Rule of Thirds: How To Frame Your Subject for Better Shot Composition
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Rule of Thirds: How To Frame Your Subject for Better Shot Composition

October 17, 2019

framing your subject can be as easy as one two three. you simply divide your composition into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. this is called the rule of thirds. when you do this you get intersecting points
of interest. rather than centering your subject, place
among one of these guides. this will make your composition more
interesting for your viewers look at it the same guidelines apply to subjects
in motion. place your subject so two-thirds of the frame is in the direction the
subject is moving towards. this gives your viewer the perception that your subject has room to move. otherwise it looks like they are boxed into the
frame. the rule of thirds has been around for a
long time it’s a guide every photographer and
videographer users to frame a subject for more interesting composition with a little practice and experimentation,
you too can master compositions that have your friends and family begging you to shoot for them. thank you for watching video tips with zero
to sixty. if you want to talk video give us a call!

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  1. I disagree completely. Rule of thirds from a painter in 1797. Maybe he was squint or had one eye stronger than the other. This link will show you it is definitely not a rule for great images.

  2. Liked before even watching it. Simple and clear explanation summed up in under 1 minute. No need to a prey on a subject like this for 10 min. Bravo!

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