — she was schooled for years in the British Constitution and probably knows it better than any of her Prime Ministers.

  10. The white stone.Shes is beautiful as always.Been a longtime coming.A sail is ready to set sail.Many many blessings..Be safe.

  11. Despicable Camilla is an evil, obnoxious whore who opened her legs to wealthy married men for money over decades and has manoeuvred herself into the royal family like festering cancer, as idiot inbred ‘Tampax’ Charles is too stupid to comprehend he is being controlled. Camilla and her toxic family are what Americans call "WHITE TRASH", her slut mothers family were notorious syphilitic whores and her worthless alcoholic father, an unemployable waster who died a bankrupt alcoholic! However, WE LIVE IN HOPE FOR ORCHESTRATING THE MURDER OF PRINCESS DIANA, the poisonous malevolent old whore Camilla will be wiped off the face of the earth together with idiot Charles by TERRORISTS for the ‘oxygen of publicity’ in a similar way as occurred with paedophile uncle Mountbatten!

  12. These comments on here are disgusting … everyone just love the royals so much . They are pedophiles children eating savage

  13. Camilla will never be queen as idiot inbred Charles will never be King! The late Queen mother was almost 102 when she died and The Queen appears so healthy, she will easily exceed that. Alcoholic Camilla with all her chain smoking and Sexually Transmitted Diseases will be long gone – just look at the wretched state of the repulsively vile evil old hag and that's after extensive professional makeup, photoshopping and plastic surgery!

  14. The “Royal” Family: Murderers!!!! They killed Diana, and yet after all these years she remains unforgotten and loved by all. She is the TRUE monarchy! “Prince” Charles, you and your hag wife, your hag mother, and your devil Father can ROT IN HELL! Your next lives are going to be painful!

  15. This is a perfect example of what I keep telling friends and family, "you do not need paper from a university on a wall to be great or successful". And of course, I am always beat down for it. I often wonder what could possibly be in their heads.

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  17. Ive been watching these lately and i dont see her as a snobby person.She seem to do all and more than most to be transparent…She had to grow a backbone because as usual you cant please everybody.I think she's adorable from childhood to today.God bless her

  18. I do like the queen and think she has done a very great job for her people.she will go down as one of the best queens in world history who ever reigned.her mother was also a great queen.

  19. Wicked royals ever exits!!! I will rather die in vain than to be part of them.. The most wicked royal ever exits… If I tell u what thy did to my kids,u will nwvr know!!! It a wicked demon human on earth..fuck them stupid ppl

  20. God bless the Queen in this new year of 2019. I hope we have her for many more years. Thank you, AngelDocs for all you do on this most wonderful channel.

  21. เรา มีคำตอบใหัสำหรับ วิธีวางระเบิด ที่ประเทศไทย วัตถุ ที่นำมาใช้..ประกอบ สาเหตุ?

  22. The Monarchy used Princess Diana as a brood mare. Charles is a spoiled brat! He chose a home wrecker, horse faced Rottweiler, Camilla for a partner instead. PRICELESS! I guess love is really blind!

  23. Brilliant speech on the BBC when she was little.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏She has always fulfilled her duties to the maximum, always dutiful

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