RPT: Judiciary Committee Plans To Vote On Articles Of Impeachment This Week | The Last Word | MSNBC
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RPT: Judiciary Committee Plans To Vote On Articles Of Impeachment This Week | The Last Word | MSNBC

December 18, 2019

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  1. It's one thing if a scandal comes out and it's a total 180 from the image that the person who committed it has projected. But with t'rump, it's the opposite. He's so outwardly corrupt and such a liar who only cares about himself that if he the DID NOT do it – that would be a real surprise.

  2. Tomorrow tRump will be formally ImPeached! This is just the beginning of the end for tRump as we all know he's gonna crash & burn inevitably.

  3. 1. It is a crime to ask a foreign entity for help in an American election.
    2. Saving the Mueller material for Trump's second impeachment, after the courts enforce compliance of the Congressional subpoenas will be an effective Act 2.

  4. If Democrats let their members vote on an article of impeachment related to the Mueller report and too many Dems vote against that article, Trump and the Republicans will shout from the rooftops that "many Democrats were against impeachment!", even if it's just one article. They already did that when only 2 Dems voted against the inquiry. It's a shame that a decorated war veteran like Mueller turned into such a coward and failed to indict Trump for his Russian crimes, but Dems have to leave that now for all the crimes that Mueller did say Trump can be imprisoned for AFTER he leaves office. Meanwhile, let Trump go down in history as only the THIRD president in 250 years to be impeached just for his Ukraine crimes.

  5. MAGA- make America great again by impeaching the embarrassing narcissistic idiotic corrupt cheating piece of shyt wannabe president! Impeach Impeach Impeach
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  6. I have a 5 alarm fire prediction. This president will refuse to leave the white house no matter what the outcome of the 2020 election is. The gop will contest the results, try to stay in power, and attack the democrats the same way other autocrats do, by jailing them. Expect this from dictator wanna be like t. RUMP. and his communist disciples. The G.O.P is actively participating in a KREMLIN style take over of our government. Divide, confuse, deligitimize, immoralize and why not just break out the vodka and salute Vladimir Putin?

  7. The IG Report gives weight to this reality Impeachment season finale, the personal attorney/ fixer is raking the money fleeced from Congress’ Russian adversary!

  8. Don't worry about the Mueller Report not being a part of the impeachment. It will have its day when Trump is taken before the SDNY.

  9. Thank God there’s the Democratic Party to hold the Republicans feet to the fire otherwise you’d have a dictator state Trump would do and say anything he wanted to and they would all agree with him no matter how criminal it would be

  10. Trump's PATTERNS need to be shown by the HOUSE JUDICIAL COMMITTEE. That needs to be their role in making Articles of Impeachment before it goes to the Senate. Trump's continual blatant disregard for the Law and Constitution on MULTIPLE things need to be shown on the record also not just happened in Ukraine.

    If Trump wants to continue to OBSTRUCT witnesses from testifying and block documents from the Mueller Report than it should be considered to be UNCONTESTED and admitted as evidence!!! 

    Trump has a PATTERN of Obstruction of Justice documented in the Mueller Report whether it is INDICTABLE OR NOT.  This is not just happening over this one incident in Ukraine.  (As if that wasn't bad enough). 

    He has a PATTERN of accepting BRIBES by unconstitutionally accepting Emoluments! He is not just committing Bribery by asking for dirt on his opponents in exchange for the Military Aid and Meeting at the Whitehouse.

    Trump has a PATTERN of asking foreign entities into our elections.  He effected the 2016 election results by doing that with his, "Russia, are you listening?" which is ON TAPE.  And, whether or not our 2020 election is going to be valid depends on us stopping him from getting away with it again.  This time with 3 countries we know about so far (Russia, Ukraine, and China).  He told George Stephanopoulos ON TAPE he would do it again, and he is!!!

    He has a  PATTERN of falsely accusing his political opponents of doing crimes they did not commit.  He is still encouraging the chants of "Lock Her Up!" when multiple REPUBLICAN investigations have already CLEARED Hillary Clinton of doing illegal activity!!!  She has not been indicted for a single crime!  The Bidens have not been charged with anything illegal.  And, if they were, they are supposed to be presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty!  Yet, he keeps pushing these attacks!!!

    Trump has a PATTERN of intimidating witnesses.  Look what he did to Michael Cohen before Cohen testified against him.  He called him a rat and threatened to go after his family!!!  This wasn't just about his MULTIPLE attempts to stop people from testifying about Ukraine by claiming he has outright sweeping Executive Privilege!!!

    Trump has a PATTERN of trying to fire people who are investigating him (Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, McCabe, Stroczk, etc).  And ruthlessly smearing their reputations for no reason!  He admitted to it ON TAPE with Lester Holt!  He didn't just remove Ambassador Yovanovich for doing her job.  He has a PATTERN.

    I believe that if Nixon was actually held accountable for ALL of his crimes instead of just being fired/ impeached (technically resigning), we would not be in this horrific situation now.  Just this week, MSNBC and CNN hosts were saying we have never removed any President from office through Impeachment.  They treat Nixon's case like "we the people" and Congress didn't remove him from office.  Like he would have just suddenly chosen to resign if he wasn't going to be impeached!  I still hear people using the saying that I was taught as a kid about Nixon… "It wasn't the CRIME, it was the COVER-UP."  Well, I did a lot of research recently on what Nixon actually did and found out that the MANY CRIMES he was totally involved in were a heck of a lot more insidious and atrocious than just some "WATERGATE cover-up." And, I'm going, "Why was I given the impression that Nixon wasn't involved in the conspiracy of the actual crime and that it was just about a cover-up of ONE SINGLE bungled third rate burglary incident?!?"  I was not taught there was a whole series of incidents Nixon did to undermine our election and persecute his enemies/political opponents.  He committed MULTIPLE CRIMES on top of the COVER-UP!!!

    Moscow Mitch, Barr, and the RepubIicans in Congress are doing everything they can to prevent us from investigating and prosecuting Trump for the MULTIPLE CRIMES Trump committed which were uncovered by the Mueller Investigation for which few people have actually read the report cause they have been FALSELY REPEATEDLY TOLD that Mueller found NOTHING INDICTABLE!!! When the truth is that if Trump wasn't President and got caught doing all of those crimes, he'd be in jail for a very long time along with all his criminal cronies according to about 1,000 lawyers who wrote a letter to Congress!!!  They are doing everything they can to stop bills that will protect our future elections.

    Many people don't understand this is a very long pattern of unacceptable and ILLEGAL behavior that Trump has done and how serious his crimes are to the future of keeping our republic.  And, some of the things he did that weren't necessarily indictable are IMPEACHABLE!!!  Each of his campaign's over 120 contacts with Russia and sharing confidential polling data with them might not be ILLEGAL, but I sure think it is IMPEACHABLE!  All 10 of his ATTEMPTED Obstructions of Justice might not be INDICTABLE, but I sure think they are IMPEACHABLE!

    We can't protect our next election from interference from foreign countries if the current narrative remains!!! If the House doesn't throw the complete "book" at him now, and make the Senate vote on ALL of it, the Republicans can continue their completely false narrative that this was ONE measly incident of Trump asking Ukraine to investigate a crime that they are being told was being covered up by Joe Biden and that this does not rise to the level of being impeachable!  This is what the people who don't pay as much attention to politics as we do are being told!!! I believe that each one of Trump's High Crimes and violations of the Constitution should be enough to be impeachable.  But, many people haven't been told he committed them. This can not be acceptable behavior for any President!!!

    If the whole case is not presented now, it will be seen as vindictive to do anything about all of his crimes later– instead of doing justice according to the Law and doing what the Constitution says to do with Presidents like Trump.  It will be seen as PURELY POLITICAL, the way Clinton's impeachment was instead of being about Trump doing much more heinous crimes than what Nixon's crimes were and Abuses of Power were because Trump is ON TAPE and IN TEXTS and in CALL "TRANSCRIPTS" welcoming foreign governments with both arms open in order to help in the treachery. 

    My own family has no clue what the President has done to deserve being impeached.  They sometimes watch a little Fox News at night before they go to bed. They are busy during the day and think it is rude to discuss politics and religion with anybody who doesn't agree with them.  They barely watched the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings. So, they have no idea why simply withholding Aid from a "corrupt country" like Ukraine should matter to THEIR LIVES– when the U.S.A. President is currently the one attempting to corrupt the new Ukrainian President by ILLEGALLY withholding CONGRESSIONALLY APPROVED Military Aid and, putting lives in jeopardy while helping Russia to invade their country which would be a big problem for the USA's National Security and a problem for all of our allies too. 

    Individual #1 is doing multiple things to make our ELECTIONS invalid and committing a pattern of MULTIPLE CRIMES!!!  Like paying Hush Money to stop the Enquirer and the people he has had affairs with from revealing dirt on him that would effect the election.  Ask Michael Cohen if that is an Indictable offence. Trump is ON TAPE with Michael Cohen creating a FAKE company to funnel the Hush Money through.

    Trump has a PATTERN of collecting ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS  from companies like Novartis and AT&T! And illegally using his charity money on his campaign and other non- charitable items!  He didn't just take illegal CAMPAIGN contributions from Levi Parnas. He took them fro so many others.

    The House Judiciary Committee needs to put these PATTERNS of behavior into the Articles of Impeachment! Put them under an umbrella of Obstruction of Justice and Abuse of Power. Don't make The Mueller Report and his other crimes and violations of the Constitution as separate counts. They are part of a PATTERN.

  11. Trump committed crimes before he was president, paying millions in fines for his fraudulent "university" & "charity" (actually stealing $$$ from his children's cancer charity); Trump – Individual 1 -committed crimes to become president, crimes for which Michael Cohen is now sitting in prison & for which Trump would also be sitting in prison if not for the DOJ policy saying a sitting president can't be indicted; Trump committed crimes as president, obstruction of justice clearly enumerated in the Mueller Report, & violations of the emoluments clause in the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8) prohibiting federal officeholders from receiving any gift, payment, or other thing of value from a foreign state or its rulers, officers, or representatives – including 69 political events held at Trump properties (13 foreign gov events), 100 events held by special interest groups, 123 foreign officials who visited a Trump property, 104 members of Congress who visited a Trump property, & 63 foreign trademarks granted to Trump businesses; & Trump committed crimes to remain president, bribing & extorting Ukraine & witness tampering.
    Who is unconcerned about criminality, especially in a president, except … other criminals

  12. Democrats in "swing districts" who put their election above the law, the Constitution, and national interest should have been given an ultimatum: either approve the impeachment, and defend it with your voters as best as you can, or do not count on the Dem Party to support your re-election.
    But of course the Dem Party itself cares more about those seats than about the law, the Constitution, or national interest…

  13. The OLC policy of not indicting a sitting President has never been tested in court! Mueller theoretically could have brought an indictment against Trump for obstruction of Justice and let the Courts decide. This is what has happened to the Israeli President. Mueller knew Trump was the target in the investigation when he started!!

  14. I expected more Articles on Obstruction of Justice!  SAD to say.  NO JUSTICE!!!  Barf-O-Brett Kavanaugh is preparing his lies and GOP protect us – we installed you – arguments.  NO JUSTICE at the Supreme Court level either!!


  16. Imagine that you have been appointed by your “dead” best friend to manage his estate in favor of his only daughter. You’ve been appointed because you accepted and your dead friend trusted you like nobody else. According to the estate rules, you have to give a monthly amount to your friends daughter. Still you call her and tell her “look beautiful, I have the checkbook ready here, I’ve already signed the checks. You can come pick them up at my office anytime. I have to ask you a favor though”. What DT did is much worse because he is not dishonoring his best friend, he is not dishonoring his daughter… Donald Trump is dishonoring the US nation and it’s dearest ideals.

  17. By including the obstruction of Congress it includes the Mueller investigation because Trump refused to answer questions or appear before Mueller. There are some who are saying that Trump even lied in the written answers he did give

  18. Donny boy needs to get a man's haircut. Quit using 1 lb of makeup and hair spray so Putin won't use him as his wussy. But Donny boy seems to like it!

  19. By not bringing in the Mueller Report, it eliminates any future possible claims of "double jeopardy" (that doesn't exist but would only be used as a delay tactic).


  21. I agree with Wittes  . Should have at least an Article of OOJ pertaining to Don McGahn to show previous actions and intent . They could always introduce more, pending how the comatose Courts eventually rule .

  22. Trumps relationship with truth is weird and it follows that
    the blindfolds are being used so now it is time to bring in all the Clowns

  23. I think that is so true that makes a lot of sense the public attention is limited and the people who support Trump will continue to support him no matter what you cannot change mine so you have to focus the rest of the public that is concerned about the democracy of this country

  24. I'm getting tired of these people telling us that we're not smart enough to understand what the president has done wrong. If they are that concerned the public doesn't understand maybe they should do their job and explain it. These concepts aren't rocket science.

  25. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach , Impeach, Impeach, Impeach, Impeach Traitor Trump! Trump is crazy and delusional .  He's not morally nor mentally fit to be our president! Wake up GOP!

  26. Seeing a lot of spin on politics these days, but no ball. Can that even be considered a "pitch"

    Can one play baseball without the ball? It isnt clever to pitch spin without any facts. It is just lying.

  27. They can bring up criminal charges when some untold details will be known on down the road. Keep in mind there are still unfinished trials and hearings out there that they can't release that info at present.

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