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  1. Treasury urges Congress to raise US debt limit to avoid default

    U.S. Debt Default Causes and Consequences

  2. US deployed troops and tanks to Russias border. US also just deployed a missile shield into South Korea, right into Russias border also (in the pacific). So yea they have whatever right to make their moves too

  3. Well if these people have plans, unfortunately nows the time with that dick, who doesn't know his head from his ass, in power. I've been getting real bad vibes lately.

  4. The only threat to the world is Barack Obama and him possessing power in The United States of America by arming terrorists from ISIS to Iran.

  5. Not going to quit with anti Russian propaganda huh? You guys just really are itching for a war now aren't you? You fucks are pathetic.

  6. I don't get why ppl don't like peace… he wouldn't be flexing his power if he was a soldier who had to be on the ground fighting the war, if one is sparked up.

  7. Any half educated moron can see through this propaganda. The US broke all treaties when Obama deployed ABM missile bases on Russia's border. And your "aggressive" list of acts contains nothing aggressive. The US under Obama has pushed for war with Russia. The US is lucky Trump is not interested in this stupidity.

  8. So what i took from this was Russia did nothing wrong and is moving missiles in their OWN country. Yet it is ok for us to have 700+ over sea bases?? How many does Russia? Don't be such Hypocrites Russia is free to defend themselves and act in their own self interests

  9. We should kick Russia out of the UN and get the whole world to stop doing absolutely anything and everything with each other completely because the UN is failing to keep the peace for the whole world

  10. Dictator Putin is trying to conquer the world forcefully and yet Trump says Putin is great or there's no comment, and trumptards are still with him. This is treasonous!!!

  11. It's called push back ladies and gents. Nato is being used as a donkey to agitate the bear and we all know who will win that one. Nato countries mistake their big ego's for having clout….big mistake!!

  12. Russia can ban and unban those missiles because the treaty only applies to missiles on land. As soon as the land missiles are deployed at sea it becomes unbanned because the treaty clearly says you can deploy those missiles at sea.

  13. Drumpf will be tougher on Putin, that's so hilarious. Another of Drumpf's many many lies!

  14. Aggressive moves by Russia? WTF, how on Earth are americans so FUCKING STUPID to believe on this propaganda? NATO is the one Russia's borders with both conventional and nuclear forces, I don't see multiple russian battalions on Mexico ready to attack at any moment.

  15. No different than us deploying THAAD in South Korea, kinda hypocrisy on our part. However, as the world's only superpower I suppose we get to dictate terms to all other countries in the world.

  16. From this less than 2 minute "report" I can clearly see several lies (ohh… sorry, my bad – mistakes) :

    1. CNN forgot to mention that Russia deployed their missiles as a result of putting NATO (ie US) troops (around 4K) in Baltic countries along with artillery in recent weeks. Another reason not mentioned are 2 new "anti-missile" bases in Poland and Romania (the one in Romania was opened last year and the other one is under construction).

    2. Russian planes put on an air show for US ships in Baltic sea (NOT BLACK SEA — common CNN check your facts please) where they were roaming in close proximity to Russian borders without no particular reason. This is what every country does.

  17. so what, the US violates the fucking everything, going into countries and use terrorists such as ISIS to have a regime change, so that's fine then? stupid fake news.

  18. I'm not the biggest fan of Russia since my family is originally from Ukraine but I think it's kind of hypocritical when NATO and the US does military drills on the border to Russia with no consequences but then if Russia does any military training on the border or sends a missile we blow are heads off and say that Russia is trying to start a war.

    P.S. that statement at the end in someways proves my point that people just don't want Russia to improve in anyway I mean just look what happened at the winter Olympics over in Russia. In the opening days they the news criticize and made fun of Russian culture.

  19. if this cruise missile has less then 501km range then it is not restricted by the treaty

    did you know that by the terminology in the treaty the US's UAV program is technically banned, as it is a ""ground launched vehicle that sustains power for the entirety or most of its flight and is or carries a lethal payload to ranges of between 500-2500km" that's why Russia doesn't have any offensive drones, because it violates the treaty, Russia only has surveillance drones. this is why Russia is much further ahead in developing Unmanned Ground Vehicles. those don't fly, so they cant violate the treaty.

    i have not seen any evidence that this ground launched cruise missile has a range greater then 500km. proof it.

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