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Rug Hooking Frame

October 17, 2019

Wow, fantastic rug hooking frame. (rivrgold) Don’t know if you’ll get this but wanted you
to know that I have back problems that prevented me from bending over other frames, but, this
one comes to you! i just get my back comfortable and bring the hooking frame to me and I can
comfortably hook for hours!! You should add that as a huge plus for bad backs. Thanks,
again! Judy (judysjourneys) So much easier than my large hoop frame. (liftdriver58) Excellent workmanship and design. ABSOLUTELY
BEAUTIFUL. (rzillah) A beautiful rug hooking frame and very kind
encouragement. What more can I ask? (susiedostie) Great price for this well made frame. (goosestate) I can already tell I’m gonna LOVE it. Thank
you, Thank you. (joyenoco) 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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  1. OH YES!! I have a crick in my neck because I cannot stop working. Have a long history with serious heirloom sewing, knitting, embroidery and such. But as I get older…the eyes just do not work as well. I am a self- taught hooker…loving it. Sort of went in circles trying to get started with basic supplies. Am a retired art teacher. so I design my own pieces. Any advise for wool sources? Do you sell that also?

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