Sadie & Korie Robertson – Liberty University Convocation
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Sadie & Korie Robertson – Liberty University Convocation

November 28, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: Uh, real quick let me introduce
to you our other honored guest today. Obviously you know, you’ve marked it on your calendar,
and um, we’re all just very excited to have Duck Dynasty’s own, the Robertsons here with
us today! Honored, excited. Let me just, let me just say that this is a – this a homecoming
for them. This is family weekend for them! They’re not just coming to speak, honestly,
they’re coming to – to pour into us, but they’re also coming to see family. ‘Cause you guys
know right? That um, that John Luke and his wife are just walking around as freshman around
here – I’ve seen all the selfies. You’ve got about another three days before that’s got
to stop. Leave these people alone, all right? So, um, they’re amazing people – they’ve been
patient with you, but uh, just know that they – they’ve come here not to be celebrities,
but they’ve come here just to be servants, and to be students, and to learn, but it’s
just great to have them in the house. You know, right, you know that in this particular
moment, God has favored greatly this family, and God has elevated them, not for their stock;
God has elevated them so that men can see them, and them as ambassadors for Christ,
that they can then really just minister to the country. And this little show, this little
A&E reality show started out as you know, faith, family, and facial hair. You know,
and then it’s evolved… that’s what Barbara Walters said about them, but then they evolved
from that and it literally became this generation’s Leave it to Beaver, of one sense. This has
become this generation’s you know, just like the Andy Griffith Show. It really has become
the show that the world watches. It’s become the show that’s family friendly, and mom and
dad know they can turn the TV on and, and they’re not going to have to have their kids
like, tucked in later on that night, shaking because they’re having to explain to a nine
year old something that shouldn’t be explained – it’s just great to see this family honor
the Lord. Uh, one of the things that I love about the
show – I don’t know you – what your favorite thing is – I love a lot of things, but one
of my favorite things about this show is how they always end back at the table, and they
always stand back in prayer in submission, and um, and then they’ve just been an incredible
witness, I just think about all the people who have witnessed, who’ve never come to a
church, who would never at this moment in their life come to a Christian concert. They’d
never enroll at Liberty University, but they turn on their TV and they witnessed, and they’ve
seen the gospel shared through just um, the testimony of this family. And so we have the
honor of interviewing just, um two of the ladies of the Duck Commander Dynasty, all
right? And so, can we just right off the bat just put our hands together for Sadie Robertson,
everybody! Have a seat. Sadie we’re just so glad you’re here!>>SADIE ROBERTSON: Thanks! I’m so happy to
be here! Good morning everybody!>>NASSER: A lot of fans. A lot, a lot of
fans. Obviously, uh, you know you just turned 18, but happy birthday by the way! That’s
amazing. But, so when you look at your resume as an 18-year-old, I mean are you kidding
me? You’ve got a clothing line, you just started a movement that we’ll talk about here in just
a minute, you’re on one of the largest, largest platforms in the world through Duck Dynasty.
You just continue, just you’re an author, you’re a blogger, you’re just everywhere,
doing all kinds of incredible things. So that’s all before high school. So, I guess our big,
first question is, um, after you graduate, then what? You know, I mean obviously, I know
you’re gonna enroll this weekend at Liberty, but outside of that… hint, hint. Outside
of that, then what? Like what – what do you, what does your future look like, what’s the
five-year game plan?>>ROBERTSON: Well, that’s kind of a hard
question to answer because, I would have never guessed I would be where I am now, and so
normally when people ask me that I say, I try not to really plan because God’s done
such a great job just taking me where he wants me to be, and I’ve loved to follow it – it’s
been fun. Right now we’re actually working on a tour, which is really exciting. So Live
Original is the book that I wrote, and we did a Live Original Live event at Lipscomb,
and so we’re hoping to make that a tour and like, take it everywhere, because it was so
fun! It was really awesome. That’s probably been the- my favorite thing – event so far.>>NASSER: Yeah, that’s incredible. Uh so
– you, let’s get in there just a little bit further, on um, I mean deeper onto – you tried
not to plan, but then you just let the Lord, you trust the Lord, and then like Dancing
with the Stars calls you, right?>>ROBERTSON: I know right? So actually that’s
kind of a crazy story, so that was a whirlwind, okay, so… on a Friday, so actually – take
it back – in June of last year, I had really wanted to be on Dancing with the Stars, and
so we went to LA and we had a meeting with these people. And they were like, “Okay, we’ll
get back to you in two weeks, and you’ll know if you’re on the show.” Well, two weeks went
by, heard nothing – two months went by, heard nothing. Then on a Friday at the end of August,
I get a call and they’re like, “Hey Sadie, we’re really sorry but we’re just not going
to have you be on the show this year. Um, maybe some other time.” And I’m like okay,
that’s cool. And so, I just kind of was like, a little bummed, but I was like, whatever.
So then on Sunday, they called back and they say, “Okay, just kidding! We want to have
you on the show, but you have to fly out to LA tomorrow, and it all starts tomorrow. So
you have to move for three months.” Starting tomorrow, and I’m like, no. And I literally
said no! I was like no, you know what I’ve already just accepted the fact that I’m not
gonna do it, it’s fine, I’ll do it some other season if ya’ll would like me to, um, but
it was because I was so scared. And I was like, so fearful, and I was like, there’s
no way I’m gonna move to LA tomorrow, leave everything that I’m doing now, and then the
next day my little sister; my mom actually called them back and said just give her one
more day, ‘cause she’s not in her right mind. Just let her think about it. And so
– and I was like, “Mom, seriously, I’m not doing it!” So the next day, I went out to
lunch with my little sister, and she looked at me and she said, “Sadie can I ask you something?”
And I said, “Yes?” She’s eleven. She goes, “Um, is this the fear talking, or is this
Sadie talking?” And I said, “Okay, okay this just got real” And then, I realized something
– I was like, yeah you know what? This is the fear talking! And it took me back to a
verse that I read in 8th grade whenever I was getting a little bullied and going through
some insecurities. And it says, “So then do not forget the confident trust that you have
in the Lord, for it will be richly rewarded.” And I was like, you know what, God could have
so much planned in this. And it’s not about being confident in myself, it’s about being
confident in what God can do through me. And so, I mean, obviously I said yes! I did it!
And it ended up being such an awesome thing.>>NASSER: Yeah – I actually – I actually
think it’s in a – you have a lot of fans. But um, I actually think it’s, yeah – they
love you. You know these people pack heat right? You know these are some NRA, rifle
owning people. And there will be some daddy with some shotgun saying, “back up.” Um,
what I really appreciate though is that you understood the gravity of it, and I think
sometimes the tension of it is, that maybe there is fear, but it’s really like, “Man
I don’t want to fail God, I don’t want to – I actually think that even inside of that,
and where God is like, stretching you and allowing you to grow in faith, and to say,
I can’t, but he can through me. I actually think there’s a maturity in that story because
you’re saying, it wasn’t like yeah, I’ll just crush this right off the bat. And I think
that just shows that God’s given you a lot of gifts, but a lot of times we elevate people
on gifting, instead of really elevating them on not just the gifts of the spirit, but the
fruit of the spirit as well. And it just shows that the fact that you slowed down, you paused.
There’s great wisdom in the council of many. You’re parents spoke into it – your little
sister kind of became big sister a little bit. Just shows that you just – you really
were used, um, I mean God really used you in that sense, and then you go in confidence
when you go, and you did crush it by the way – it was awesome, what you did. Um tell us a little bit more about this movement,
this- this new campaign that just started. I just really love it-I mean I have a daughter,
and she was telling me a little bit last night about Live Original, and um, just proud of
you for that. But would love to hear a little bit more about the thoughts behind this new
campaign.>>ROBERTSON: Yeah, OK. So, Live Original
– the meaning behind it, it’s just being confident in the person that you were created to be,
and being who you are to benefit the world, not who anybody else is. Which we get really
confused on these days, because I did a YouTube video a while back and it was about comparing
ourselves to other people and the goals that we have. Because we look at people and we
say, “Oh, you are gold, Girl! Like if I just had your eyebrows and your legs then I would
just be it,” you know? And like – that’s – that’s not really the case, because if you look at
human goals, you’re never gonna get to that point. Because there’s always gonna be someone
out there better than you, or prettier than you, or skinnier than you in a human, you
know, view. And so Live Original is just being comfortable
in your skin. Um – through Live Original, I’ve been doing like research and looking
into stuff, and I found out that statistics say that the average 16-25-year-old spends
on average five hours a week looking at Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. And 17 million
selfies are posted a day on Snapchat – 500 million stories are viewed per day, and so
I thought about that and I thought, every single day we are filling our brains and comparing
ourselves to other people from how many likes and comments we get, to what our face is and
our body shapes look like and if we are doing that to ourselves, then yeah, we are gonna
get a little insecure. We are going to think, “Well, she’s just – she has more likes than
me so she’s better.” You know, when that’s not the case at all. And the problem is, one
of our biggest problems nowadays is comparing ourselves – is feeling insecure. And we look
up to God and we say things like, “God, if I just lost 10 pounds then I promise I won’t
be insecure anymore.” And he says, “But I made you altogether beautiful, my darling.
And there’s no flaw in you, and I told you that!” And he says, “My son died for your
security, so why are you insecure?” And then you say, “God, it’s just hard, you know? This
road is so scary.” And He says, ” But I conquered all fears.” And we keep coming up with all
of these excuses. And the thing is, what I realized… if now is not enough for me, it
will never be enough. Because it’s my problem – it’s not God’s problem. You can’t do anything
and say, God – I- I mean you made me like this, let me just – no! It’s our problem.
He made you perfect in the way He wants you to benefit this world. So living original
is just accepting that, and saying, “You know what? This is how you made me, and I’m gonna
rock it. And I’m gonna go out here, and I’m gonna use it to benefit you. And so that’s
the movement – that’s what it’s all about and we are um, we’ve done little skits, we’ve
connected with other people in the world who are living original like Sean and Catherine
Lowe. I think Sean actually spoke here, which is awesome! Um, we love them. And then For
King and Country sang, and so that’s the movement we’re trying to start and go on tour with
that, so yeah! It’s been fun.>>NASSER: That’s amazing – so proud of you.
That’s great. I think, the spirit of comparison is never good – I just don’t know one moment
in your life where you would look at comparison and see that as a godly spirit. It’s always
a divisive spirit. It’s always – comparison is either gonna make you feel superior, because
you compare yourself and go, “I’m better than that person.” Or it makes you feel inferior.
You either see this um, this real insecurity in comparison where you just go, why can’t
I have that? Why’s that person always – like they don’t, they don’t have any financial
trouble – they have all these friends, and dealing with loneliness, and this person’s
always surrounded with a little tribe of people around them. So you either, you know end up
looking up to people, and you’re not content with how God made you wonderful, and fearful,
it- and created you very unique and original or, you look down on people and go why can’t
they be more like me? And so it’s never the nature of – it’s never the Spirit of God.
And so it’s very valuable what you’re doing, and that message isn’t just for young ladies
– I think men struggle in a different way with insecurity, uh you know, I don’t think,
“God, I wish I was skinny like that guy,” I just think, “Man, I wish I had influence.
Men are always providers. Like, I wish I had more money to provide for my family, I’d have
a bigger house to put my family in,” or, or whatever. But it’s the same thing so, just
incredible that God’s doing that in your life! We need to really be praying for you in this
new season, cause it’s a much needed thing, what you’re doing in this movement. So we
want- we want to bring your mom up now, and so can we just put our hands together for
Kori Roberston everybody? Come on have a seat right here, awesome.>>KORI ROBERTSON: Hey thanks for having me!
I’m excited to be here. You know when Duck Dynasty first started, I was – I got this
all the time, it’s like, “Are you the wife of that guy with the big beard that’s like
the boss of the TV show?” And I was like, “Yes.” And then when Sadie went on dancing
with the stars, and I got, “Are you Sadie’s mom?” I was like, “Yes.” So I’m not – I’m
not bad about that.>>NASSER: Well you’re a cool mom, it’s just
– just, let’s just call it like you’re, you’re like a celebrity mom, a fun mom. But
uh…>>SADIE ROBERTSON: She’s embracing the mom
status, ‘cause she’s like, “Do I look too much like a mom in this outfit?” I was like,
you are a mom, girl. Own it!>>NASSER: I’ve just got to ask, like you
share some of um, and I know you’re about to have a book that comes out in October where
you actually are, but, it’s not actually out yet so can you just share some of the principles
and characteristics which you raised up your kids? Because, honestly, just being around
your family has been very impressive. You know, your son is actually one of the student
workers in one of my departments, and I have watched them not come into this school, and
want to be a celebrity. I’ve watched he and his wife, um, you know Mary Kate just come
in, and he literally looked at me and said, “Pastor David, I’ll wash dishes, I’ll sweep
– I’ve come to serve.” And he’s been that way; he’s been a real servant. Uh, Mary Kate
told me yesterday, she goes, “I’m learning how to do the little coffee machine back there.”
You know? And so they’re not looking to hobnob the greenroom, they’re looking to come and,
and serve and it’s just impressive, right? I don’t even know what happened. Anyway, so
– just can you- can you let us know like, and then we see your daughter and the way
that she’s just handling this opportunity that God has given her with humility. Give
us some of those, and I know, strong and kindness is coming out, but since it’s not out yet,
tell us some of the principles that just drive your parenting.>>KORI ROBERTSON: Well, yeah, the book is
about parenting, and I know a lot of you aren’t parents yet, but it won’t be long. Now that
I have John Luke and Mary Kate are married, I’m looking forward to grandkids. Hint, hint!
No pressure!>>NASSER: They’re going to them on the camera.>>KORI ROBERTSON: They’re turning bright
red right now.>>NASSER: By the way that is not a kiss-
cam. That is not
a kiss-cam. Stop it!>>KORI ROBERTSON: Poor Mary Kate, we brought
her into this crazy family and it’s like, it’s a crazy ride. But no so it won’t be long
and when you become new parents, it is – it’s just like you feel like so, it’s just crazy
like all these decisions to make like whether to like give them a pacifier or to let them
sleep in your bed, or to like – all these decisions all the sudden come upon you as
a new parent, and so, I was actually at a Bible study when the kids were little, and
one of the ladies said, “What values and traits do you want to instill in your children?”
And then it just hit me, I came home that night and I was like, like this is not about
like, you know all the little, bitty decisions you make as a mom, it’s really about the big
decisions about how – what kind of values and what you want your children to be when
they grow up, and how – the kind of adults you want them to be and live in this world,
and that’s kind of where Strong & Kind came about – I wanted them to be strong because
I knew that they were gonna deal with some tough times in this world – there’s – it’s
not easy, there are hard things that are gonna happen to ’em. And I wanted to have the strength
that comes from knowing that God is with them, and when He is for them, then nothing can
be against them. And I wanted them to have that strength that like, even though they
might be tossed and turned, they would never break, they will – they will keep their roots
in God, and um, in who, who is living in them. And then I wanted them to be kind ‘cause
I wanted them to live among other people in this world, and to treat everyone with goodness
and kindness and love, no matter where they stood, no matter what they’d been through.
And I just feel like, if you know this world was a little more kind, then we would live
in a lot better place. So those were the traits that I chose for the children, I just, you
know, really prayed that over them. And Willy and I talked about it and we worked to instill
that in them from a very young age, you know, and our kids were preachin’ on the table when
they were five years old – there’s a video of Sadie doing that on YouTube, but, you know
they’ve always been kids that honor God and glorify Him, and stayed humble because they
know whose they are, and it’s not about them. And that’s really what we tried to instill
in them, and that’s kind of what the book’s about – it’s just really be intentional about
choosing values for your children, and instilling them.>>NASSER: That’s great – I think you just
said it so clearly – being intentional about choosing values for your children, and then
honestly just modeling it, right? In your home and you did that long before the world
brought cameras into your home and into your business and you know, just like, looking
at every facet of your family and everybody becoming personalities and there’s a brand
that’s on Walmart shelves, right? Long before that, you began to put those values into your
children, and you began to model that for them.>>KORI ROBERTSON: Yeah that’s really what
the second half of the book is about, like if you want that for your children, you really
have to be it. And it’s not easy, you know if you say, “I want my kids to be courageous,”
but then you don’t let them walk out of the door without being fearful that they’re going
to stub a toe, you know? You can’t – unless you’re really living it, and I think that’s
one of the most detrimental things to kids – to see people who aren’t real at home, who
when they go out in the world, they’re like, “Oh everything’s great, and it’s all perfect
and our world is so awesome,” and then behind the scenes, behind closed doors, they’re not
living like that. They’re not – they’re not being true to who they are – they’re not being
confident in who they are. They’re griping and complaining because someone down the street
has something better than I do, or they’re being dishonest with their spouse, or they’re
being – and so if we as parents come home and we’re not living it, then you know, our
kids are gonna feel like they’re living a lie and they’re not gonna respect us and their
not gonna ultimately respect God and honor Him because that’s the ultimate goal, is to
not just have our kids honor and respect us, but to have them look to Him.>>SADIE ROBERTSON: Yeah, and I think that
this is one of the funnier questions that we get asked – you wouldn’t think it would
be, but people will say, “So whenever you went on Dancing with the Stars, or whenever
you all started Duck Dynasty, how did ya’ll decide like, to be so like Christian.” And
I’m like, “Well, we didn’t just decide whenever the show started that we’d all be Christians,
you know? Like this has been our life like, for a long time. And like, it’s not an act.
And like, this is something that we try to do all the time. Because living for God is
not something you just say, “Okay I’ll do it when I go here, but then when I go there?
Forget it!” No it’s like a all the time things that you do. It’s living in you. And it can’t
help but come out when it’s in you.>>KORI ROBERTSON: And we’re certainly – we’re
certainly not perfect, you know, we make mistakes and um, you know we look to Him – to God for
forgiveness, and each other for forgiveness. When we do that, and so – you know not to
say that we’re perfect and that we do everything right, but um, we certainly do try to honor
Him in all that we do.>>NASSER: It’s training up a child in the
way that he or she should go and then they won’t depart from it, and sometimes it’s modeling
holiness – a personal pursuit of holiness as a mom and a dad. And then sometimes it’s
actually failing in front of them and watching the conviction of the Holy Spirit – you watch
your mom and dad. Again, it’s not perfection, but it’s a pursuit of God and the fruit of
that, is that you’ve raised up children now, that are ready for the platform. So many times
we see a young person raised up, and as they get raised up they have a lot of gifting,
but they don’t have a lot of character. And you just watch those people, you know – just
fail, miserably and the world just is broken hearted to see somebody, who at a very early
age just comes off the rails. But I – you know, there’s no guarantee 100%, but man the
odds are that you’re just going to continue to be used of God as a real ambassador. And
so we’re grateful. How – so all this was before you became famous, right? And the world knew
you and you had, what, 1.5 million following you on you know, Twitter. But – but now that
everything’s like this. Now that the world is watching, now that nobody’s calling, you
know, my family to go, you want to be on a dance show, you know what I mean? So now that
like all of this is at this point, how do you stay grounded? How do you stay – how do
you maintain humility, how do you not let it get to your head? We’d love to hear some
->>KORI ROBERTSON: Well I think there is no
handbook for when all of the sudden your husband’s face is like on toddler underwear. And like,
there is a Willie Chia pet – I mean it’s weird. Like it does get very strange, so there’s
no rule handbook for it but, you know before this all started, we all sat down as a family
and we prayed – we said, “God if this comes between our faith or our family in any way,
just take it away.” And you know that has been our prayer through the whole time, you
know, just ask God to say like, look, if this is your will then let it happen, but if it’s
not and if there’s any way that this hurts our faith or our family, then take it away,
and we actually all sat down as a family and had a big family meeting before it started.
And um, we were like, we need to come up with some kind of catch phrase, and I think it’s
Si – came up with it. But to explain it – but um, it’s remember the Alamo. We said, okay,
so if anybody ever, you know like, just goes off the rails and is forgetting what is really
important, then we’ll – this is our catch phrase – remember the Alamo. So we all have
little magnets that remind us of – that just kind of as a remember – to remind us of what
is really important in life, and it’s not about like, the fame or the fortune, or any
of the things that are happening right now. ‘Cause that is – it’s fleeting – we are
fully, fully realize it could be 15 minutes or 15 years, or whatever. But um, you know
when we go back to the core of who we are, it’s the same as what happened before Duck
Dynasty ever came about in our lives.>>NASSER: Man, that’s powerful, just in the
fact that you’re called to be faithful, not famous. And that you know in this moment,
um, that the world is watching. But it – you know, very soon that could go away. But if
you build your character around fame and those kind of things, then once fame goes away,
you bankrupted your hope. But if your personality – everything about you is about faithfulness,
then those are just circumstances that remain. And that’s amazing. So thank you, thanks for
being a real witness. I can’t wait for the book to come out – it comes out in October?
Right?>>KORI ROBERTSON: Yes the end of October,
October 27th I believe. I’m really excited about it.>>NASSER: Yeah, that’s awesome. I can’t wait
to learn from you, and to apply it to being a parent myself. Uh last question, real quick,
we always ask this question, whether it’s a politician or a TV star, or whatever, we
always ask this same question as the last question, and we – we mean it. We really I-I
don’t think it’s just a uber spiritual little, Jesus Juke we put out there, right? Where
we say something and it sounds spiritual. I really believe in our students, um, wanting
to wholeheartedly know how they can pray for you as a family, and um, you know one thing
I’ve learned is that people can sometimes watch you, and they can get quickly critical
– they can not give you the benefit of the doubt. And those things, and I see that sometimes,
you’re in – even my-my, you know, mind and my heart and then how I just pull that out
is when I begin to pray for somebody. It’s hard when you’re praying for somebody to be
really critical of them. It’s hard when you’re praying for somebody to really not give them
the benefit of the doubt. And so, whether it’s that or whatever it is, how can we pray
for you in this particular season? How can we have your back and just you know, as a
family member?>>KORI ROBERTSON: Well, that has been one
of the, just most awesome things about this show. As we travel around people do come up
to us and say, you know, “We’re praying for you.” And I – I believe the power of that
is unbelievable, and I think that what God has done through our show is not – certainly
not about us, or any of our plans or dreams. It’s really about the power of prayer and
people coming – people praying for us, and walking us through this, so we thank you for
that. I would say just protection – you know our family is – we are in the spotlight and
so there’s that spiritual protection. And also physical – we’re traveling. Wilie’s in
Houston right now, and you know everybody’s different directions every weekend, and you
know it’s – we’re so thankful for all the opportunities, but you know, everybody is
everywhere and so there’s a lot of – there’s a lot going on, so I’d say just protection
for our family – spiritually and physically.>>SADIE ROBERTSON: I mean, like you said
– it is awesome. Everywhere we go we get to see how many people are praying for us because,
you know, Ducky Dynasty did blow up and it did get big, but that’s because people like
you guys who prayed for it, and watched the show – that is why there is a show like that
on TV. If not, we would have been out a couple of years ago, you know? And so we thank you
for that. I would say yeah, protection because we all are everywhere, and umm, definitely
spiritually. Probably with the tour, you know, we’re trying to reach college kids. And so
the more ya’ll talk about it and are excited about it, the more other college kids will
talk about it. Because, obviously, this is kind of a new thing. College kids right now
– this isn’t the coolest thing to do, but at Liberty it is because ya’ll are awesome,
but not at every college. So just the more ya’ll live it out the more the world’s gonna
live it out. It starts with ya’ll, you know? Umm ya’ll are the change and so continue to
do that and pray for us as we go around, that people will catch on to that.>>NASSER: Yeah you bet – let’s do that. Can
we do that now? Can we just pray for this precious family? I know it’s just the two
of you today, but you represent, really a much larger group of people that have just
been, again brought before the world, and we just want to pray for you. Can we do that? Father, we thank you, Father, for this precious
family, Lord, thank you that um, God, in this particular moment in history, that you have
elevated their lives on a stepping-stone. We pray that you would be the firm foundation
of that very moment. I pray that, God, fame would not become a stumbling block, but it
will become a stepping-stone. That they would point to you, the true famous one. And, Lord,
as they do become highly visible, then bigger levels, bigger devils, God, there’s just more
temptation that comes, more criticism that comes, and so we pray for this family, Lord,
that you would protect them, not just a hedge of protection around them, but, Lord, inside
out. Protect their heart. When, God, someone is accusing, or someone is blaming, or when
someone doesn’t feel like they said exactly what they were supposed to, I pray that, God,
you would guard their heart from bitterness. That they would see, even in that moment of
criticism, that people want to see you elevated sometimes and then they just don’t feel like
it was the way that they would do it. So in that moment, God, bring them patience – protect
them, Lord, from, um, just getting a big head. Thank you, Jesus, that you are the greatest
model of what it was like to walk in humility. And so let you and everything that you are,
God, be the very thing that they ascribe to be like. Lord, I pray for favor on this movement,
Lord. That, God, people would see this movement as an opportunity to be grounded in you – to
be secure in who you made them. And I do pray that, God, the Liberty family here would just
come around this movement and champion it. That they would see it as principles- biblical
principles that they agree with so that they would use their influence, God, to let everyone
know about it. Thank you, Lord, that we get to do together, what we could never do alone.
We pray this in your name – amen. Hey can we just thank our sisters for just doing an
incredible job? Thank you!

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