Russian MP sings in Parliament in protest at Eurovision Conchita Wurst victory
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Russian MP sings in Parliament in protest at Eurovision Conchita Wurst victory

November 25, 2019

Oleg Nilov is better known for being a Russian
MP. But he is also a singer. Breaking from tradition in the Russian Parliament
Mr Nilov breaks out into song. The lyrics including “Black Raven, why are you circling,
above my head?” Nilov is angry. Not angry at anything directly
political, but the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. That was Conchita Wurst, or the bearded lady
as she is better known. The Austrian drag queen won at the weekend with the inspiring
“Rise Like a Phoenix”. But Nilov says there were dark forces at the
contest that prevented Russia’s entry from winning because they didn’t have beards. So
he decided in protest, he would belt out a Russian folk song. Conchita’s win hasn’t gone down well in Russia
generally, which has adopted a law prohibiting “homosexual propaganda” last year. The victory
means Austria hosts the next competition but it’s highly unlikely this guy will on stage.

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  1. wow even in music everything is aimed against Russia, and ITN im betting the Russian MP sings better then that dude that wants to be a chick.

  2. Russia, those two blondes were hot, but the song sucked, especially the lyrics.
    The best Eurovision melodies and singers I remember are from Belarus and Swizerland.

  3. Singing? Sounds more like when my sister's dog drags its arse along the floor.And the only 'dark forces' are a damn sight closer to home,beginning with Russia's government.What a tosser.

  4. But ppl, that beared prostitute is really a disgust. I cant beleave a proper male, no matter russian or german may like such shit

  5. I loved Russia's Lesbian duo t.a.t.u. (2003) before and oh, let's not forget Ukraine's transvestite Vera Verduschka (2007) !  and btw.. wasn't Dima Bilan, russian's eurovision winner gay and posed nude ?  I love those traditional values !

  6. idiot cwuzii, go do some research on Eurovision history before talking shit, Russia  won Eurovision in 2008 (Dima Bilan – Believe)

  7. What has happened to our values that prompts us to celebrate butt sex and bearded "ladies"? I have no qualms to say that I'm disgusted by the media's embracement of these unnatural lifestyles.

  8. Conchita Wurst is an embarrassment to gay and transgenders everywhere. A guy turned himself into a carnival show just to become famous and rich.

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