Russia rolls out new missile that US says violates INF Treaty
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Russia rolls out new missile that US says violates INF Treaty

November 29, 2019

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  1. We wonder why they roll out new missile tech when we put massive sanctions on them, try to blame them for that twat Hillary losing and mass troops on the Russia/Polish border. Our so-called "leaders" in the west are pushing us to a war they will never have to fight or face the consequences of. Hostile aliens from Mars would be more simpathetic to us humans.

  2. We let them in our banking system because of traitors in our government and everybody keeps saying how it happen and you already know.

  3. If these three, go into Venezuela. This will cause a war big time. The United States will have to put and end to it.

  4. They don't fear us, the UN is powerless. We pull out than what? they can do whatever they want. While Trump tweets how unfair they are.

  5. The U.S violated the Iran nuclear deal, the U.S violated the INF. Damn! You can't make no deals with the U.S government and expect them to stand by their word. The U.S government and military industrial complex and pentagon are all warmongering cowards and hypocrites. Washington meddling in Venezuela elections and political processes. " Russia is meddling in our elections." The U.S government. 😂🤣😂🤣

  6. So within months after we pull out of the treaty Russia just has these new missiles ready to go. They had them all along.

  7. Its called pay back time baby.

    Probably %99 of the Spanish countries hate usa satanic terrorist organization. They will say death to greengo. Death to satan and his demons.

  8. usa spending on the military have been 10 times as much as russia and china yet they have the better weapons, i wonder what the fuck happened to the money going to nasa the pentagon etc for defense and the development of superior weapons…this is getting comical.

  9. Not sure what this new rocket is addressing…
    Russia already has the TOPOL-M that is an ICBM that can travel at Mach 22. or 16,400 mph.
    Do the math, and If I did it correctly, If launched from Venezuela it could reach Houston, Texas in 5 minutes or Washington, DC in 8 minutes.
    It also has decoy deployment and avoidance capability.
    The wall is important, but Russia and Cuba in Venezuela cannot be allowed. Something like the TOPOL-M could already be in Venezuela. Two, state of the art, Tu-160 Russian Nuclear Bombers landed in Venezuela on December 10th.
    In addition, an An-124 military transport plain also landed.
    No telling what they were carrying. I do not see how the US can allow this and may use military action in Venezuela.
    Venezuela also closed the US Embassy and US consulates in the US and gave ALL Americans 72 hours to leave their county. That was on Dec 24th, yesterday, so now Americans have 48 hours left.
    The US State Department said if you can't leave you may be trapped. So, if we do take military action in Venezuela, those caravans we have comming now will look like small potatoes compaired to what will be comming soon.
    That wall is needed and needed now. If you ask me, Pelosi and Shummer are commiting Treason by not funding the wall. Their shenanigans are in direct conflict with the security of this country.
    All this shutdown and no wall has hightened Russia's movements and time table. Wake up America and smell the napalm on our borders. Enough screwing around. Playing games while Russia and Cuba are partnering up in Venezuela.
    Now you know why Trump stayed at the Whitehouse all this time.
    This will be a tricky one. I'm not saying it happened, but what if the fires in California were apart of a warnning message in the form of a demostration sent to Russia and China. What if the US was showing what we are capable of. What if that fife was caused by a Directed Energy Weapon? A space laser, if you will. Maybe we have the ability to stop the TOPOL in the fifst couple of minutes. I sure hope so.

  10. Please don’t say Canada dumb ass . We don’t want to die with the Americans, . You want the war with Russian not us .i have 4 children and Russia is way stronger then in the Cold War . I don’t want any Russia. Misles flinging above my head

  11. 1992 : China will collapse soon .
    1997 : China will collapse soon .
    2014 : China surpasses US economy .
    2019 : China has 30 percent higher PPP than US .

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