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November 21, 2019

US President Donald Trump has now confirmed
that U.S will withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) that it
has with Russia, blaming Russian non-compliance. The president told reporters, “We’ll have
to develop those weapons. We’re going to terminate the agreement and
we’re going to pull out.” He had earlier said that “If Russia’s doing
[it], and China’s doing it, and we’re adhering to the agreement, that’s unacceptable,” A spokesperson for the Kremlin stated that
Russia will also withdraw from the INF Treaty if the U.S does, and start developing new
missiles. This situation can lead to another arms race. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes why
Russian Novator 9M729 missile is making the U.S withdraw from INF Treaty with Russia? Let’s get started INF Treaty was signed by Ronald Reagan and
Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. It banned ground-launch missiles with ranges
from 500 km to 5,500 km. The INF Treaty eliminated around 2,700 nuclear
and conventional missiles, as well as their launchers. This was achieved by May 1991. This included short-range missile with 500–1,000
km (310–620 mi) range and intermediate range missile with 1,000–5,500 km (620–3,420
mi) range. The treaty had provisions for 10 years onsite
inspections. INF Treaty went a long way in ending the serious
standoff between U.S Pershing and cruise missiles and Soviet SS-20 missiles in Europe. It should be noted that the treaty does not
cover sea-launched missiles. On November 29, 2017, speaking at the Wilson
Center, National Security Council official Christopher Ford had revealed that the weapon
violating the INF Treaty was the Novator 9M729, having NATO designation of SSC-8 This newly developed missile is reported to
be derived from 3M14 Caliber-NK land based cruise missile and probably uses some design
elements of Kh-101 air-launched cruise missile. There is limited information on the missile
but it is expected to use Transport Erector Launcher. The missile is thought to be guided by Inertial
Navigation System. As per The United States, Novator 9M729 is
land-based and has a range between 500 km to 5,500 km depending on fuel load and warhead used. This makes the missile violate the terms of the INF treaty. The 9M729 is capable of hitting targets throughout
Western Europe with tactical nuclear warheads in the event of a conflict. In December 2017 the U.S. government had sanctioned
a number of companies involved in the production of the 9M729, including lead contractor Novator. The dilution of the INF Treaty has far-reaching
consequences. America currently doesn’t possess intermediate-range
missiles but could develop & deploy it in Europe very quickly. In that situation, just like Russia has a
way to strike Europe with Novator 9M729, the U.S will have a way to strike Russia from
Europe. This will mean both sides will be back on
the same situation which had led to the INF Treaty in the first place. Since the distance between Russia and Western
Europe is very small, both parties will have very little time to react in case a missile
launch is triggered. This will gravely complicate the security
situation and could be potentially lead to all-out war between two of the most powerful
countries on the planet.

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  1. US is on Russia's door step not Russia.
    If I were Putin, I'll make ready all my nuclear arsenals then wipeout all the Europe.
    Fk Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, who are puppets for US & European

  2. All this will end up being is more billions of dollars wasted on war tech that will be on the scrap heap in 10 years..

  3. US scientists build a supercomputer to answer any sort of question. They ask it:
    " Computer, how much does a box of matches cost?"
    [elaborating] "1 cent" the computer answers.
    "Well, that's true. Let's try something else: when will WW3 start?"
    "In 10 years"
    "Well, we'll see… Another one: how much will a box of matches cost in 10 years?"
    "1 kopeck"

  4. Bush administratiOn,first
    Pulled out froM the ""anti ballastic missile treatY""
    ""and after that russia was force To pulled oUt frOm the "a.b.m." treatY……
    ""U.s.a. start everythinG,,
    And if russia responG to thaT,u.s.a. use tO crY like a babY…….😂😂😂…
    ""unmatuRe american people….. Have everythinG,withoUt nothinG…
    ""no need tO fool,everYone in this world knows,what is doNe by whOm….
    Even u.s.a and its allies also know all this better….

  5. Why you do not tell everybody that US broke the INF pact in 1984 making middle range missiles? Oooh! I understand, it is because you are US citizen.

  6. The treaty is baloney.. Many countries like France sell Any country with the right cash any nuclear weapon. ..etc its a big fat game..the country to Nick will be a small one..boom !

  7. It would take the USA 20 years to develop and field a missile like this. And why dont you tell why Russia started violations? Why didn't you say the USA withdrew from the anti ballistic missile defense treaty first and that Russia clearly and publicly said they will develop new systems to make sure their nuclear deterrent is credible?

  8. BS. INF does not forbid cruise missles but ballistic ones am i right.
    Seems more plausible China df 16 and 21 are the heart. Bolton feels disadvantaged and besides renewed cold war is MIC money.

  9. (29 countries) Nato member .. Nato has Added. New member. Nato Launches its( Largest )( War games) Since End of The Cold War. Trump well done.Russia beware .. God bless Lord jesus ..(REPENT)..

  10. USA is pulling out of INF treaty to counter China who mastered in long range ICBM which cost less. They are using Russia name to keep low profile.

  11. Really, I think he Fail To Add which European Country is Going To ALLOW the Americans To install such a System In their Country……Defensive system is One thing, You think most of them Gonna allow The Americans to Just Come and to Install an Offensive system In their Country…..

  12. Oh Russia is gonna pull out of the treaty and develop new missiles? But the 5 new weapons including the 100mt nuclear torpedo, nuclear powered cruise missile, and hypersonic weapons aren't in anyway going against that treaty? Glad we have a president that isnt scared to stand up to these countries. We need to be doing the same thing if that's what our opponents are doing. Funny how Russia and China make all these new weapons but as soon as the U.S. says they're gonna do the same, it's some how going against the treaty. What good is the treaty if no one but us is adhering to the terms?

  13. Russia is the aggressor in this case… why does russia develop all of these missles?😂 they are starving their people and fucking up their small economy… they cant compete with the US… just like President Trump said we can start an arms race but we will win its just that simple… the US cant lose…

  14. This Nuclear Agreement for dismantling middle and long Range Misiles between Reagan and Gorbachev whas from the very first beginning already violated By the Americans!
    This agreement had a American snake in the grass!
    Their whas also a agreement not to expand the Nato to the east but While Russians where busy with Dismantling their Long and middle range Nuclear Misiles Expanded Nato closer and closer to Russians borders and placed short range Nuclear misiles at Russian borders!
    Russians has warned The Nato over and over again for this treatments but Americans and Nato didn't want listen
    So that whas the reason that the Russians Rearmed them self again!

  15. These comments just add to me believing Russia broke the pact first, the government seems to be indoctrinating their citizens to be so pro war and anti anyone else but them. Every Russian comment is about how they want war with anyone and they are so far ahead in missiles (which is the problem in the first place). I don't see how they can rationalize that they are the "good guys" when they only talk of death and killing.

  16. Russia needs to put Nukes near to the USA so the bloated public over there understand what it is like in Europe to have Americans pissing people off.

  17. The move of Russia to produce this missile is just for defensive purpouses. In fact it was in response of the violation of another treaty: the Soviet Union agreed the Germany reunification in exchange to NATO not to expand further from the frontiers it has at that moment. But at the present the NATO has practically reached the Russia borders

  18. Russia was on the short end of the INF treaty. Notice the treaty was for land based missiles. What about sea based? The US has thousands of those but Russia does not

  19. The US dies have an intermediate range missile. It is called the AEGIS shore. The Aegis was originally for ships but two of these things are now in Poland and Rumania. An American ship used an Aegis missile fired from a ship to destroy one of it's own satellites in space. The AEGIS can fired different types of missiles, including tactical nukes. And they can be used to attack land targets. But do not believe me, go look for yourself. There are several articles about this system and here is one from wikipedia: Most of the articles you will find do not of course tell the full truth. The AEGIS is merely a control and guidance system and it can control and use various types of missiles.

  20. The US has already defied the inf treaty. If it actually leaves the treaty, Russia will come out ahead.

  21. Nothing is making the US withdraw from the INF treaty. In the recently approved budget passed by congress, there is language of funding, set aside for research and development of intermediate range nuclear missiles. The USA had already set money aside for that purpose so now they blame Russia for violations. If you're stupid, then you believe what the USA is saying. The USA is a pull out merchant. They pulled out of ABM treaty with Russia, now INF and soon START treaty.

  22. What a bullshit… Every sane person knows US broke treaty because they were afraid of china's intermediate range missile,but they needed reason to break treaty to contain china; therefore US made The Reason i.e blame on russia.

  23. I wonder to what extent deployment of US ABM systems in Europe had on the Russian decision to develop Novator? I also wonder how anxious Europeans are going to be at the thought of US nuclear-tipped missiles deployed in their territory? Nuclear weapons have to be one of tge more useless weapon systems ever developed. Beyond deterrence, they have no real purpose.

  24. Why don't you mention the so-called defensive missiles in Romainia that can easily be turned into offense missiles against Russia?

  25. Defense updates you're so full of shit, this is all Trump and the neocon warmongers behind him. Russia is the stabilizing force in the world.

  26. Has Russia actually deployed 9M729? The INF treaty only bans deployment, not development.

    Also, what about the allegation that US missile shield weapons already deployed in Eastern Europe easily can be retrofitted into INF treaty-violating missiles?

    This is certainly one of your weaker videos.

  27. The US withdrew in 2001 from the ABM Treaty for no reason. The Russians promised to respond, and there you have it. Please someone explain this to the dumbed down Merican't 'gamer' kids here, to Ivanka and her Orange dad.

  28. NATO and/or US broke about every promise and every deal and treaty they signed or agreed with third parties. Western warmongering and encroaching of Russia is jeoperdizing not only Europe safety but all humanity. Western Military industrial complex has gone insane.

  29. Why do we want to blow us up so much they act like there’s another earth around the corner we are only wine earth Not two not three.

  30. The smart move by the United States right now would be to develop a ground-based launched cruise missile and deploy it heavily in Israel

  31. Why haven’t we bombed Russia into dust yet? They support terrible dictators, that kill their own people. Oh wait, so do we!

  32. We need to bomb all these Russian systems ASAP and impose sanctions – the US will not tolerate Russian aggression and we will protect our friends from Russian empire desires. God the the US defending the world against Russia, China, and other rogue countries.

  33. Russian inferiority complex trying to compensate. I got more missles than you. You need cash to impress other countries.

  34. All that the USA is saying is that they are going to develop a new class of missiles and all the Europeans will have to buy it. The USA is just not acknowledging that what Russia has done is a reaction to the USA putting the same kind of missiles in Poland and Romania aimed at Russia.

  35. United States unilaterally broke ABM treaty under Bush administration. It is not Russia but the USA which initiated dismantling of treaties.United states cannot be trusted.Look at Iran deal,accepted under Obama but thrown out by Trump.
    Russians have enough capabilities to respond without being drawn into perpetual arms race.Yes,the pressure is obvious but that is endurable.

    War between USA and Russia will be devastating for Europe and Russia if not for the Americans.If Russia was an easy target,it would have been attacked much earlier.
    United States fears to go for war against tiny North Korea ruled by Kim Jong Un for it's nuclear deterrent as well as possible devastation of South Korea and Japan and who knows during war China and Russia could be supporting North Korea.

    Any kind of arms race or military conflict should be avoided for the shake of peace.Europe and Russia together experienced horrors of two world wars.Instead of outsourcing their consciousness and wisdom to Washington DC,European countries should show the courage to make a peace deal defying Washington. Otherwise the most belligerent Baltic States and Poland would be the first casualties as they have chosen to be NATO cannon fodder.

  36. Well Russia just cannot produce missiles without electronic components and materials from U S cause of sanctions

  37. Russia all the way i wish they can put nuclear missiles in the US border soon
    So they can feel what russia feels

  38. Really? and what about AEGIS land based system in Romania since 2016???? USA can upload a new software and from SAM make it a missile system….that is not breaking INF treaty???

  39. Russia hasn't got the money to be in any arms race. It has the GDP of a European country and its shrinking by the day due to loss of trade and sanctions.

  40. I call propaganda where is the part that it is all accusation on the part of the US and that Russia denies does claims. Or are we just suppose to accept it as truth bcuz d us says so

  41. Very effective on civilian airliners as the incompetent Russian military have proven. Useless against US Air Supremacy.

  42. Well, since you are saying half of the truth, better say all of the aspects of all violations. One of most important components of end of cold war was to Russia retreat from East Europe, and NATO in return will not expend to the East toward  Russia. Today All of East European country are member's of NATO. Except Ukraine, on Russian border. NATO almost reached Russian border. Today we have accusations of Russia that is "aggressive", and yet NATO is more and more closer to Russian border.  What will happened if NATO come too close to Russia? The same thing what happened when SSSR come "too close" to USA in Cuban crises 1962. Potential Nuclear war. Don't be AGRESSIVE as Soviet Union was.

  43. If Trump will be dumb enough to put missiles in Europe then Russia will put missiles in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua in respond


  45. Trump fucks up yet again. There is no need to start another arms race with Russia, because Russia is too weak to be a worthy competitor of the USA. Putin just wants to start the arms race again and he didn't want to be the one who pulled the plug on the treaty, so he asked Trump to do it. Trump deserves death for his treachery.

  46. Are the Russian dumb?….The Russians pulled out of the agreement as soon as they started testing these missiles….Russia threw the treaty in the rubbish bin so now NATO will build the same missiles as the 9m729….

  47. NATO will now have the same missiles as the Russians…..Nato will be ale to strike Russia in minutes too…


  49. Russia is not going to stay quiet and to let Nato nations doing what they want (specially Poland) close to her.
    Poland would be the first target of Russian missiles (Poland is pushing other countries against Russia)

  50. Sure, NATO expandion is not problem… canceled PRO is not problem, waepons in Polland or Romania "against Iran", – no problem, American and deal about weapon plutonium – no problem… and now pussies see one missile and we have problem? USSA and they expansion, this is only problem here…

  51. the problem is about medium range cruise missile, tomahawk vs kalibr

    america outfox INF treaty by massive production of sea-launched medium range missile, while number of russian navy fleet less than american navy fleet

    america take a chance from those condition to press russia by propaganda and accusation without evidence that russia make land-launched medium range missile

  52. I think pulling out from INF Treaty would hurt USA more than Russia. I don't wish to go in detail but I hope Trumps Administration somehow keep the treaty by further negotiating with Russia. Without this treaty we are one step more closer to advanced arms race including space weapons which until now are secretly confined to theories only. Mr Trump is about to kill dreams and tiresome work of Late President Reagon.

  53. All bullshit. The USA does not know what it is capable of. One minute fat ass Pompous says Russia has 6 Battalions deployed. Then another US spokesperson says one Battalion. Then fat ass says its difficult to find. Can't get photos of it. What? Satellites permanently deployed over Russia?
    The USA does have Intermediate Range Missiles. The Tomahawke is just one.
    For all we know they have Tomahawkes in the ABM launch canisters in Poland. Iran has no Nukes or Missiles capable of hitting Europe. They are useless against Russias new Missiles and delivery vehicles also. Right on Russias border.
    The Missile shown in the video is an Islander anyway.
    The USA broke the INF treaty also when they produced Weapons Carrying Drones with ranges higher than 500km. They are in effect Guided Cruise Missiles.
    The USA has been caught with its pants down. There highly inefficient Military Industrial Complex has fallen behind Russia about 2-3 Generations in all Missile areas and at least 1-2 Generations behind China and the gap keeps widening. Every token attempt they have made to catch up sees them fall even further behind when Russia or China announces there newest.
    The USA simply sees no way to become predominant again than putting relatively simple Missiles on Russias border in Europe and I imagine they hope Japan will let them put some there. I hope not. I hope all of Europe and Japan have more sense. I can think of no other Asian Nation that will take them. South Korea wants the 30,000 US troops out of South Korea but the USA will not go. Yes they want the USA as an ally but not an occupying force. Two different things.

  54. GOOD !!! When Europe and USA destroy the fucking Russia comunist? Come On OTAN, more $$$$ un attack, defense second. The stupid Russia is very aggresive in the air with the tupolev aircraft's. MORHERFUCKERS….KILL RUSSIA

  55. there is nothing in Russia worth preserving in the event of a nuclear war. Europe has so much more to lose. Go ahead and blow up a bunch of Soviet era apartment buildings, and some dirt roads. Russia is a shit hole of a country.

  56. Do these stupid NATO countries really think that the US would risk a possible nuclear strike on American cities, just because some crummy European country gets nuked by Russia? No, when crappy little Poland or similar gets turned into glass, no Americans will be put at risk.

  57. Well Tomahawk missile has a range of 1500km and can be installed in tubes (Mk41 launches) on land so actually US broke that far long ago. Use similar truck to THAAD system which is easy and there you are, you have mobile cruise missile launcher. Funny trick but not for military mechanical engineer.

    As for INF Threaty there is no such thing as change of missile fuel and warhead. If the missile flew less than 500km on the first test (as was the case with 9M729) it is not breaking any rule. Engineers actually made this game of words. Ha ha rulz! 😛

  58. President Putin is marching Russia back to the glory days of the Soviet Union. Where nuclear engineers are paid in light bulbs and have to stay home from work on certain days to grow enough food for their families.

  59. [Update 08/04/19] If western media is correct, Russia 'has already' fielded the Novator missiles and currently has an early strike advantage over Europe. Meanwhile the US is talking of 'developing' IRBM. If I remember correctly, Russia claims that Aegis ashore or air defence systems in countries like Romania can actually fire IRBM also. This is their justification for claiming the EU/US violated the agreement in principle.

  60. G W Bush junior said it publicly that in the new world order the previous treaties were "void" … goes back to year 2000 ish . so WHO Broke the Treaties one after the other ?????

  61. USA broke all treaties it had with USSR/Russia, most inportant one was when USSR let germany unify in exchange of NATO not expanding. What about US missles in Poland or Romania? polish or romanian ppl dont even know what tipe of missles are in their countrie.

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